WOWFRD – Ch 342

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Chapter 342

Robert and Khed understood that they were facing complete failure as Tyrande blasted the heck out of the last giant orc.


Tyrande used another Magical Explosive Arrow to kill a magician. At the same time, a glow which could be seen by no-one but except Xiao Yu and the summoned warriors enveloped Tyrande’s body. It seemed as if powerful force influxed upon her and she changed. Tyrande also reached level 40 after killing so many giant orcs..

“Withdraw” Khed made the order to the Church troops to retreat. He knew that if he kept going on then none of the Church forces will be left alive. Murray was killed and he had lost a lot of crusader which meant that he had to mentally prepare himself for the punishment he was going to face when they got back to Church’s headquarters.

Nevertheless, Khed understood that Xiao Yu’s army was just too powerful and ordinary crusade against him won’t change anything. They needed powerful troops to destroy the Lion city. The Church had such troops but it wasn’t the time to bring them out. Moreover, the Pope himself had to give an order for such mobilization!

“What? Are you retreating?” Robert roared.

Khed responded: “Master Robert, are you going to use any other trump card? If not then I advise you to do the same unless you won’t all your soldiers to be buried in here.. The orcs from the Blackrock clan were excellent but it’s a pity that they will be left in here for an eternity.”

Robert’s face turned ugly as he saw the soldiers fall down from the walls. He knew that they had lost the opportunity but he wasn’t willing to go back. He hadn’t come with the full strength of the Kennedy family but this troop wasn’t weak either! He had brought 200 third-rank magicians, 50 fourth-rank magicians and 3 fifth-rank magicians! Initially, he had about 400 fourth-rank warriors and more than 1000 third-rank warriors in the battlefield! However, the number of the mages had decreased by more than half. The situation with the warriors was much worse as there were only 1/3 of the original numbers left! He had brought more than 10,000 Blackrock clan orcs but now he didn’t even have 2000 left! He could still mobilize more Blackrock orcs but the loss was just too great! IT was an unacceptable failure!

“Why?” Robert shouted (young master problems a.k.a first world ultra elite problems). He saw tyrande, Cairne, Grom and other heroes rushing right and left on the battlefield. Robert was envious. Why he didn’t have such warriors under his control? Why did Xiao Yu had so many Magical Explosive Arrows? How did he get them? The mechanical puppets! How come his own mechanical puppets got so powerful in Xiao Yu’s hands? Moreover, the dragon! Why would a noble creature fight for him? How did he train the dragon? For fucks sake the dragon was using sticks (nunchakus) to fight Robert’s troops! Is it still called a dragon?

Robert’s hatred towards Xiao Yu had reached sky high! Nevertheless, the battles weren’t won on hatreds. He knew that he was facing a helpless situation.

“Master, we should leave.” Zane said. He was also depresses as oficially Zane was the commander of the troops. He thought that it was going to be an easy victory but the result was terrifying.

Robert clenched his teeth as he looked at the Lion city: “I will be back.”

Robert was in a state where he wanted nothing but to attack but the reason told him that nothing will help at the moment. As a result, he ordered the troops to retreat.

Fernando was still fighting with Uther. The more the duel continued the more Fernando got shocked. He was already a bit suspicious about the situation when the Pope had ordered them to bring back this fake Uther.

Why did the Uther appear here? How could Xiao yu summon back Uther when the Church couldn’t? Uther was their god but summoned back by Xiao Yu.

Fernando began to retreat when he heard that Khed had ordered the crusaders to retreat: “I’m not sure if you are the real Uther but I’ll be back anyway.. Either for your head or I’ll just come back…” He leaped over the city wall to escape.


Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at the retreating enemies: “Do you think that it will be so easy to retreat? I’m not the former Xiao Yu!” In the past Xiao Yu would never choose to chase the retreating army’s as big as Kennedy family troops. But now his strength was totally different from the past.


Xiao Yu loudly shouted out as he stood on the city wall and waved the Arcanite Reaper.

Most of the constructed towers had yet to be turned back to their initial state. The army of the Lion city went down from the walls and exited from the gates to attack the enemies. The joint army of the Kennedy family and the Church had a lot of heavy casualties after the long battles and there were no more giant orcs left. The moment was on Xiao Yu’s side and the morale of his troops was all time high.

1000 heavy cavalry troops exited from the city gates. They hadn’t done anything during the battle now Xiao Yu was letting them rampage over the retreating enemies. The cavalrymen roared as they rushed ttowards the enemies. They were like wind that pursued the enemies.

Nevertheless, the first to catch up with the enemies was the dragon.

The dragon was too fierce in the battlefield but it was too attractive to the attacks of the enemies because of its size. As a result, most of the magic attacks was focused on it during the battle. It had survived because of the tough body structure of the dragon and its speed. One of the fifth-rank magicians was even able to make a hole in its lower abdomen during the battle. However, dragon had fought a lot against the high-rank creatures and beasts. It had received a lot of injuries so the casualties in the battlefield weren’t too problematic for it. Dragon was accustomed to the fights!

Dragon had gone back to the city so that few bottles of life potions were spread over its wounds to stabilize them. Dragon didn’t even care when few of its scales were left in the battlefield.

It grabbed the nunchaku’s and flied out when it heard Xiao Yu’s order. Dragon was excited when it heard the news of enemy’s retreat. It already was a fierce animal because of the dragon lineage but that fierceness was taken to all-high because of Xiao Yu’s training. Xiao Yu had made sure that the dragon was fighting at least few times a day against all kinds of beasts and creatures.

IT used the nunchakus or its big tail to sweep through the enemy soldiers.

At the moment, the dragon could bring down a tree, which was as thick as a human waist, in one move with its tail. How could ordinary soldiers stay alive after such an attack? Even an ordinary soldier with full armor on couldn’t be protected from such an attack.

Xiao Yu was more ruthless when training the dragon to use its claws. He had used the methods of shaolin temple’s eagle style to train the dragon.

The first part of the training was to use the claws to grab the trees. However, the dragon couldn’t grasp its claw to break the tree but had to uproot it.

The second part of the training was to use the claws (paw?) to dig out a tunnel in the cliff. The tunnel that connected the Lion city to the bases was dug out by the dragon!

The third step of the training was to dragon to use its claws to kill smll birds. The claw of the dragon was much much larger than the birds so the accuracy of dragon had increased a lot too. Moreover, Xiao Yu had taught a lot of sneaky methods for the dragon to use in combat. Xiao Yu dared to even bet that the dragon wouldn’t lose if it faced another third-rank dragon.

Dragon normally relied on their tyrannical strength and body so they didn’t train at all. However, Xiao Yu had made sure that he had enhanced the dragon’s strength to the limit. That’s why, at the moment the dragon looked like it was like sweeping the fallen leaves in the battlefield while lots of ordinary enemy soldiers died…

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  1. first of all how does MC know methods of shaolin temple’s eagle style? and how the fuck can a dragon dig a hole??!!??!

    1. just read and enjoy. Where do you think you can find MC like xio yu? Who have a dragon like that? Don’t you think the other MC wouldn’t be jealous if they know a dragon fight like that?

      1. I feel like most MCs wouldnt care as (atleast in the novels i read) they are way stronger than anyone else already.

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