WOWFRD – Ch 34

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Chapter 34

Initially, Xiao Yu thought that he was in completely irrelevant world. But the scene in front of Xiao Yu confused him up.

“She knows Tyrande. She said that Tyrande were their goddess who had left them 10000 years ago. Am I in World of Warcraft but 10,000 years after the war?”

Xiao Yu was doubtful about the situation. He wouldn’t explain the reason why female elf knew Tyrande.

10,000 years… What happened?

Tyrande walked to stand in front of Xiao Yu. Tears were flowing down her cheeks: “Master, Tyrande requests you to help us revive elves. I want them regain freedom and get the blessings of the Goddess of the Moon. Tyrande will always be loyal to you if you accept me request.”

Xiao Yu immediately reacted: “What the hell? Why do you request me? I’m not just your master but master of elves, orcs and dwarves. All of those races are my people. I’ll send the person to the 18th layer of hell if he or she dares to bully my people!”

Xiao Yu didn’t say this to earn loyalty of Xiao Yu but he said it from depth of his heart.

The loyalty of elves to Xiao Yu increased momentarily.

He didn’t like the proud elves. But all of those summoned warriors were like his own children.

Tyrande’s loyalty increased to 20 the moment Xiao Yu replied to her. The loyalty point raised from 0 to 20 which showed how much Tyrande was thankful to Xiao Yu.

Xiao yu was in no mood to enjoy the increase in Tyrande’s loyalty. He was very said as what had happened to the female elf and other women slaves.

“Continue to search for others slaves! We will judge the bandits in the dawn.” Xiao Yu ordered in a cold tone.

Hunters and elf archers re-entered the camp to carefully search for the slaves. Grunts were keeping the prisoners in control. Some of them licked their lips as they wanted to try human meat.

The fire in the camp was almost extinguished by the dawn. Only few small fires were left here and there. Xiao Yu didn’t immediately began to plunder the place. He was going to make trial for the bandits.

The process was very simple. It was an open trial so other people could expose the bandits of their evil crimes. The end point was death penalty. He was trying to make dogs bite the dogs and effect of this procedure was good. There would be always few others who were willing to expose the evil acts of the bandit as even they had problems within themselves.

The grunts would use their giant axes to execute the bandits. Some of the orcs tore down the flesh of the bandits to eat them up.

Xiao Yu normally would stop this disgusting behavior. But today he was standing still in the sidelines. He let orcs to eat and torture those evil bandits before their death.

About 100 bandits were left after the trial. Although these bandits weren’t angels but their evil deeds were less in comparison to the others.

However, Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to let them go. Instead he used the chains from the slaves to buckle two bandits together. He was planning to use bandits as slaves under the supervision of the grunts.

There were several bandits who tried to escape during the process but Tyrande killed them. She was venting out the anger that had amassed in her heart.

Elves were peaceful race who cherished life. But those bandits were less than animals in Tyrande’s eyes.

The elves didn’t intervene and were happy when they so orcs eat bandits.

Afterwards, Xiao Yu checked the casualties. He had lost 5 grunts, 5 footmen and 2 hunters during the battle.

Hunters were killed during putting fire into the camp last night.

The elf archers and riflemen were intact as they were on top of the walls.

The injured warriors were treated by healing potions. The potions were effective as long as the injured one had a breath of life.

He had used only 600 warriors but lost 12 of them. However, he was able to kill more than 4000 bandits. It was a great victory but Xiao Yu still reflected on his decision. He wanted to find ways to avoid death of his warriors. He felt sad when he lost a warrior.

However, he was aware that it was inevitable that warriors would die since he was battling enemies. It was impossible to have zero casualties in a war but at least he could try to reduce the number of casualties.

Xiao Yu ordered to search the camp with a simple command: “Kill light, burn light, grab light! Take everything that can be taken away and burn the rest!” (It’s an assyrian strategy)

Xiao Yu was using the same way against this bandits that they had used in the past.

Xiao Yu ordered his troops to take even the clothes of the bandits that had died in the battle. In this era, clothes were extremely valuable. Isn’t it better to take back the clothes to his fiefdom when many people died in the freezing winter?

Grunts were the ones who could plunder perfectly. They would even take the underwear of the enemy.

“Beast 38, we don’t need underwear. Beast 56, those shoes are already rotten. Take them back and burn them.”

Xiao Yu was using numbers to distinguish the grunts. They were numbered according to their summoning. He didn’t want to use numbers so he added the word Beast before the numbers to distinguish them from elves. As a result, the grunts were called beast one, beast two etc.. Archers were called bow one, bow two and so on. The elf hunters were named hunter one, hunter two and so on.

Fox quickly went through the entire camp as he used slaves. He plundered almost 400,000 gold coins and other materials.

The useful materials were burned because of fire. As a result, their harvest wasn’t as good as the plunder from the previous camp where they got lots of materials in addition to gold coins.

The bandit slaves were very obedient. They had seen orcs directly chop off and chew an arm of a bandit. Fox threatened them to say everything by using orcs to his advantage.

Marcus had prepared few secret rooms which Fox was able to find out. Marcus had thought that there would be a large-scale attack at one point so he had even prepared a secret way out. Unfortunately for him he didn’t have the opportunity to escape the camp yesterday.

“What an idiot! Marcus…. Carrie you will be a dead man too.” Xiao Yu cussed in anger. Suddenly, he found out that the bandit leader’s name and Carrie’s name were somewhat similar. (in hanzi they sound similar but we have changed their names to english ones)

Xiao Yu had to go back and use the gold coins to prepare the war with Carrie’s army. He knew that it wouldn’t be as simple as the last time and he had to be fully prepared to come out with victory.

Xiao Yu suddenly felt strange as he watch the female elf blindly worship Tyrande with full trust.

He had used a lame excuse to make others believe that he was a chosen one to lead orcs, elves and dwarves back to their glorious days.

“The God of Elves and The God of Orcs knew that I was destined to be the greatest king of the world. That’s why they let me lead their troops to revive elves and orcs…”

The lie was slowly turning into reality…

Tyrande was a goddess of the elves… If Xiao Yu could summon Thrall which would be recognized as a God of Orcs then he may help them to revive those two races.

A casual lie told by him to excuse himself from explaining truth to the others seems to be turning into truth on its own.

Is it the providence of God?

Alright I was pretty drunk so you guys will be enjoying only 1 chapter today. See ya tomorrow:)

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  1. Thanks for the chapter :3 Maybe Malfurion, Illidan, Sylvanas and even the Lich King may appear in the future? Haha Seeing then in this story would be really amazing to any fan of WoW or Warcraft *-*

    1. Oh come one.. If there’s Illidan then there will be Maiev and if there’s Lich King then King Arthas would once more tremble the world.. Hail king arthass

  2. How does he summon Thrall? Does he have to build a second house altar for the orcs? I forgot the qualification to even build them in the first place

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