WOWFRD – Ch 346

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Chapter 346

Xiao Yu was determined to get Gul’dan’s skull as it could enhance Illidan’s strength and may even make him one of the most powerful heroes. In addition, the one to get the skull may get much more powerful than Xiao Yu so there wasn’t much space to make a maneuver. As a result, he must go to Sunset Swamps and couldn’t spare time to go to Western Cloud Empire to rescue Touba Hong.

But he had to support Touba Hong too. The fall of Touba Hong meant that the mysterious power would make the Western Cloud Empire forces to attack Lion territory… The Lion territory would be doomed if that occurred. Touba Hong had to stay afloat but Xiao Yu didn’t know how to solve the problem.

He was in the administrative hall when Qin Che came inside: “Brother Yu, what you doing here?”

Xiao Yu had told Qin Che to address him as brother instead of lord.

Xiao Yu helplessly replied: “I’ve encountered a problem which I don’t know how to solve.”

Qin Che smiled: “Is there a problem that Brother Yu can’t solve?”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Of course there are lots of them. Do you think I am a God?”

Qin Che added: “I believe that you are one in my heart. I don’t think there is a problem that you won’t be able to solve out.”

Xiao Yu wryly smiled. He had maintained calm and optimistic appearance each time Lion territory faced a problem. In fact, in his heart he was troubled but he always pretended to be calm and cool.

“I must go to seek for Gul’dan’s skull but Touba Hong is facing a problem in the Western Cloud Empire… I’m in a pinch.” Xiao Yu added.

Qin Che asked: “Brother Yu, why don’t you send someone to Western Cloud Empire while you go to search for the Gul’dan’s skull?”

Xiao Yu shook his head: “The situation is more complex than you think. Lion territory faces hidden dangers so I can’t send too many troops to the Western Cloud Empire..”

Qin Che raised his eyebrows: “Brother Yu, I will help out Touba Hong if you lend me 1000 knights and 100 Hippoygryph Riders!”

Xiao yu smiled: “Do you know how many troops the enemy will have? Do you really think that with 1000 knights and 100 hippogryph the situation can be reversed?”

Qin Che looked at Xiao Yu: “Brother the enemy can be strong but it doesn’t mean that I have to confront them head on.. Most probably Touba Hong is besieged and I won’t be able to fight his enemies… But I can cut down the supply line of the enemy. They will withdraw sooner or later if they don’t have supplies.. Isn’t it same as helping out Touba Hong?”

Xiao Yu sighed as he looked at Qin Che. The kid didn’t resemble a 15 year old but a mature man. Xiao Yu was confronted with a confident look. Where did that confidence come from? Would he be really able to solve out the problem with 1000 knights? Xiao Yu, himself, didn’t even dare to say that he could solve Touba Hong’s problems with just 1000 knights. However, at the moment he didn’t have another option. There weren’t any generals that could be sent off to solve out the problem.

Xiao Yu valued Qin Che’s abilities but believed that the kid was too young. He would entrust the job to Qin Che if the kid was a few years older. It was true that the knights were much advantageous than light cavalry of the Western Cloud Empire. Moreover, the human base was upgraded to level 2 so the armor of the knights had reached level 4. But 1000 knights was a small number…

Qin Che spoke up when he saw Xiao Yu stay silent: “Brother Yu, I’m willing to kill myself if I can’t save Touba Hong!”

Xiao Yu pondered about everything. Maybe, Qin Che was the missing piece in this game which could change the outcome.

Xiao Yu nodded after a long while: “Alright. I will give you this opportunity but you must remember that you have to engage in guerilla warfare! You must not fight the enemies head on! In addition to 1000 knights and 100 hippogryph riders you can take 50 Druids of Talon with you. They can turn to storm crows and become scouts. Moreover, you will be given an interspatial ring so that you can take enough supplies with yourself.”

Qin Che nodded: “Thanks, Brother Yu. I won’t let you down. I will take few new type ballista’s and Magical Explosive Arrows for just in case.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Alright.”

Xiao Yu was going to make a bet. If Qin Che could solve out the problem then he was going to become Xiao Yu’s right hand.

Almost everyone protested when Xiao Yu told that he was going to send 15 year old boy to save the Western Cloud Empire. The others thought that it was just a big joke. However, no one could come up with a better plan or solution. They had to make sure that Touba Hong could persevere in the north so that the Lion territory stayed safe. If Qin Che’s plan worked out then the enemy troops would withdraw out of their own and the touba Hong’s forces would be safe.

Leah and Maiev brought back news after a few days that many powers had already began to send people to Sunset Swamps. It was time for them to take off too.

Xiao Yu was sitting in the luxurious carriage as his troops set off. The carriage would be useless in the swamps but it was comfortable for the first part of the journey. Moreover, Lin Muxue was traveling with him too so he had to make sure that her trips was as comfortable as possible.

Xiao Yu would ask Leah to go out and investigate the front so that Xiao Yu and Lin Muxue could stay alone in the carriage.

“Leah why don’t you take off and see if there is something wrong in the front.” Xiao Yu said.

“It’s been 5 minutes that I have come back!” Leah almost breathed fire. She had been sent of at least dozens of times by Xiao Yu.

“Is that so? Why does it feel like as if it has been 5 hours?” Xiao Yu replied.

Leah clenched her teeth as she didn’t know what to do with this shameless man. In fact, the only problem Leah had with Xiao Yu was his personality. Everything else was fine with her. Xiao Yu was very generous towards his subordinates which was a good sign. Moreover, she was in a master-slave contract with him which couldn’t be unbound. In addition, Xiao Yu would always buy her anything she wanted. Weapons, armor, skill books and so on. She got much stronger during her stay with Xiao Yu. She couldn’t spent 10,000 gold coins when she was back with her family. She had to ask for her elders before she got approval. But now Xiao Yu would just tell her to get the money from Housekeeper Hong.

The most important thing was that Leah had reached fourth-rank assassin in just 2 years of time! She always remembered the words old man Theodore told her. It seems that by following this hooligan she would really experience things which she would never have seen otherwise. Xiao Yu would try to molest her with words from time to time but he wouldn’t never act out!

Leah was learning from Maiev too. She had interspatial rings, shadow cloak, shadow step skill and other advanced assassins skill books which were all given to her by Xiao Yu. The Read Beard had used Shadow Cloak to get into Xiao Yu tent in the Western Cloud Empire. It was Shadow Cloak which had helped Red Beard to stay out of Ao Du’s eyes and ears. But because of shame she had forgotten to take it with her when she escaped. Afterwards, Xiao Yu had given the cloak to Leah.

Moreover, there were lots of skill books in the Undercity which were related to thieves and assassins. Xaio Yu gave them all to Leah. She studied them and her understanding had improved because of it. Even her family didn’t have so many books in their library.

She would cause a sensation if she went back to her own house right now. “I would love to meet that cheap girl now! I believe she would die out of jealousy if she saw me now!”

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