WOWFRD – Ch 344

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Chapter 344

“Tavern Hero!” Xiao Yu was surprised as he wasn’t expecting such a thing to happen at the moment. Actually, he had his ideas about summoning a tavern but never had the chance to do so. Moreover, at the moment he had 12 heroes and they weren’t enough!

“New hero… So awesome!” Xiao Yu rushed to the base. He choose a location and a huge tavern was constructed with a bang! The tavern looked more sophisticated and real than in the game. It looked no different than a real tavern from this world. He began to check the heroes. There were 8 of them: Panda Brewmaster, Dark Ranger, Beastmaster, Naga Sea Witch, Pit Lord, Goblin Tinker, Firelord and Goblin Alchemist.

Xiao Yu was excited as he checked eaach one of the available heroes. Some of them had strong foundation and meant that their potential was quite high too. The only problem was left which hero he should choose as each of them had their own advantages. There was always problems with making a choice.

Xiao Yu swayed towards Panda Brewmaster on emotional level. He was Chinese and the brewmaster was like part of his own family. He could comfort himself from homesickness this way. Moreover, Panda was a king when it came to close combat. Panda Brewmaster could be used as a bodyguard. But Goblin Tinker and Firelord would be much better in large-scale wars. Naga Sea Witch would be useful in watery terrains. Xiao Yu felt headache as he couldn’t think which one of the heroes to pick.

Xiao Yu pondered for a long time and thought that his next target was Gul’dan’s skull in the Sunset Swamps. There would be lots of water and he would need a unit that go could underwater so he believed the right choice at the moment is Naga Sea Witch.

After chosing Naga Sea Witch he began to think about the Wei Principality. At the moment it seemed he couldn’t attack the enemy territory. First of all, the Kennedy family troops were temporarily stationed over there. They would organize defenses which was going to be a headache. Xiao Yu decided to stabilize his power and troops before attacking the Wei Principality.

He was going to summon new units from the base and recruit new soldiers. Afterwards, he had to look for Gul’dan’s skull. Xiao Yu believed that Robert would also seek Gul’dan’s skull so the Lion city would be safe for a while from enemy attacks. Nevertheless, he was planning to leave large part of his forces in the Lion city and only take few heroes with himself.

Moreover, the Wei Principality had also lost a lot of soldiers so the recruitment and training of the soldiers was going to take some time too. Xiao Yu planned to take Uther with himself on the next quest as Church’s focus was on Uther! They wouldn’t attack Lion city if Uther wasn’t there! Moreover, Uther wasn’t inferior to any other hero in terms of defense and attack at the moment! Most probably the Church was going to send some people to trouble them in the Sunset Swamps.. But it would be much more difficult for the Church to find allies over there as the situation would be much more complex in there. There will be lots of strong powers and each of them would have their own agenda.

Xiao Yu was satisfied with Naga Sea Witch’s abilities after he checked them. She was a long-range combat. She could be compared to Tyrande in that sense but her style was much more different.

Xiao Yu himself had reached level 37 after the war. At the moment, he was putting all the attribute points to his strength. He was an agility type user up to this point but he found out that the gap between himself and the martial arts of the others was too wide and the agility couldn’t close that gap. He was focusing on strength at this point. He had Arcanite Reaper and was going to learn Cairne Bloodhoof’s skills.

Right now, Xiao Yu could fight head on with a third-rank beast and could toy around with it. He had Wind Walk, Blink, Teleportation, Heroic Jump and bunch of other skills to avoid the enemy.


Xiao Yu waved the Arcanite Reaper and a tree’s trune which was as thick as two human waists got sliced into two.

“Motherfucker! Bring me the Hulk suckers!” Xiao Yu was full of pride because of overwhelming strength.

Maiev and Leah brought in new reports after a few days. Every major power in the continent was preparing to go to Sunset Swamps because of Guldan’s skull. The reputation of Gul’dan had spread wide and far long time ago so who wouldn’t want such power? It would be much better to have Gul’dan’s skull rather than having large number of other treasures. The strength was everything!

The one with the big fist could do whatever they wanted in the continent.

Xiao Yu began to analyze the situation from the reports and wanted to to know the risk-level of the situation. The dragons and snakes would be mixed because of attendance of a lot of powers but this would make the situation much to his benefit. The Kennedy family, the Church, Nicholas Ernst and the mysterious power would be there but there would be many more powers that Xiao Yu had yet to meet. At the moment, the Grand Duke Simm who had tried to kill Xiao Yu wasn’t even taken as an opponent by Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu could kill the man without a problem at this point.

