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Chapter 337

The giant orcs were result of the taboo magic used by the Kennedy family’s dark magicians on the orcs of the Blackrock clan.

In ancient times, the Blackrock clan had lots of evil warlocks who were devoted to studying black magic to enhance the combat effectiveness of the Blackrock orcs. Those warlocks were no longer following the shaman’s doctrine instead believed that power came first. Everything could be given for the power and strength!

However, all the orc clans were on decline for thousands of years. The same thing was true for Warsong, Frostwolf and as well as Blackrock clan. This taboo magic was developed by the ancient warlocks but the Blackrock clan didn’t have such warlocks to cast those spells. Moreover, the taboo magic was hidden in a place where they didn’t have the strength to get in. The Kennedy family found the Blackrock clan and sent their mages to find the details of the magic spells.

This special black magic spell was a taboo magic. It was evil and destructive in itself. Moreover, each time the dark magic was used a huge price had to be paid either by the life of the caster or sacrifice(s). Therefore there were few who would use black magic in the continent and the ones who were found to use them would be hunted down by the righteous people.

Kennedy family’s mages began to study the taboo magic after it was acquired from the dungeon. They found out a way to increase the strength and power of the orcs from the Blackrock clan. This method was similar to the Bloodthirst skill of the shamans and strength blessing of the Earth Totem but this taboo magic almost tripled the effect of those both skills. However, it had to be ntoed that the shamans were in balance with the nature so the buffs used by them didn’t hurt the reciever. This taboo magic brought a lot of suffering to the reciever of the magic. As a result, the effect of this taboo magic was too powerful in comparison to the Bloodthirst skill. Moreover, the body of the orc got much larger and in short the orc become a super orc.

Nevertheless, the costs of such results were enormous too. First and foremost there was a great deal of blood needed. It had to be known that the blood had to be acquired from creatures with wisdom which meant that it had to be blood of a high-rank beasts or creatures or human beings. It was very difficult to capture high-rank beasts with wisdom so the only option was to use human beings. The effects were better when the human sacrifice was powerful. As a result, low-rank warriors and ordinary soldiers were chosen as sacrifices. Mainly the soldiers of the Wei Principality were used as sacrifices.

Additionally, there was a drawback to this spell. The super orc would turn bloodthirsty and furious but at the end the blood vessels of its body couldn’t handle the process and it would die.

Kennedy family tried to use this magic spell on human soldiers too but found out that human body wasn’t strong enough to handle the process. Only the naturally strong orcs could handle it. It turnout out so that the Blackrock clan didn’t even object the test. On the contrary they supported everything. They believed that this way the Blackrock clan become powerful and prominent in the continent once again. However, the Blackrock clan didn’t have the warlocks who were good enough to make this process so they signed a contract with the Kennedy family to be their underlings.

The Kennedy family had decided to use this taboo magic today against the Lion city. The orcs from the Blackrock clan knew that the death was awaiting for them but they still went for it. For them the battle and victory was everything that they could wish for!

The Blackrock clan orcs were already full of hate when they saw Thrall lead the Warsong and Frostwolf clan members in the battlefield.

Ordinary orcs from the Blackrock clan didn’t have much of an advantage against Xiao Yu’s grunts because Xiao Yu had shamans, Kodo beasts and Cairne Bloodhoof who used different buffs to strengthen the orcs and grunts. That’s why the ordinary Blackrock clan orcs weren’t opponents of Xiao Yu’s forces. However, the equation changed once the taboo magic was used. Actually, the giant orcs were already putting a lot of pressure upon the Lion city.

The walls of the city would have been captured if it weren’t for the mountain giants, riflemen and the Glaive Throwers.

Nevertheless, there were 100 giant orcs and it was going to be very difficult for the Lion city to suppress them for long.


One of the giant orcs was able to push through the blockade of the mountain giants and rush towards the walls. It jumped up and landed on the city walls. The giant orc wasn’t able to stand firm before a “whoosh” sound echoed.



A huge hole appeared on the chest of the giant orc. It’s head bowed down to see the hole. The huge hammer in its hand dropped down from the walls and made a load noise. The giant orcs body swayed backwards and it fell to smash a tower.

Tyrande had used Searing Arrow skill to shoot a Magical Explosive Arrow and she was successful in killing giant orc in one go!

Two more giant orcs rushed up. Tyrande shoot twice. The first giant orc was hit in its stomach and all its internal organs flowed out as it died on spot. The other giant orc was heavily injured as Tyrande didn’t use the Searing Arrow but the giant orc wasn’t in a state to fight and other would deal with it easily.
Bang~ Boom~

The noise made when the Magical Explosive Arrow hit the giant orcs echoed out throughout the battlefield.

“Is that Magical Explosive Arrows? How come they have so many of them? They are made out of very precious and rare materials…” Khed was surprised when he saw the battle. He knew that even a fifth-rank warrior couldn’t resist those arrows.

The magicans of the Kennedy family began to retreat from the battlefield one by one. They knew that it would be very hard for them to stay alive if those arrows were aimed at them. Tyrande could shoot few arrows in a row and it was a problem for those magicians. It meant that their guards could be killed before their turn came and nobody could stop them from death.

However, Tyrande wasn’t even planning to attack the magicians. She was focusing on the giant orcs. The threat that the giant orcs made was much more terrifying than the magicians at the moment. The city would fall if they didn’t get rid of the giant orcs.

“Murray! Fernando! Get rid of that elven archer!” Khed commanded. He knew that Tyrande was a threat to their victory at the moment. If the process went as is then the giant orcs would die sooner than later. It would mean that the fall of the Lion city would be delayed!

Khed had observed the giant orcs. All of them had the strength of a peak fourth-rank warrior but were more massive in build and faster! It was like this giant orcs were the killing machines made for the battlefield! He classified them as the kings of the battlefield in his mind.

Murray was feeling much better after healing for several days. The injury made by Arthas and the other two was quite heavy. However, a thin camel was still taller than a horse! At the end of the day, Murray was a fifth-rank paladin and he would be much better than dozen fourth-rank warrior even if he used half of his strength!

Both Murray and Fernando rushed to the wall. Murray was using a heavy sword while Fernando had a mace. The name of the mace was Torch of the Damned! This weapon was found in an ancient place that belonged to the paladins. Fernando was a bit stronger than Murray as he used this weapon!

The golden flames burned and enveloped their bodies as two paladins rushed towards the walls. The soldiers of the Church began to cheer loudly when they saw both of them pass by.


Murray shouted as he waved his heavy sword to slash at Tyrande. Both of them were fitth-rank paladins so the ordinary soldiers couldn’t stop their march.

Xiao Yu had warned Tyrande that both of them were strong so she shouldn’t get involved with them. After all, she was a long-range style fighter while Murray and Fernando were close combat paladins. Tyrande ride her white tiger as she rushed away. Murray and Fernando tried to catch up with her but a giant figure stopped them.

It was Cairne Bloodhoof!


The manga recommendation of the chapter: The Legend of Zelda

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    1. Cairne is a mortal ya know (the only mention of hero revival would be it being possible, but they might have to level all the way up again, essentially a total waste of time) ? He’s just a tauren.

  1. I though Cairne personality is more like a wise old man than a battle-crazed warrior ? Never played WoW though, only WC3

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