WOWFRD – Ch 345

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Chapter 345

Xiao yu went to find Master Higgins the next day. He knew that there would be troublesome enemies on the way to find Gul’dan’s skull so he needed help. Antonidas, Kael’thas and Tyrande had reached level 40 and were fifth-rank powerhouses but Xiao yu knew that there were sixth-rank warriors and mages with the enemies. The blood elf elder who was by Nicholas’s side last time was certainly a sixth-rank mage! Xiao yu knew that these heroes won’t be his opponent once the blood elf made a move. He had to find ways to deal with such sixth-rank powerhouses.

“Master Higgins! .Master Higgins!” Xiao Yu called out for dozens of times but Master Higgins didn’t even reply. The old man was simply ignoring Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu turned furious: “Old man, get out of here if you aren’t going to answer to me! ”

Higgins slowly turned around: “Don’t you see that I’m busy? Do you know how important the research I’m working on is?”

Xiao Yu was quite angry: “I don’t know how important your research is but I’m going out on an important mission! I need powerful measures to deal with the enemies or I’ll die! If I die then you won’t be able to continue your research… BUT if I’m successful then I’ll bring back lots of precious materials.. Dragon claws, skulls of hellhounds, blue crystals! All of them will belong to you!”

“Dragon claws?! Hellhound skulls? Blue crystals?!” Master Higgins was excited as he listened to Xiao Yu. He rushed over to grab from Xiao Yu’s arm as not to send him off.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Of course, everything depends on how much you support me.. The more stronger I am the more precious materials I’ll have… ”

Master Higgins moved his hand and a big box appeared in front of Xiao Yu: “There are 10 Dragonfire Arrows which can injure sixth-rank enemies, 3 Golden Magic Shields that can protect you for 10 seconds from sixth-rank enemies.. But all of them are for 1 time use. There are a number of Magical Fire Bombs that can affect 50 meters of area when used.. Their power is amazing…”

Xiao Yu was tempted by the things given to him by Master Higgins. He nodded as he checked everything one by one. Higgins had come out with a lot of good things this time and it seems the materials given to him for research weren’t wasted.

“You will enjoy your research more once I’m back!” Xiao Yu put the box into his interspatial ring and left. It was quite easy to deal with Master Higgins as he had to offer temptations at the moment. Of course, Master Higgins wouldn’t trust anyone else but Xiao Yu as Xiao Yu had already given him tons of materials for free use.

Xiao Yu began to decide which heroes he was going to take with himself. At the moment, the heroes were much more powerful than they were but Xiao Yu couldn’t take them all. He needed to have them stay in the Lion city to protect his territory. First and foremost, Xiao Yu had to make sure that Thrall is in the Lion city. Thrall’s leadership skills were much more better than anyone else. The summoned troops would be much more effective when Thrall led them. Secondly, he had to leave a magician in the Lion city in case another large-scale invasion happened.

Xiao Yu decided to leave Antonidas as the man was already quite old. The trip was going to be long and he didn’t want to make the old bones suffer. He had Kael’thas and the prince of the Blood Elves was quite fierce in the battlefield too!

Xiao Yu had to take Uther with himself too. Otherwise the Church would attack the Lion city. He wanted to leave Cairne and Grom at the Lion city but both of them protest and told him that they wanted to follow Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu thought for a while and decided that neither Cairne Bloodhoof nor Grom were generals but militant fighters. He decided to take them with himself. Moreover, he had to take Tyrande with himself as the Dragonfire arrows could be used to their best only by her. He had to take Naga Sea Witch with himself as there would be a lot of room for her to level up. Maiev must be taken with him too for her scouting role and as a guard against the assassins.

Xiao Yu planning to leave Deron in the Lion city in order to protect Antonidas. Deron was at level 24 and was excellent in defense. Moreover, Deron would be useful to fight against the beasts too.

Xiao Yu decided to take Illidan with himself too. Illidan was best to deal with the mages because of mana burn skill. Moreover, Illidan was getting better in close combat too. At the moment, Illidan could fight against several warriors who were at the same level with him. In addition, Xiao Yu was planning to make Illidan to absorb Gul’dan’s skull. This way Illidan could become much more powerful too.

In addition to the heroes, Xiao Yu was going to take Leah and Lin Muxue. Leah was an experienced assassins and new the ways of the continent so he had to take her. But he wasn’t planning to take Lin Muxue in the initial phase. This mission was going to be much more dangerous than the adventure to the Undercity. He didn’t want to risk the health of Lin Muxue but she resorted to all kinds of ways to change his mind. Mu Han tried to clamor her way in too but Xiao Yu decisively disagreed!

Xiao Yu selected 50 grunts, 10 Hippogryph Riders, 100 Gryphon Riders, 20 Druids of Talon, 50 Faeirie dragons, 50 Spellbreakers, 50 Druids of the Claw, 10 Dragonhawk riders and 20 Sorceresses. The 50 grunts(orcs) were the best ground troops. Xiao Yu could use totems to buff them and they would be invincible against normal warriors. Moreover, Xiao Yu was going to arm them with new type ballista and lots of shade arrows which were produced by the goblins! According to Master Higgins’s assessment the shade arrows were low-level arrows but they were still powerful. Moreover, the effect would be much more powerful once the new type ballista shoot them consecitevly. They could even penetrate through the heart of the mountain giant if they didn’t wear armor.

Goblins couldn’t create advanced weapons at the moment but they were successful in mass producing low-level items. The grunts could go against a strong army with the help of this. Moreover, even fifth-rank warriors wouldn’t be able to protect themselves if the grunts attacked.

10 Hippogryph riders were going to be used as scouts. The eyes of the elves were good to check long-rank and the mobility of the hippogryphes were excellent. 100 Gryphon Riders were going to be excellent as air to ground units. They could keep using chain lightning as long as enough mana potions were given to them. The cluster of lightning used by all of them together could even kill a high-rank magician or warrior!

Druids of the Talon were meant to deal with the assassins. They could use hurrican skill to deal with large number of people too. Faerie dragons and Spellbreakers were going to be used against the mages of the enemy. The mages would be under protection of others in the battlefield but spellbreakers and Faerie dragons could break through if they worked together.

Druids of the Claw could transform into bears and had a Roar skill which could enhance the combat effectiveness of other friendly units. In addition, they could heal the closeby friendly units. Dragonhawk riders were going to be used against the air units of the enemy if they existed.

Sorceresses would be used to help the Spellbreakers and Faerie Dragons to attack the enemy magicians.

Xiao Yu was going to take the ‘little’ dragon with himself. The dragon had grown up to be a large beast. Moreover, it could even use nunchakus!

Xiao Yu had specially produced iron nunchakus for the dragon. Each stick was as thick as a child’s waist.

Xiao Yu was beginning to mobilize his troops when a sudden news came in. Touba Hong had sent people for help. Xiao Yu frowned when he listened to the report.

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