WOWFRD – Ch 338

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Chapter 338

Cairne was at level 37 which was equivalent to peak fourth-rank warrior. However, Cairne’s physique allowed him to show power far above the level of peak fourth-rank powerhouse. He could cope up with dozens of fourth-rank warriors in a battle.

Cairne had been slaughtering enemies since the start of the attack. His eyes were blood red and wanted to rush out of the city but Xiao Yu had ordered him to stay on the city walls. Xiao Yu knew that he needed strong warriors for the defense and there wasn’t much options so it was natural for Xiao Yu to keep Cairne Bloodhoof on the walls.

Actually, Ciarne was able to kill one of the giant orcs which had jumped over the city wall.

Thrall had used variety of Totems to give buffs to Cairne which made him much more stronger.

“Arrogant.” There was a trace of contempt in Fernando’s voice. He waved the Torch of the Damned which was exuding purple flames and smashed down the mace. Fernando saw the Tauren Warchief raise his giant axe to block his attack without fear.

Bang~ The mace smashed down on the axe. The bricks under Cairne’s feet broke up but Cairne himself didn’t flinch. A fifth-rank paladin was a terrifying existence! There weren’t many that could go head on against such a powerhouse.

Fernando was able to understand the strength of Cairne from that blow. He began to attack the tauren. He was a fifth-rank paladin but had trained stringently since childhood to achieve the results that he had today. Fernando had superior martial arts and people like Xiao Yu couldn’t confront him face on. Xiao Yu himself was at level 31 and was a fourth-rank warrior. He had combined skills of various heroes and had a rogue style. However, he lacked the foundation as a martial artist!

Dang~ Dang~ Dang~

Fernando and Cairne made moved against each other. It was clear that Cairne was on the losing end but it wasn’t going to be easy for Fernando to win the battle in short time. Cairne was using Trample and Shockwave skills to disturb Fernando’s moves too. Fernando was using Cross slash, Judment and other skills to confront Cairne’s skills.

“Cairne isn’t his opponent.. He will be able to hold this paladin but Fernando is powerful than Murray.. His mace.. It should be Torch of the Damned.. An artifact level weapon!” Xiao Yu looked at the battle. He had a special hobby of collecting epic level weapons. He had stolen Ba Tianming’s weapon and given it to O’Neal back in Western Cloud Empire.

O’Neal should be showing off his power by using the Unstoppable Force in Western Cloud Empire by Touba Hong’s side!

Murray saw that Fernando was caught in the battle against Cairne so he moved up after Tyrande on his own.


Tyrande used a Magical Explosive Arrow and shoot Murray. Murray used his heavy sword to block the arrow.



Murray’s hands turned numb and his body trembled as he made two steps back.

Tyrande ride her white tiger to run away. She even shot a giant orc in its thigh along the way.

The flesh was torn off from that giant orc’s leg. The leg wasn’t broken but it was very hard for it to move. Druids of the Claw moved into kill it while riflemen supported them.

Murray continued the chase but another figure appeared in front of him. It was Grom who had reached level 37 and was a peak fourth-rank warrior. Grom’s skills were much more honed.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

Grom used Omnislash as Murray blocked the attacks. Grom opened up distance after Murray was able to resist the attacks. Murray didn’t want to let go of Grom and tried to catch up but a three-meter-long icicle flew down at him.


Murray raised his heavy sword and block it but he was thrown out. Grom saw the opportunity and rush to attack Murray but Murray was able to dodge in time.

Antonidas smiled as he looked at the scene. An ordinary fourth-rank warrior would be killed by that icicle. He teleported out and used blizzard to attack another location. Antonidas changed his position in short-time-frames as otherwise he would turn into an easy aim.

“Where the heck have this lord found these warriors?” Fernando was irritated as the battle against Cairne continued on. It was clear to him that Cairne was at least a rank lower than him but he still couldn’t get rid of the tauren. The tauren’s defensive skills were superb and it used a lot of other bizzare skills to confront Fernando. Moreover, sometimes Torch of the Damned clearly hit the tauren’s body but the tauren continued on. It seemed tauren was wearing a very tough armor.

“Is it a special armor from the ancient times?” Fernando murmured. He believed that he would have to use Torch of the Damned to continously hit tauren’s body at least dozens of times before being able to break up the armor!

Fernando and Cairne’s battle was continueing on when a golden ray slashed at Fernando. Fernance used the Torch of the Damned to block the attack.

“Judgment!?” Fernando was stunned. He was similar with the skill it was used by the paladins of the Retribution. Moreover, it felt to him that this light was much more pure and divine that his own.

Fernando saw a middle aged man appear in front him. There was a serious expression the man’s face and he was holding a hammer.

“Uther?” Fernando said subconsciously. However, he felt as if he had wronged himself. The Church had said that this one was fake!

Fernando asked after dodging Cairne’s attack: “Are you the fake Uther?” Fernando and Murray had come to capture this fake Uther so he didn’t expect this one to have walked to his palm.

“You know well that I’m not fake.” Uther raised his hand to use the Blessing of the King on Fernando.

Fernando felt pure light energy circulated throughout his body. It was as if tide of water surged through his body and cleansed it.

“Is this the power of pure holy light?”

“But how could it be? Isn’t he a fake? How could a fake one have so much light power? He can even use Blessing of the Kind…. Moreover, this blessing is much more stronger than my blessing! In addition, it doesn’t stimulate the body but truly blesses it… It…” Fernando was shocked and confused. It would be incredible that this man had so much light power if he was the fake Uther!


Manga recommendation of the chapter: Rain (this manga is for people who like magic, dragon slayers etc..)

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  1. Uther: Young Man, you walk on the Wrong Path! Come With me To Cleansing the Evil in this World!!

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