WOWFRD – ch 347

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Chapter 347

Xiao Yu’s convoy moved all day long towards the Sunset Swamps to only rest at nights.

A team of heavy cavalry units appeared in the Western Cloud Empire. You could see such a sight very rarely in this land. However, there were no one to see this picture. There were dozens of storm crows in the sky which checked the horizon. It was the team led by Qin Che. He had arrived in the grasslands of the Western Cloud Empire about a dozen days ago. He had sent a Hippogrypg rider to inform Touba Hong that he had come instead of Xiao Yu and Qin Che would be attacking the supply line of the enemy troops. However, the success wasn’t only limited to Qin Che’s performance but Touba Hong too. It didn’t matter how much Qin Che acted on but Touba Hong had to protect the city. What did it matter if Touba Hong was defeated?

The message was that Touba Hong had to defend the city for another one month! Touba Hong frowned when he received the message. He had initially thought that xiao Yu would come to attack the enemy’s base but he didn’t think that he would send someone to cut off the supply line of the enemy. Touba Hong was very anxious but he didn’t have much choice. There would be no one willing to send reinforcements if it wasn’t for Xiao Yu. There were several tribes that were loyal to him but Touba Hong couldn’t focus on them to suppress the enemies. In addition, there were lots of Ghost Warriors who were transformed by the mysterious power that attacked his base. Touba Hong knew that if it wasn’t for the Mountain Giants, Raiders, orcs, Hippogryph Riders left by Xiao Yu, he wouldn’t be able to withstand for a long time.

Touba Gui was angered when he had heard Ba Tianming’s story from his subordinates. As a result, he had dismissed Ba Tianming and replaced the man with another general called Zhe Qin. The new general didn’t blindly attack but went through a proper siege. Zhe Qin focused on consuming Touba Hong’s strength and slowly make advances. This way, Touba Hong was going to be captured sooner or later.

“Are they from Jada tribe?” Qin Che asked from the goblin that stood next to him. He had studied the topography, geography, culture and climate of the Western Cloud empire on the way. He knew that to win the war he had to grasp details about all the variables. Knowing the self was good but you had to know about the strength of the enemy too! Qin Che had never been to Western Cloud Empire so he had brought goblins who were familiar with this country and could give him advise at crucial times. These goblins had lived as slaves in the Western Cloud Empire and were often sold to different tribes. They had moved around and were quite knowledgable about the works of the Western Cloud Empire.

The goblin merchants were very known in the ancient times. They had traded in every corner of the continent and had even stepped to the areas where the devils and demons lived. Therefore Xiao Yu had advised Qin Che to take goblins with him. They could survey the terrain, find water source, note down everything and so on. Because of their past experience as slaves they were good guides too.

Xiao Yu had taught Qin Che about the story of Huo Qubing and the way that magnamious general had defeated the Huns. Huo Qubing was able to find nomad Hun tribes because he had huns within his troops. They were familiar with the terrains and were able to show them to path to nomad tribes. Moreover, Huo Qubing had prepared well in advance as he knew that the time it will take to get rid of the nomad Hun tribes would be long. He had taken every necessary for this.

The Huns were far more than the Huo Qubing’s side but the locals in his troops had always shown him best grounds to keep in the battlefields. In addition, Huo Qubing had always avoided the battle if the enemy was way too strong. He would attack the enemy from the weakest side, plunder their supplies, use guerrilla warfare and so on which would bring him historical victory.

Qin Che was using the same mindset in this case. He was using guerrilla tactics.

“General, I used to be Jada tribe’s slave. I know them well. They should have about 10,000 people and most of them are women and children. Their real strength is 3,000 strong men at best.” Goblin’s eyes lit up as he talked. They were wise creatures and full of vendetta. They couldn’t stand up for themselves in the past but now they had chance to get back at their previous masters! Most of the goblins were accustomed to the life of a slave. Moreover, most of them felt that they should be slaves as they had never seen a goblin have a free life. However, the attitude had long been lost since they were working for Xiao Yu. No one in the Lion territory dared to treat them as slaves. They were standing on equal ground and status with humans. They weren’t like beasts and creatures anymore!

The goblins had come back and they had brought strong hatred with themselves. Foror had added 50 mechanical puppets to Qin Che’s troops. All the mechanical puppets were stored in the interspatial ring so they weren’t problematic to move. Foror had modified the mechanical puppets and their firepower had increased too. It was all done so that the goblins could prove their worth in the Western Cloud Empire where they have been mistreated for milleniums.

“Druids of the Talon… Check the situation.” Qin Che wasn’t planning to rush but check everything. He was going to organize the attack so that it didn’t misfire. Xiao Yu had told Qin Che that he had to count for ten thousand times before he acted once. Carelessness of one time could lead to death!

The storm crows returned with the news that the goblin had informed them about. There weren’t many adult males and most of the population were either women or children. Xiao Yu had gifted Qin Che a pegasus. He pulled out his saber as he rode the white horse: “ We are warriors! We are fearless! We are invincible! Charge and destroy the enemies! Use their blood to prove our glory! Don’t kill women or children but anyone else is a fair game! You can kill their horses too! Burn down their food supplies.”


1000 knights shouted out as they moved towards the Jada tribe. The voices of the knights echoed as thunder. The enemies were shocked when they saw knights attacked. How could heavy cavalry units appear in the grasslands of the Western Cloud Empire? What are they here for? Why do they attack us? Is it Touba Hong’s forces? But isn’t he besieged? How could he send people to attack us?

Many thoughts passed through their minds.

The knights entered the nomadic tribe. They used the heavy swords to kill everyone that was on their path. The ones who tried to resist were split into two halves with their weapons. Some clever people tried to run away but strange birds attacked from the skies. The Elves who were riding the Hippogryph used the arrows to kill them. Each arrow took a life!

The Jada tribe had nowhere to move. They could only choose to surrender at this point. The women and children weren’t kill but the adult men were slaughtered.

Qin Che didn’t want to kill innocent people but he knew that without killing the adult men he was creating a problem for the Lion territory. The trbies in the closeby had to be emptied out of their resources if he wanted to save Touba Hong. This way Touba Gui’s army wouldn’t have supplies. That’s why if he wanted victory then he had to get used to killing! Qin Che was young but he understood the truth of the situation. In addition, he wasn’t just saving Touba Hong but diminishing the strength of the Western Cloud Empire which was good for Lion territory’s security.

Everything finished in an hour. The Jada Tribe was in fire. 1000 knights rushed out as the women and children cried while the pile of corpses were burning…

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