WOWFRD – Ch 336

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Chapter 336

Sounds of war drums began to echo out form the rear of the Kennedy family’s camp. The sounds that echoed seemed to hail from the depth of hell. The vibes weren’t of worldly origins. For a moment, Xiao Yu thought that the sound was similar to the one played by the Western Cloud Empire troops but there was this demonic feeling coming off from this vibe. It seemed as if the sounds of wardrums could put the people into trance. Xiao Yu understood that something terrifying was about to unleashed upon them!

Certainly, Kennedy family hadn’t only gathered powerful mages and warriors during so many years. They must have trump cards hidden in their sleeves. Xiao Yu was able to get so many good materials from the Undercity, it meant that those ancient families had explored such relic sites for milleniums! Of course, they couldn’t hoard as many things as Xiao Yu did from a single exploration but the accumulation of wealth and resources for so many thousands of years must be terrifying! In the past, the Sky Lion Dynasty was at its peak strength so these families must have hidden a lot of things from the eyesight but now one by one those hidden cards were going to be unveiled!

Xiao Yu understood that it wouldn’t take long for those ancient families to get into action and then the battlefields would become much more colorful!

“It’s getting interesting!” Xiao Yu waved towards the goblins to get the mechanical puppets ready.


The roars echoed out from the rear of the Kennedy family camp. It was as if something devilish was howling out there.

Illidan felt the familiar atmosphere first as he was able to identify the darkish aura exuding from the back of the Kennedy family camp.

Boom~ Booom~ Boom~ Boooom~

The sounds of drums echoed louder and louder as the pressure increased.

“Demonic magic!” Khed thought. “The Kennedy family dares to use evil magic knowing that the Paladins are here! Arrogant! I would certainly order the troops to purify these things if it wasn’t for the original task!”

Khed had hunted and killed demons, undeads and other creatures of otherworldly origins. He knew that the ordinary people hated demons and undeads but there were major powers who had demonic creatures under their wings.

“It won’t take long before the Scarlet Crusade is big enough to sweep through the continent! We will envelope the continent in Holy Light, purify all the demons and kill the infidels!” There was trace of fanaticism in Khed’s eyes.


The roars that echoed weren’t similar to a wolf or tiger… suddenly, huge figures rushed out from the rear of the camp. They smashed through the Kennedy family soldiers and even the Church forces. Now, everyone was able to see these figures. They were huge orcs. Their skin color was black but not like the orcs from the Blackrock clan but demonic black. There was darkish aura exuding from their bodies. They were fast and powerful and all of them had huge hammers in their hands.

The giant orcs rushed out from the camp and marched towards the Lion. However, they concentrated on mountain giants first. The giant orcs were as tall as 5 meters in height. They were much shorted that mountain giants but they were flexible and rapid!


A loud noise echoed as the giant hammer of the giant orc hit the mountain giant. The Mountain Giant made few steps back before being able to come to a stop. The Mountain Giants were wearing iron plates as armor. The smash from the giant hammer hadn’t made a heavy injury on it. The Mountain Giant turned furious as it swang the tree trunk and smashed it towards the attacking giant orc. The orc waved its giant hammer and hit the tree trunk.



The tree trunk was blasted but the giant orc made a few steps backwards. However, the roars echoed as the other giant orcs reached and circled around the mountain giant.

There were few mountain giants outside the city and all of them were besieged by the giant orcs. The Mountain Giants had huge bodies so they didn’t fear ordinary attacks. Moreover, there were Spell Breakers by their side so they were to some degree immune to magic attacks. But these giant orcs were totally terrifying and different than any other enemy they had faced up to now. They were fast and it didn’t take long before the mountain giants were smashed down and turned to countless rocks.

“Motherfucker! How come they are so strong?” Xiao Yu was shocked as he looked at the giant orcs. He had faced wolf warriors in the Western Cloud Empire who had superior strength and speed but even they couldn’t shake the mountain giants. Xiao Yu was aware that only few types of units were able to cause harm to the Mountain Giants since he had summoned them!

“Riflemen! Shooot!” Qin Che shouted. The bullets of the riflemen could penetrate through the armor so he believed the skin of the giant orcs wouldn’t be a problem!

Bang~ Boom~ Bang~ Boom~

The rifles fired and first wave of bullets hit two giant orcs. They didn’t die immediately but their bodies had numerous holes from which the blood continued to flow out. The giant orcs roared and wanted to rush towards the city walls.

“Riflemen shoot! The Glaive Throwers! Shoot!” Qin Che began to use the other units at hand when he saw that the giant orcs were rushing towards the walls.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The first 2 giant orcs that were hit by the bullets roared up but still continued to rush towards the city walls even though the riflemen were continouing to shoot at them.

At the same time, countless moon blades were thrown from the Glaive Throwers. Many giant orcs fell down when they were hit by the moon blades.

“It’s fortunate that they are not undeads!” Qin Che wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead. It would be catastrophic if this giant orcs got the city walls.

“All the Mountain Giants move out and fight these monsters! Riflement shoot any giant orc that gets close to the city walls! Gryphon Riders use chain lightning in clusters to kill them! Druids of the Claw leave the city to fight them! Sorceresses try to transform them into sheep!” Qin Che issued an order after one another.

Xiao Yu was very pleased as he checked Qin Che. The kid was able to modify the plans and strategies according to the situation which was an excellent quality for a good commander.

The Mountain Giants moved out to face the giant orcs. The city walls had to be protected from these monsters otherwise a disaster was going to happen. All the heavy fire was launched on the giant orcs. The riflemen were much more useful against the giant orcs in comparison to ordinary archers. The arrows weren’t affective on the giant orcs. Only the ballista’s spears and arrows were able to pierce through their tough skin. However, any place that a bullet hit would outflow with blood. Although it wasn’t enough to kill a giant orc with only 400 riflemen but few consecutive shoots was more than enough to kill one giant orc.

The Glaive Throwers were affective too. The moon blades would slice through the giant orcs causing great damage to them. However, the speed of launch was very slow for the Glaive Throwers. The Sorcersses group in dozens to transform the giant orcs into sheep. The resistance of giant orcs to the magic was high so the sorceresses would try dozens of times before being able to succeed.

Robert was quite proud as he looked at the scene. The introduction of bloodthirsty giant orcs had caused huge changes in the battlefield. They could almost board the city walls! He knew that Xiao Yu wouldn’t be able to withstand the giant orcs for long time. Robert believed that it would take long for the Lion city to fall! He was even planning the way he would ravage through the city in his mind.

At the same time, Xiao Yu looked at Tyrande: “Use the Magical Explosive Arrows!” She nodded and left…


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  1. Robert believed that it would take long for the Lion city to fall!- even in his own thoughts he is faceslapping himself already.

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