WOWFRD – Ch 348

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Chapter 348

Qin Che was continuing his quest in the Western Cloud Empire while Xiao Yu’s convoy had reached the outer edge of the Sunset Swamps after two months of travel. The swamps were far on the south while the Lion territory was located on the northern part of the continent. Nevertheless, they weren’t lonely or bored along the way. There were lots of people who traveled to the Sunset Swamps. There were adventurers, mercenaries and other powers who were interested in the treasures that could be found in the Sunset Swamps. Occasionally, the mercenaries or adventurer groups would fight out which Xiao Yu wouldn’t miss. He would even bet on the fights.

For some time no body dared to touch Xiao Yu’s troops. After all, who would want to face Cairne Bloodhoof or fierce looking orcs? Nevertheless, the people wanted to test their luck. Adventurers were like gamblers in a sense. They wouldn’t let go of the opportunity even though they knew that the chance of success was close to zero.

There were powerful mercenary groups along the way who didn’t try to harass the passer-bis as they knew that it wasn’t time to mess with others. You never knew who backed whom. The bigger those mercenary groups got the more clear they understood that there was always someone bigger and stronger than they were. However, smaller and medium-sized groups were much more rampant and didn’t put others into their eyes. Xiao Yu faced such small groups several times. These people wanted to kill orcs or steal elves. Xiao Yu was merciless against them. He cut off the limbs of these people and hang them so that the others saw the result of trying to steal from him.

Nevertheless, the problems weren’t finished there. In the Lion territory, the elves or orcs weren’t rare. Actually, large forces had either orcs or elves under their command too. But for ordinary people the elves and orcs were the creatures of tales that had gone extinct. The skull of an orc was a sign of bravery and honor so it was a dream of any adventurer to kill such a creature. The elf slaves could be sold for sky-rocketing prices and would result in them living rich for life.

Tyrande was riding her white tiger while Anna was riding a Dragonhawk. Some of the male adventurers wanted to grab them. Some of the people were even attracted by the good looks of Lin Muxue. Young masters of some families wanted to rely on their family forces and try to get Lin Muxue but Xiao Yu had either used Grom or Cairne to kill such people on place.

Xiao Yu dared to offend Kennedy family and the mysterious power so these small shrimps weren’t even accounted into something in his eyes. As a result, Xiao Yu provoked a lot of people and some of them even tried to retort. Few times fifth-rank warriors had come to attack them but a sixth-rank powerhouse didn’t appear. It would be unnatural for a sixth-rank powerhouse to appear to solve a problem the reason being someone had lost face because of a woman. The fifth-rank powerhouses who had come to attack weren’t a threat to Xiao Yu. Tyrande’s Magical Explosive Arrows coupled with Kael’thas fireballs was more than enough to deal with such warriors.

The offender wouldn’t come back again if they were sensible enough if they dared to attack once more then that location would be their burial ground. Xiao Yu wasn’t worried about fifth-rank warriors unless they were at the peak of fifth-rank and close to reaching sixth-rank. But such warriors were rare and didn’t come to fight them.

Xiao Yu was eating a barbecue with the crowd when a voice echoed out.

“Noble lady, I’m Leonardo Shaw! May I ask your name?”

“Motherfucker! Another idiot.” Xiao Yu wrinkled his eyebrows as he looked at the man. What kind of idiot was here to pursue Lin Muxue in front of him? Didn’t this prick put Xiao Yu into his eyes?

Xiao Yu looked at Grom, waved and continued to eat the barbecued meat.

Grom and Cairne smiled as they moved towards Leonardo.

Grom raised his arm to grab the youth by his shoulder and press him onto the ground before beating him to pulp. But Grom had miscalculated. He wasn’t able to catch the youth but instead a sword strike shot out towards his arm. Grom quickly moved backwards but his arm was injured.

“Fast sword.”

It was apparent that the youth’s martial skill was top notch as he was able to injure a swordmaster like Grom.

Xiao Yu had seen Ao du who was Touba Hong’s master. He hadn’t seen Ao Du act but from Touba Hong’s swords skill he could speculate about the strength of Ao du. Moreover, would Ao Du be called Saint of the Western Cloud empire if it wasn’t for his skills?

“I have seen countless beauties but you are the most invigorating among all the women that my eyes were blessed to view. I hope we will get acquainted.” The youth once again asked for Lin Muxue’s name.

Lin Muxue understood that this youth had powerful background because of the fearlessness that he showed up. She stood up and smiled: “Mr Shaw, thanks for the compliments but I have a fiance.”

Leonardo was more aroused when he saw Lin Muxue speak who seemed to be like the spring breeze. He got more determined that he had to get Lin Muxue: “Please, give me a chance! I assure you that I’m 100 times better than you fiance. Only I’m worthy for a woman like yourself.”

“I’m worth for your mother!” Xiao Yu pulled out the Arcanite Reaper. Leonardo’s face turned dark when he heard Xiao Yu speak. His face was as cold as the ice.

“No one dares to insult my mother! Anyone who had done so in the past have been fed to my pet…” Leonardo spoke in a coarse voice.

“Good.. You have a mother.. I thought that you were some kind of hybrid between a human and anime.. Didn’t she educated you at all? If she didn’t then what about your father? Did they wait so that I teach you some manner?”

Xiao Yu was furious as there was a youth who blatantly tried to pursue his wife in front of him and had wounded his orc! Xiao Yu continued to cuss out endlessly. It was as if a volcano had erupted.

Xiao Yu had made that mysterious god to blow the statue out of abuse so did this punk think that Xiao Yu will be afraid of him? Leonardo’s face turned uglier as seconds passed. No one had dared to criticize him since childhood. However, the hooligan in front of him continued to scold endlessly.

“SHUT UP!” Leonardo shouted as he waved his sword to attack.



The location where Xiao Yu was standing moments ago turned into a pite. However, there was no sign of Xiao Yu. He had used teleport to shift himself and Lin Muxue out of the youth’s range.

“Motherfucker! You dare to destroy my barbecue! I’m going to make barbecue (apparatus) out of your freaking bones! Get this kid!” Xiao Yu roared. The warriors were already in formation waiting for his command. Grom and Cairne were ready to fight too. The orcs were furious as the enemy had humiliated their boss(grom) and tried to grab their lady! They were going to teach some manners to this youth!


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