WOWFRD – Ch 35

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Chapter 35

Xiao Yu returned back to Lion town with his might army.

Countless people poured out of the town to warmly welcome Xiao Yu’s triumphant return.

Housekeeper Hong, Captain Hui and his sisters-in-law also came back to make the grand welcome ceremony.

Lion town hadn’t seen its troops gain victory in a long time. Xiao Zhan Tian was defeated in the last ten years and lost a lot of manpower. As a result, the residents of the Lion town were disgusted with the war.

The war meant burden to them. The war meant that their family members would be killed, they would be harshly taxed and so on. As a result, they didn’t like wars. However, the situation was completely different. Although they were still making wars but this time the war wasn’t a burden but something that enriched them. Xiao Yu would bring resources that he plundered from the bandits. Those food, clothes and other necessities would be sold to the citizens of the Lion town at cheaper prices. In addition, Xiao Yu had released the people from taxes for three years.

As a result, the citizens were supportive of the wars. According to them, the war was something that got more benefits than the disadvantages.

Xiao Yu was also aware that people would support his wars if they had interests in it. Xiao Yu was planning to introduce new initiatives to make people support him more. He was planning to have noble titles, lands and so on given to the war heroes. Xiao Yu new that if he wanted to gain victory then the war doesn’t have to be his war but the territory’s war.

Housekeeper Hong’s eyes lit up when he saw slaves, dozens of cars of loots and gold coins brought back by Xiao Yu.

The territory was short on money. The people didn’t lack food and clothes for now but housekeeper Hong had to manage everything. Now, all of a sudden, he got so many gold coins and resources. He had opposed Xiao Yu’s policies such as abolishing the taxes for three years but he couldn’t change Xiao Yu’s mind at the end.

Xiao Yu ordered grunts to keep 300,000 gold coins while leaving 100,000 gold coins and other supplies to housekeeper Hong. Xiao Yu let the released slaves to stay in Lion town while he took 300,000 gold coins, his troops and the bandit slaves back to the base. He was planning to use the bandit slaves as labor under the supervision of grunts. This penalty was pretty light for the evil things they had done.

Xiao Yu went through a grand funeral ceremony when they came back to the base. He checked the new warriors that were produced and integrated them into his army.

He paid for another 8 Glaive Throwers. They would be very useful in the defense of the Lion town. Moreover, he was very satisfied with the impact the Glaive Throwers had in the battle with Marcus. He had money now so he had to get more of this super weapons.

Xiao Yu didn’t get just gold coins but meritorious service points too. He had more than 10,000 spare merit points as a result of his victory.

It was very normal for him to get this much points. Last time he was on defense against Carrie’s army but this time he was on siege and attacking the Marcus’s bandits.

It looked a lot to have 10,000 meritorious service points. But after a fast calculation, Xiao Yu found out that he could spend all of them in an instant. He could never have too much merit serive points.

Xiao Yu spend 2,000 merit points in orc blacksmith shop to develop Demolisher. He was planning to get 10 demolishers for the upcoming battle.

He knew that these machines would be more effective than thousand soldiers when it came to defend the town. The Demolishers of orcs must have their own special characteristics so he knew that they would play great role in the battle.

The effect of Glaive Throwers and Demolishers were good but their price wasn’t cheap. He paid 180,000 gold coins to buy 8 Glaive Throwers and 10 Demolishers. In a blink of an eye, he had spend more than half of his money.

In addition, he constructed second blacksmith shop for orcs and two human blacksmith shops both of which consumed 2,000 merit service points.

The newly produced warriors didn’t have armor. He didn’t have enough money to buy armor to all of them but the production time of the armor were too slow. In addition, the warriors who had come back from the battle had their armor damaged and needed repair which would cost a lot of time.=

Xiao Yu was planning to arm up every single warrior before facing Carrie’s army once again. As a result, he had to build more blacksmith shops.

He spent 6,000 merit points and had about 5000 left.

Tyrande and Grom had reached level 10. The blacksmith shop and Hunter’s Hall could provide new armors and weapons for the heroes. Xiao Yu found out that the heroes could use T1 set armors after they leveled up. Xiao Yu was surprised because with T1s Tyrande and Grom’s strength would increase by large number. However, he had to spend 2000 merit points and 20,000 gold coins to purchase a set of T1 equipment. In the blink of an eye, 4000 merit points were gone. However, he didn’t have any hesitation when he bought those T1 sets to Grom and Tyrande.

Grom’s T1 armor was made up of 8 pieces. The armor covered all his body. Grom looked like a general after he wore the armor. Xiao Yu was surprised to find out that Grom’s strength had doubled up after wearing the T1 set. He knew that Grom could easily kill Marcus if they met in a battle now.

Tyrande’s T1 armor set was also made out of 8 pieces. They had beautiful shape and exquisite design. The defense of Tyrande was upgraded while the armor flowed with green light from time to time.

Xiao Yu thought that it would take a long time to produce T1 armor set but it seems they were ready to be used when the hero’s reached level 10. If he followed the same logic then does it mean that T2 set would be ready when heroes reached level 20?

Xiao Yu was looking forward to the future.

He had heroes wear T1 sets but Xiao Yu was a little bit depressed. He wanted all the warriors in his army wear T1 armor. Moreover, it seemed that there was a level restriction to the T1 set. Ordinary warriors would have to reach level 10 even if he had enough money or merit points to buy them.

Xiao Yu wanted to get 1 set of armor for himself. But he was only level 6 and couldn’t get them. In addition, archmage was level 6 too. Unfortunately, he couldn’t buy T1 set for the archmage. Otherwise, the defensive strength of the archmage would increase a lot.

Xiao yu paid 40,000 gold coins to buy those two sets of T1 armor. He was depressed about the amount of money he had spent but was relieved because heroes life would be safe. Xiao Yu knew that heroes were extremely valuable and he couldn’t lose them on the battlefield.

He spend money on repair of equipment, bought some burrows, moon wells, farms and found out that he didn’t have much of money left. There was never enough money.

Xiao Yu decided to plunder another bandit camp or else he couldn’t continue on with his expansion.

Xiao Yu saw the Lion town bustle with preparations when he got back. The houses were arranged for the slaves that were released from the bandits.

Xiao Yu saw housekeeper Hong and his sisters-in-law help with the distribution of resources to these slaves. He went to find Captain Hui to discuss the strategy of defense to the Carrie’s attack.

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