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Chapter 343

The dragon continued to slaughter the running enemies while the heavy cavalry reached the front. Zane had arranged about 10,000 ordinary soldiers in the rear so that they push back the enemies that tried to chase them. However, the appearance of the dragon and heavy cavalry had disrupted his plans. The summoned heavy cavalry units were totally different from the ordinary heavy cavalry units. Their sprint skill had 10 seconds of cool down time and they could sprint once again. The enemies were stomped down when dozens of heavy cavalry units used the sprint skill to attack them.

“Block! Block!” The commander of the enemy units shouted out hoarsely. However, a huge horse jumped up and the horseshoe hit his chest. The man was thrown out. The horses of the heavy cavalry units were summoned with them. They were much sturdier than ordinary horses.

The cavalry units were the kings of plains and the heavy cavalry units (knights) of the Xiao Yu were kings of kings! In addition to the sprint skill all the knights had heavy swords which they waved around to kill the others. There were only 1000 knights but it seemed as if they were fiercer than 10,000.

“Third heavy Infantry Regiment! Protect!” Zane shouted. He knew that he was going to face casualties when they retreated but he didn’t think that the results would be so bad. Originally, he had brought the Third Heavy Infantry Regiment to use against the orcs when they entered the Lion city but unexpectedly he wasn’t able to use them. Moreover, this heavy infantry units were like his own babies. But at the moment he had to make a trade-off! Either the enemies were going to make more casualties or Zane had to give up on heavy infantry units of his.

The heavy infantry units had sophisticated equipment that covered all their bodies. However, the armor weren’t heavy but made so that the infantry units had a degree of flexibility. In addition, all of them were trained for a long time so they had excellent combat skills. Each of them had a shield and sword. They could defend and attack at the same time. This heavy infantry regiment could face any army without a fear but at the moment it was Xiao Yu who was attacking!

Whoosh~ Whoosh~ Whoosh~

The knights used their horses to smash at the heavy infantry units. There were long spikes on the chest of the horses which was used as thorns! The armor of the heavy infantry units was thick but it couldn’t protect those soldiers from the thorns and the sprint skill of the knights. The shields of the heavy infantry regiment couldn’t block the thorns let alone their armor.

The rest of Xiao Yu’s forces reached the heavy infantry regiment by this point. The Druids of the Talon began to use the Hurricane skill. The heavy infantry units of the enemy were taken to the sky and thrown around. The formations of the enemy were blown out.

Normally, the troops of the Kennedy family were much stronger than Xiao Yu’s but the units under Xiao Yu’s control had much more diverse attack types. It was the sole reason why Kennedy family couldn’t capture Lion city.

The air units were much more terrifying. There were a lot of Gryphon Riders who were killed by the enemy mages and archers so the now the Gryphon Riders were much more fiercer and full of fury. The remaining Gryphon Riders were divided into several squads as they used the chain lightning to attack the enemies. The Grypon Riders used the mana potions to roam unscrupulously on the battlefield.

The problem was that Xiao Yu didn’t have many mana potions at hand at the moment. First and foremost, the production of the mana potions was limited but the demand to them was extremely high due to several major battles that Xiao Yu was involved in. Moreover, Antonidas and Kael’thas’s consumption of the mana potions was at an unbelievable rate. They drank mana potions as if they were drinking water! In addition, the priests, shamans, witch doctors, the Sorceresses and other also needed mana potions. It could be said that the mana and life potions were much more important that the warrior to Xiao Yu.

The heroes couldn’t roam freely in the battlefield if it wasn’t for the life potions. The dragon was in itself very brave but it knew that it could be saved as long as it was alive. Xiao Yu used lots of life potions to train the dragon. How long it would take for the dragon to reach these results if it weren’t for the life potions? In addition, it had to be noted that the life potions used by the dragon was more than all the other heroes together. It’s body was large so most of the time several life potions had to be poured upon its body to cure its wounds.

Could Antonidas and Kael’thas kill so many people in the battlefield without mana potions? At best they could fight for ten minutes and then had to rest for a long time to restore their mana reserves. However, with the availability of the mana potions the blizzards, flame rains and other offensive skills were used left and right. It was because of the mana potions that these two mages were equal to dozens of high rank magicians!

The Druids of the Claw were very brave at the moment. Their big claws were able to destroy the armors of the heavy infantry regiment! The strength of the Druids of the Claw was much more stronger than ordinary soldiers other why would one unit be equal to 2 units? The Druids of the Claw turned to ferocious bears, double the size of a grizzly, and attacked the enemies. They were three meters tall and with a stroke could tear apart a small tree!


Tyrande used a Magical Explosive Arrow to kill dozens of heavy infantry units in one attack. The grunts rushed out to kill the rest. Tyrande was like a death god because of the Magical Explosive Arrows!

“Tyrande! Don’t use the Magical Explosive Arrows!” Xiao Yu ordered. The magical explosive arrows were very effective against all the enemies but at the moment there were less than 200 left. This arrows were easy to consume but hard to produce!

Zane’s idea to deploy 10,000 heavy infantry units was useful as they could resist the pursuit for a while.

In fact, Xiao Yu knew that it was fine to let them go and kill the ones that were left. He had seen Murray die in the battlefield and didn’t want to face the same destiny. After all, there were many mages and warriors left in the enemy’s side. The vast majority of the mages and warriors were killed but the remaining ones were terrifying.

Xiao Yu would have to pay a huge price if he tried to chase and kill all the enemies. As a result, he ordered his troops to slow down.

The chase continued for a full day and a night! Finally, the Kennedy family troops entered the Wei Principality. Xiao Yu ordered his troops to retreat when they saw that the Kennedy family troops entered a strong walled city.

Xiao Yu knew that the Kennedy family wouldn’t be able to organize another large-scale attack in a short time. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu had lots of casualties too!

He decided to attack and grab resources of the Wei Principality afterwards. The chaos had begun and the Church had already made its move. The large forces were going to annex small counties close to them to stockpile resources. Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to give up such an opportunity too.

Xiao Yu ordered the Lion city to make three days of celebrations because of the victory. However, he wasn’t planning to attend the celebrations all day long.

The first problem was that he had to capture Wei Principality. The second problem was the appearance of Gul’dan’s skull. The third problem was the Lion territory itself. He had to reorganize everything.

They won a victory but there were many ordinary soldiers who had died. After capturing the Wei Principality he could use the people of that principality as his own resources. He needed everything to grow and develop.

He was thinking about many things when he heard system’s voice in his mind.

System: You have been rewarded with a tavern because of achieving victory in the war. You can summon a Tavern Hero for free!

“Motherfucker! Tavern Hero.” Xiao Yu exclaimed.


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  1. Pandarin? Drunken kung fu time? Or will it be another hero like sylvanis, since undead archer is a hero unit available at the tavern.

    1. Considering how he brought up the potions issue in this chapter so much, he is probably gonna pick the Alchemy Master.

    2. excuse me but … are you on drugs? what pandaren what sylvanas? there is a RAGNAROS THE FIRELORD IN THAT DAMNED TAVERN

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