The Lion territory wasn’t the previous Lion territory and the bullies that would come to the doorsteps would face on destruction.

The strong fist was the answer to all the problems.

Xiao Yu was writing down a list of people who he was going to take with him when a soldier came in to report: “Lord, the lady is here.”

“Lin Muxue?” Xiao Yu was perplexed. He had been focused on battles for so long that he had forgotten about the arranged marriage. Lin Muxue should have graduated this year and he had even forgotten to attend the graduation ceremony.

Xiao Yu wanted to go but Lin Muxue entere the hall. Both Lin Muxue and Mu Han were there but there were additional students who had come with them. They hadn’t let Xiao Yu know or else he would have personally gone out to meet and greet them. After all, as the future husban he had to take care of his wife(wives.) and show them care and attention.

“Muxue.” Xiao Yu saw the students from Magician and Knights Academy.

“Hi.” Lin Muxue couldn’t act intimate with Xiao Yu in front of many people.

“Brother Yu.” Mu Han grabbed from Xiao Yu’s arm. Xiao Yu looked at Muxue like a lost lamb to show his innocence.

Xiao Yu showed them stools where they could sit. The last time Xiao Yu had led the students into the Undercity and now Lin Muxue had recruited some to join Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu’s actions and decisions in the last adventure had left deep impressions on these students. Most of them had graduated and wanted to choose their own lords. So they had decided to join Xiao Yu. There were total of 19 magicians and 57 knights.

Xiao Yu’s strength had increased at this moment. His biggest weakness was lack of talented people! Xiao Yu wasn’t much focused on mages but the knights. He knew that with a bit of training he could make them mid-level officers in the army.

Xiao Yu had always been generous towards his subordinates. He gifted T1 armors to the knights and even gifted T2 armors to the ones who had reached third-rank. Moreover, he had looted a lot of weapons from the Red beard’s lair so he gifted weapons too.

These students were very happy with Xiao Yu’s generousity. It was very hard to find a lord like Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu held a grand banquet for their sake in the evening. He began to show off by telling them the way how he defeat Kennedy family. The blood of all the students were boiling as they had just graduated so it was very mesmerizing for them to listen to the stories about mechanical puppets, giant orcs and so on. It was their most passionate time and they wanted to prove themselves in the battlefield. Xiao Yu was trying to use their weakness to make them more attached to his territory. Moreover, Xiao Yu was a general who had never faced defeat! Who would want to follow a general from defeat battle to another? Xiao Yu told them about his feats against Subaru and in the western Cloud Empire. The youth listened to him with admiration. Of course, he decided not to tell about how he disgraced Ba Tianming or his adventure with Red Beard.

Mu Lee and Captain Hui were very happy when they saw these youth join them. They lacked officers and the graduates of the Knight Academy were perfect candidates.

Xiao Yu and Lin Muxue went to a secluded place at the back of Lion city after the banquet. He hadn’t seen Lin Muxue for a long time. Moreover, his desire for the “action” had increased a lot after the experience with Red Beard. He would have peeked at sisters-in-law bathing nude if it wasn’t for the wars that happened one after another.



“Did you miss me?”


“Let’s kiss.”



“Please let’s kiss again.”





“You see… The moon is so beautiful.. It’s definitely the best time for some buzinezz.. What do you think?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you really interested? Let’s go to my room and I’ll teach you in details…”


Xiao Yu picked up Lin Muxue and rushed to his room. However, a light flashed in his hands and Lin Muxue disappeared by the door.

“Ha?” Xiao Yu was perplexed. Lin Muxue had teleported and was standing a bit away. She was smiling and looking at xiao Yu.

“I want to sleep now.. You can teach me next time.” Lin Muxue turned to run away.

“Why am I acting like a gentleman?! We would be done with it if I was a villain!” Xiao Yu said. He still remembered the taste of Lin Muxue’s lips and believed that the things would be much more easier after they got married. Now, he had to consolidate his territory, annex the Wei Principality and make a Grand Duchy! Afterwards, the first thing in the list was marriage!…or…so…Xiao Yu thought.


And they say the chapters are short!…

Manga recommendation for xianxia and xuanhuan lovers. Lord Xue Ying

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