WOWFRD – Ch 339

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Chapter 339

Cairne kept attacking but Fernando dodged his moves and didn’t retort. He was looking at Uther as waves of ideas surged through his heart.

“Is he the real one or the fake one? What happens if he is the real one? If he is the real one then what about the Uther that the Church has? Pope clearly said that he had summoned the Uther! I felt light in that Uther’s body but it was in miniscule level.. Moreover, Pope said that the Uther had yet to recover… But when I compare this one and the Uther back in Church then this Uther is like a pure and real Paladin…”

“Come on. Attack me and use that Torch of the Damned to fight me since you think that I’m fake.” Uther loudly said as he looked at Fernando. He understood that Fernando was shaken to the core. It was no wonder as Fernando and others were under the propoganda of the Church since childhood and the loyalty couldn’t be wavered overnight.

“You can certainly beat me if you are the real Uther! I have worshipped the statues of Uther since childhood and no God I believe in can fall under my mace!” Fernando waved the Torch of the Damned as he looked at Uther.

“Cairne, I’ll deal with this one.. You help out somewhere else.” Uther said. Bloodhoof didn’t reply but turned around to rush towards a giant orc that stepped on the city wall.

Uther attacked Fernando as soon as Cairne left. Fernando blocked the hammer with the Torch of the Damned. It was obvious that Fernando wasn’t using his full strength. Actually, the Torch of the Damned would exude burning purple flames if the full power of the user was used. However, Fernando was restricting his strength.


A shockwave of golden energy blasted out as soon as Uther’s hammer and Fernando’s Torch of the Damned smashed together once again.

“IS there any buff on his hammer? Is he using Seals? The seals! But this is totally different from the ones that we use! It was said that the Seals used by the paladins in the ancient times were the most powerful attack skills.. The Seal Truth, Justice, Righteousness.. We only have 1 Seal skill left in the Church but that’s not the original seal either..” Fernando was shocked as the battle continued and Uther used different skills.

At the moment, uther was at level 32 but his defensive and offensive skills were the best that a Paladin could use. As the fight continued on Fernando found out that he wouldn’t be able to capture Uther even if he used all his strength. Uther’s defense was outregously good. He had blessings, Shielf of the Templar, Devotion Aura and others as buffs.

“There is no doubt that all the skills this Uther uses are from the ancient times! The real Paladin skills.. But how did Xiao Yu found these skills? If he really planned to come up with the fake Uther then he had to find a perfect candidate to nurture with all this skills… It can’t be done in measly few years.. Moreover, this puny lord seems to be only in his twenties but this Uther looks to be older than 40.. Xiao Yu can’t carrie out such a grand plan.. Then it means Xiao Zhan Tian was behind all of this.. OR Xiao Yu has a method which can be used to nurture fake paladins within few years…” Many thoughts passed through Fernando’s mind as he continued the fight.

Murray felt helpless as he got entangled with Grom. Grom was using Wind Walk and other skills to keep the distance and rush out to attack if an opportunity had arisen. Murray was using all his battle energy to cover his body in golden flames. He looked like a deity from afar. However, another figure appeared behind Murray. Murray turned around to see a demon whose eyes were covered with black linen and had pair of huge wings.

“Damned lord! This Xiao Yu has demons and devils by his side! Unforgivable!” Murray turned furious as he rushed to kill Illidan. Illidan smiled as his body blinked to appear few meter aways. He then charged at Murray. Murray didn’t fear demons or devils but soon he found out that his battle energy was depleting at a rapid rate. It seemed as if something was sucking it away.

“This devil! It has the ability to somehow suck out my battle energy!”

Illidan could use Mana Burn and the mana and battle energy of the Paladins were mixed because they didn’t use the original skills of the ancient paladins. In reality, they should only use magic not battle energy.

Illidan had killed a paladin from the church in the battlefield moments ago and found out that he was able to deplete their battle energy. As a result he rushed towards Murray and told Grom to leave to fight against the giant orcs.

The Giant orcs were strong but heroes could kill them alone without a problem. In fact, Tyrande was rampaging throughout the battlefield because of Magical Explosive Arrows. Nevertheless, there were lots of soldiers from the enemy side that were able to get onto the city walls because Xiao Yu’s side was concentrated on the giant orcs. There were even few fifth-rank warriors on the city walls. One of them approached Fernando but Fernando told him to leave: “I’ll be fighting this man on my own.. Find someone else.”

The fifth-rank warrior got angry when he heard Fernando’s reply. He had come to help out of kindness but this paladin didn’t appreciate his move. However, he knew that Fernando was a big shot in the Church so he turned around to deal with someone else.

Xiao Yu saw that he had to bring out his cards or there would be serious consequences: “Tell the goblins to join the battle!”

“IT’s matter of time before I pass through the city gates as the victor!” Robert smiled as he looked over the city walls. Everything that he saw meant that the victory was at hand. The Lion city was a strong opponent. The battle had prolonged for long not because Kennedy family’s or Church’s warriors were weak but Xiao Yu was too strong! It was shocking to see so many Magical Explosive Arrows or different kind of units in the battlefield. But all of them would be Robert’s once the city is captured!


A roar echoed out as a red dragon flew in and grabbed from giant orc’s head. The Dragon’s claws forced the giant orc down to the ground and at the same time it used its tail to smash a tower close by.

Xiao Yu had always taught dragon that it had to use everything to get to the victory.

“Brute forcing through everything isn’t enough! You must have skills and use your brains! Bite their legs, poke out their eyes! It doesn’t matter as long as you win!” This was the way Xiao Yu had taught the dragon and it rightfully represented everything that it had learned from Xiao Yu. The dragon was a shameless hooligan as its master!

The dragon flew up to grab a large stone from the city wall to smash the head of another giant orc.


The giant orc couldn’t stand still because of the damage. The dragon grabbed another huge stone to hit the giant orc’s crotch. The giant orc grabbed its crotch as it fell down. The dragon rushed at it and used fire breath to burn the giant orcs head. Afterwards, it flew up towards another giant orc.

Dragon felt that dealing with giant orcs was much easier than fighting against puny humans! The humans were small while giant orcs were better targets!

Ordinary dragons would only use their claws or magic skills to fight against an enemy. They would never get help of an external force. But Xiao Yu had taught every despicable move in the book to the dragon. As a result, dragon would use anything as a weapon at the moment. It could grab a huge stone, tree trung, or even a giant orc to thrown at another giant orc.

If another dragon saw the situation in the battlefield then it would run after Xiao Yu to tear him into pieces!


Mechanical puppets jumped to the city walls. They were the ones that Xiao Yu had stolen from Robert.

Robert checked the puppets from afar: “Why it seems that they are different from our puppets?”


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