WOWFRD – Ch 341

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Chapter 341

Maiev was focused on Murray when she saw Murray fight with the dragon and try to escape. She followed as stealthy as she could as not to attract attention. Afterwards, the red dragon used the fire breath and the Murray rushed away. Murray was relaxed for a moment but that was the instant Maiev was looking for. She was a high-rank assassin and even a fifth-rank warrior couldn’t resist her when the chance was available.

Maiev had killed more than dozens of fourth-rank warriors, three giant orcs and countless third-rank warrior during the battle. Her experience points were increasing rapidly and she had reached level 36.

Normally, the giant orcs seemed invulnerable to ordinary soldiers. However, it was very hard for the giant orc to protect itself when Maiev jumped to grab from giant orc’s neck from the rear. In addition she was very fast. She would dodge rapidly and change tactics along the fight. In short, it was impossible for the giant orcs to get rid of her.

Maiev went back to the city wall after Murray was killed and continued to murder the others.

“What the fuck! What the fuck is happening?” Robert had turned red because of fury as he watched the battlefield. The victory was within his grasp but the situatino changed on a whim! The appearance of the powerful mechanical puppets had changed everything! The wheel saws, giant swords and the mobile ballista’s were huge advantage of the mechanical puppets. Moreover, the giant orc would be killed if several of the mechanical puppets used the ballista’s to attack in one go.


A huge ice shard appeared on the battlefield. It penetrated through the giant orc’s chest and went out from the otherside.

Xiao Yu’s eyes lightened when he saw Antonidas’s attack : “Fuck me! Fifth-rank! Antonidas has reached fifth-rank!” Xiao Yu was in ecstasy as Antonidas was the first hero to reach level 40! The heroes were going to be terrifying existences after they reached level 40. The strength of the ice shard thrown by the Antonidas was the proof of it!

Antonidas began to chant a spell. The spell was long which meant that it was going to be a powerful magic. Deron was by Antonidas’s side as he personal bodyguard.

Xiao Yu was using lots of footmen as personal bodyguards of both magicians. After all, the mages were weak physically and they would die if they were the subject of other side’s powerful warriors.

In fact, lots of assassins from the enemy’s side had targeted both Antonidas and Kael’thas but none of them were able to break through the footmen. The footmen’s weapons and shields had upgraded as they had levelled up. The thickness of the shields were full five millimeters. A blow from a fifth-rank warrior couldn’t do anything to the shields. Moreover, the footmen used wall formation to protect the magicians.

The attack from the heavy ballista may kill the footman but even in that case it was impossible for the spear to hit Antonidas. Of course, it didn’t mean that Antonidas could roam freely without protection. He had used teleportation and Ice Barrier to save his life countless times too. The magicians with the affiliation to the ice element always had strong defensive skills.


Antonidas finished chanting and countless soldiers that were rushing towards the wall instantly froze up in their place. The ice layer with 20 centimeters thickness had covered the earth.

Frost Nova!

This was the newest skill that Antonidas mastered after reaching the new level. It was on lowest level yet so it could only freeze ordinary soldiers but after the skill was upgraded up to the highest level then Antonidas could even freeze powerful warriors.

Qin Che irdered the new type ballista, Glaive Throwers and other long-range weapons to attack those enemy soldiers.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~

The soldiers that were frozen on place couldn’t do anything but die. The arrows from the new type ballista’s penetrated through their armor and kill them.

Antonidas quickly drank a bottle of mana potion to restore his mana reserve. The magic was powerful but it consumed too much magic. Antonidas wouldn’t dare to use this skill if he didn’t have mana potions at hand. The reserves of mana potions meant that the two magicians that Xiao Yu had were equal to dozens of high-rank magicians.


At the same time, a cry echoed through the battlefield as a bird made out of fire soared over the enemy soldiers. It seemed as if huge flame energy was amassed together to form the bird. Everyone looked up to see a Phoenix that was as big as a tiger.


Xiao Yu turned to see that Kael’thas had reached level 40 too. Both of the mages had reached level 30 almost simultaneously. Kael’thas was able to summon a Phoenix after reaching level 40. The appearance of this legendary bird was going to deter and demoralize the enemy soldiers. This mythical and legendary bird was more mysterious than even the dragons!

Xiao Yu remembered the way he got annoyed when he fought against the the Phoenixes summoned by the Kael’thas in the game. The Phoenix would turn into an egg when it was seriously injured. However, the egg had to be swiftly destroyed otherwise the bird would be reborn once again to hunt the enemies.

Moreover, Phoenix had its own skills including fireball, and others.

The magicians of fire attribute were the fiercest amongst the mages. At the moment, the level of the skill was low so Kael’thas could only summon 1 Phoenix but he could summon more once the skill was upgraded to the highest level.

Phoenix rushed from the sky towards a giant orc. It circled around the giant orc and then breathed flames over it.

The giant orc’s head was covered in flames and roared as it throw away its weapon and tried to use its hands to extinguish the flames.


Phoenix tweeted once again and used the flames to attack the giant orc.

“Fucking awesome!” Xiao Yu felt ecstatic as he saw phoenix kill the giant orc. However, the killing of the giant orc consumed a lot of Phoenix’s energy. It flied over to kill other soldiers. The Phoenix could kill two giant orcs at the moment before turning into an egg.

Xiao Yu’s strength soared to the heavens when both mages reached level 40. Kael’thas’s attacks were the most vivid once in the battlefield.

Xiao Yu was taking the initiative over the enemies at the moment. The forces of the Church had suffered heavily too. They had fanatical soldiers but Xiao Yu had summoned warriors who were natural born killers. The summoned warriors didn’t know the phrase back away! The orcs were the most aggressive ones. In addition, Xiao Yu had witch doctors, priests, life potions and so on to make sure that the wounded warriors and soldiers got treated on time and effectively.

Nevertheless, the grunts(orcs) wouldn’t turn back until they fought till the end. The enemies had quantity but Xiao Yu had auxiliary warriors such as shamans, priests, witch doctors, kodo beasts and so on who were irreplaceable in the battlefield.

Xiao Yu’s side extremely heavy casualties too but the cooperation of the many different kinds of units and having the advantage of the high ground made sure that they were able to inflict heavier damage on the enemies.


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