WOWFRD – Ch 340

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Chapter 340

The mechanical puppet waved its huge sword to slash through giant orc. The giant orc roared as it raised its huge hammer to block the attack but both the hammer and the giant orc wore split into two!

“What the fuck is going on? How come those puppets are so strong?” Robert was stunned as he observed the battle over the city walls.

Whoosh~ Kacha~

100 puppets swiftly moved over the walls as they attacked the enemies that were able to board. Any soldier that were on their path was killed without any resistance. The puppets didn’t only use the giant sword but mobile ballista’s too. Moreover, they had many other hidden weapons and tricks on their bodies. In addition, the mobility and flexibility of the puppets were improved a lot. The blackrock clan orcs couldn’t even hurt the puppets.

Swoosh~ An arrow was launched from the puppet’s left arm and penetrated through the giant orc’s eye. The giant orc roared loudly as the arrow had almost penetrated through its skull. It couldn’t react when another arrow penetrated through his neck. The giant orc clutched its neck and fell down.

“Fuck yeah! At least the dragon tendons weren’t used in vain..” Xiao Yu felt that the money and resources spent on goblin’s wasn’t wasted.

“Why are the puppets so powerful? What about our puppets?” Robert asked.

These puppets were robbed out from Robert’s hand by Xiao Yu and now they popped out much better and powerful than they were.

“Master, we can’t send in the puppets as it’s a siege.” Someone replied.

“Make them attack the city gates! At least, they can damage those giants!” Robert shouted.

“Young master… The lightning of the Gryphon’s are fierce.. The person controlling the puppet would die if we send them to the gates.” The same man replied.

“Since the puppets are vulnerable to the lightning then send few mages to attack those puppets!” Robert roared.

The man nodded and went away to arrange things. It didn’t take long before few magicians were sent to the front of the battlefield to cast lightning magic.

Boom~ Boom~

The lightning bolts smashed onto the mechanical puppets but contrary to the expectations the puppets continued to kill the enemies. It was as if they weren’t even attacked!

“What the FUUUCK? Why isn’t their puppets affected by the lightning?” Robert shouted out loud.

“We don’t know… Young master, it seems they have altered the puppets.” People close to the Robert replied in unison.

Moreover, the goblins were controlling and operating the puppets much better than the humans. Several high rakn warriors tried to contain them but couldn’t do anything at all. The warrior would attack the armor of the puppets but couldn’t even flinch them let alone harm.

At the moment, only the high-rank magicians could damage the puppets but those mages were afraid of Tyrande’s Magical Explosive Arrows and the Gryphon Riders so they weren’t going to come to the front of the battlefield.

The dispatchment of the giant orcs had swayed the battle to Kennedy family’s advantage as many soldiers were able to board the city walls. However, the emergence of the mechanical puppets had changed the outcome of the battle. The giant orcs couldn’t even handle the mechanical puppets let alone ordinary soldiers and warriors.

At time, several giant orcs circled the puppets but even that didn’t give any results. The puppets were like massive hedgehogs with lots of hidden weapons.

Boom~ Boom~ Boom~

Tyrande continued to shoot down one giant orc after another. She was able to kill a giant orc with two shots if she didn’t use the Searing Arrow skill.

Dragon was rampaging throughout the battlefield too. It had perfect physical and magic resistance. Moreover, it was very cunning. It would go back to the city to swallow a life potion in times when it got injured and would come back to fight once again. Dead can’t become heroes but ghosts! It was the notion instilled into dragon’s mind by Xiao Yu. Therefore it wasn’t ashamed of running away if it saw that there was a danger to its life. Ordinary dragons are very arrogant as they think that they are allmighty and powerful. They would even go even if they clearly knew that there is a trap for them. Even a mage like Theodore who is at sixth-rank couldn’t fight with dragons if the dragons chose to run in times of traps and danger. Xiao Yu had taught dragon to throw away “dragon’s glory”, “dragon’s dignity” and “dragon’s pride”! All of them were nothing but farts! “Run away if you see that situation isn’t favorable!”

Dragon had tied two broken tree trunks together and were using them as nunchaku. (tl note: what the fuck?) It would roar once in a while. Everything that it did was learnt from Xiao Yu. Dragon had seen Xiao Yu use a nunchaku in the past and it liked the way Xiao Yu was playing around with it. Now as a third-rank dragon it was huge and could only use the broken tree trunks to form nunchaku’s and hit the heads of the giant orcs. The nunchaku’s were the best weapons in close combat because they were even more lethal and fatal than machetes if the user could properly handle them. The power of such huge nunchaku’s in dragon’s claws were exponential too.

There were several fifth-rank warrior who saw the threat that dragon was in the battlefield and rushed to attack it. All of them had strong martial arts and were flexible so it was hard for the dragon to kill them. However, this dragon wasn’t an ordinary dragon! It attacked them but turned to run away when the warriors wanted to retort. Dragon didn’t continue to fight with them but flied towards Cairne so that Bloodhoof could help it to block them.

Cairne and Dragon were quite friendly. Actually, both of them would fight each other as practice when Cairne had nothing to do. The reality was that as the practice battles continued on Cairne would be defeated more and more but because of his stubborn character he would continue on playing with the dragon.

Cairne roared loudly as he used shockwave to brush the enemies off. The fifth-rank warriors were powerful but they were still knocked out by Cairne.

Xiao Yu had always taught dragon that if it faced an enemy that it couldn’t beat then it should urgently find someone who could help it to beat that enemy!

Dragon flew towards the other side of the city wall as the warriors continued to rush after it. There was a cunning smile on dragon’s face as it flew towards the sky. The warriors were stuck there as they couldn’t reach them but at the moment a huge explosion occurred.


It was Kael’thas who had thrown a fireball at one of the fifth-rank warriors. The attack of a fourth-rank magician was lethal for fifth-rank warriors. The warrior was thrown out of the city wall as his body was covered in black char.

The dragon flew towards the man and used the nunchaku to hit his head fiercely. The fifth-rank warriors head splashed out like a watermelon.

Dragon looked around and picked another victim.

Xiao Yu was pleased as he saw this scene. The dragon was his child that he had trained and finally he could reap the benefits. He was almost going to cry.


The dragon aimed at Murray this time. Murray’s battle energy was exhausted because of Illidan so he was relying on his brute strength to fight. However, he choose to escape when he saw that the dragon was aiming at him. The dragon used fire breath to attack Murray. Murray’s armor was covered in black but he had survived because of his fifth-rank strength and armor.


Murray thought that he was lucky as he was able to escape death. But the same instant it felt as if something had sliced through his body. The armor that he was proud of couldn’t save him this time. He felt blood flow down from his throat to under his armor.

He turned to look see the woman standing behind himself. Maiev’s cold and expressionless face was the last thing Murray saw in this world.


No manga this time but a drama – Fighter of the Destiny with subtitles .. (Ze Tian Ji)

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  1. The Dragon choose the Path of Trickster, so what should we call him? Trickster Dragon? Clown Dragon? Joker Dragon? ahahahahaha 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^

  2. How one can see Maiev face puzzles me. XD

    What type of dragon was the dragon? Feel like he might be a black dragon at this rate.

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