WOWFRD – ch 349

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Chapter 349

Xiao Yu saw Leonardo’s subordinates close up and cover the youth. All of them were wearing expensive armors had luster of magical aura was exuding out of them. All of them were staring at Xiao Yu with fury in their eyes. Nevertheless, Leonardo waved his hand to calm down the people. He looked at Lin Muxue: “Lady, I’m very sorry for that. I never intended to hurt you but this shameless man won’t be silenced unless power is shown. I don’t understand the reason for such a beautiful and elegant lady as you are to have such a hooligan fiancee. He and his mouth are as dirty as a pig!”

“At least I’m cleaner than you!” Xiao Yu spoke in a cold tone as he looked at Leonardo.

Leonardo still looked at Lin Muxue: “M’ lady! I’m very sorry to tell you this but this rogue has insulted my family’s honor and my mother! He has to be punished… I’m not a man who will force myself upon a woman so don’t worry… But this is his fault!”

Xiao Yu understood that this Leonardo was more arrogant and shameless than even Robert! Robert was a proper prodigal son but this youth was a hypocrite! Xiao Yu didn’t respond but snapped his finger as he looked at Tyrande: “Use Dragonfire arrow!”

There were only 10 Dragonfire arrows and Xiao Yu was planning to use them in Sunset Swamps only in very dangerous conditions. However, Leonardo’s appearance had brought the use of Dragonfire arrow. Xiao Yu didn’t care about Gul’dan’s skull or dangers in the Sunset Swamp.. He just couldn’t swallow the tone of this prodigal son!

There were lots of people watching the confrontation. Most of them had already recognized the banner of the Shaw family. One of them exclaimed: “Isn’t that Shaw family? Who is stupid enough to mess with them?”

“Shaw family? Which Shaw family?”

“How many Shaw families are there? Of course, it’s the Shaw family of Oran!”

“Shaw family from the Oran city! Aren’t they one of the ancient families? That boy is stupid! You can scold the Emperor of the Sky Lion Dynasty but not the heir of Shaw family! He is going to face a disaster now!”

“The opponent has orcs and elves too. It seems that kid isn’t an ordinary fella either! Nevertheless, there are few family’s who are on Shaw family’s level… ”

“Of course.. There are some people who you absolutely can’t offend and Shaw family is of that type! They receive royal courtesy whereever they go! It doesn’t matter what kind of background the other guy has.. It’s like an ant trying to fight with an elephant!”

“Is that so? Are they more powerful than the ruling family?”

“There are large families supporting every dynasty! Do you know the reason why the Sky Lion Empire’s ruling dynasty is on decline? It’s because the first and second emperors tried to get rid of this families!”

“This kid is going to get finished…”


The man couldn’t finish his words before a huge explosion occurred. Shockwave aftermath the explosion went past hundreds of meters razing everything on the ground. The onlookers were far from the scene so they weren’t affected but the Shaw family forces were blasted out. The warriors who were in the center of the explosion were fried! Of course, some powerful warriors had felt the danger and moved out on time. Nevertheless, the ones who didn’t die or blow up were seriously injured.

It had to be noted that even the strong warriors were embarrassed at the moment. Most of them had suffered minor injuries and had their clothes charred.

It was the strength of Dragonfire arrow!

Tyrande had used Blast skill while shooting the arrow. The arrow itself was thrown very fast so it was very hard even for a fifth-rank warrior to get out on time. She didn’t use the Searing Arrow skill as the strength of the Dragonfire arrow was already big and there wasn’t that much of additional power that Searin Arrow could add. She used the Blast skill as she wasn’t concentrating on a single enemy but multiple of them. However, she could use the Tracking Arrow skill if she wanted to focus on a single enemy’s body. A strong enemy could block an ordinary arrow but noone would be able to block Dragonfire arrow! Moreover, Tyrande could change the direction of the arrow if she used the Tracking Arrow skill so it was hard to guard against it.


No one would dare to dream that Xiao Yu would be decisive at such a time. Dragonfire Arrow was a strategic weapon that could be used in dire moments to change the overall situation. Leonardo was surprised. He had several fifth-rank warriors by his side but none of them could have done anything against this attack. All of those warriors couldn’t even react on time. Nevertheless, they were able to sense the danger and were able to rush out on time to avoid the blast. The warriors who had reached fifth-rank had keen sixth-sense!

There was a huge pit on the ground because of the dragonfire arrow. In fact, even the warriors on Xiao Yu’s side almost got wounded because of the huge explosion.

Xiao Yu raised the Arcanite Reaper and cussed loudly: “Oi! Motherfucker! Fuckface! Aren’t you going to kill me?”

There was no sight of elegant appearance of Leonardo at the moment. A fifth-rank warrior had taken him away at the last moment but the explosion had charred up his clothes and his hair was distorted. It was the first time that he had encountered such a thing since childhood. He was scolded first and blasted badly in the next move.

Nevertheless, he controlled himself even though the fury in his heart had reached the all time sky high! There was another dragonfire arrow in Tyrande’s bow and it was concentrated on his body. The hair in his body turned uptight on instinct. Leonardo knew that the situation was grim and the arrow in Tyrande’s hand was a tremendous threat to his life. If he decided to go all out at this moment he had to pay a heavy price. It was obvious that Xiao Yu wasn’t a vegetarian and the people on Xiao Yu’s side were vicious too. Grom and Cairne had put on their armors and picked their weapons. There was a strong aura of oppression exuding from their bodies. Kael’thas had already summoned a phoenix which tweeted and flew in mid-air.

Leonardo couldn’t stan back even though the situation was dire. It wasn’t about him but Shaw family now! There were many warriors who had lost their arms and legs at the moment. The glory and dignity of the Shaw family would be discredited if he moved out.

“The flames of hell burn in my family name.. I call upon the ancients to summon… ” Leonardo began to chant a spell in rapid manner. The ground began to shook and six points began to shine and intertwine. A huge hexagram pattern appeared on ground.

Phoenix summoned by Kael’thas flew back because of the great deal of energy being passed in the array on the ground. It seemed as if something was going to come out of the formation. A dark aura began to envelope the sky.

Xiao Yu and rest began to rapidly retreat. He knew that something was going to happen and Xiao Yu didn’t want to make a mistake.

“Motherfucker! He is going all out!” Xiao Yu murmured.

Both sides were going to use their trump cards. Xiao yu knew that Dragonfire arrows weren’t enough to deter the enemy. They should be aware that Xiao Yu didn’t have much of this strategic arrows… Moreover, they belonged to an ancient family so they must have trump cards by their side too!

“Fuck it! Since we going to have a game then I’ll play to the end!” Xiao Yu said.

The summoning formation seemed to be completed. A roar echoed out as if something was trying to reach out from another dimension. Xiao yu was aware that there was going to be a big problem once this thing came out.

Xiao Yu turned towards Tyrande: “Shoot that freaking summoning array! I don’t believe we can’t crack it up!”

Normally, it would be very difficult to destroy a summoning array as a lot of energy had to be used to form it to open a gate to another dimension. To break it up the eye of the array had to be found. However, Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to sit and watch until the summoning was completed and there was another enemy in front of him.

Tyrande changed the direction of the bow and aimed at the formation. She let go of the string…


The dragonfire arrow flashed past and hit the figure that was trying to come out. A huge explosion occurred. The energy of the dragonfire arrow and the energy of the summoning array formed a huge whirlpool that moved up for a few hundred meters.

Everyone began to retreat as getting in touch with such amount of energy would be lethal to anyone!


The creature that was trying to come out from the array screamed again and again. Xiao Yu laughed out in a proud manner as he knew that the trick used by them was successful…

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