WOWFRD – Ch 334

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Chapter 334

“Lightbringer? Is it the lightbringer?” The paladins were stunned. According to the legends passed down from the ancient times only the one with the purest faith could summon a lightbringer. But how could a fake Uther summon something like that when even the Pope couldn’t do that?

“It’s an illusion! Illusion magic! Don’t feel into their trap! Kill the freaking infidels! Get that fake Uther so that we teach him some manners in the Church!” Khed shouted.

The Paladins roared loudly as they rushed towards the walls.

“Catapults!” Qin Che shouted. The sky was covered with flying stones. They fell down and smashed the enemy soldiers that were running towards the walls. It seemed as if the sky was covered in countless bugs as the stones fell down. Large number of soldiers were killed. Xiao Yu had used a lot of workers to dredge the stones and make them ready as ammunition for the catapults. All the stones were like tips of sharp spears. There were hundreds of catapults throwing rocks with which equivalent to a high-rank magician using a spell.

The enemies were heavy injured and there were many losses but they still continued to rush towards the walls because of paladin’s blessings.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

Riflemen began to shoot too. There were 400 riflemen stationed on the walls in 4 rows. They shooted continously. The speed of the rifles were rapid. The human base had reached 2 level so the equipment of dwarf riflemen had upgraded too. The power of the rifles had increased a lot. Armors couldn’t withstand the bullets unless they were special made armors. Xiao Yu was regretting that he had used all 5000 quota to summon undeads. He thought that he should have left about 1000 places for riflemen. The riflemen were becoming better in terms of range and the penetration strength of the bullets. The sounds of the rifles firing the bullets echoed endlessly. Xiao Yu believed that the war could finish much more early if he had about 5000 riflemen. Moreover, if he could use Steam Engines and other air units of the human base then it would be much more freakish. In addition, if he had helicopters and other modern combat units then the situation wouldn’t be such as the one he was facing at the moment. Nevertheless, it was a world of magic and battle energy so the cold weapons were hard to find. Powerful magic was comparable and even in sense exceeded the strength of tanks, or helicopters.

However, Xiao Yu was using two different “types” of units in the battlefield. He had to use them perfectly to win the war. (riflemen as technological units and others)

“Ballista’s! SHOOT!” Qin Che shouted! There were teams of 5 people who were pushing forward equipment which were modified ballista. The shape of this ballista’s were totally different from the ordinary ones. There was a thick box above it which could hold up to 100 arrows. The lever of the ballista pulled back and began to shoot the arrows. The launch speed wasn’t fast but it was much better than an average archer. Those new type ballista’s were grouped in 20s and shoot in one direction. Every team of 20 had a captain responsible for telling the direction to the teams. These teams began to attack when they heard Qin Che’s command. The sky was covered in arrows in an instant. The probability of shooting an enemy was 1 or 2 out of ten on ordinary times but Xiao Yu had still ordered them to use this new type ballista’s.

Xiao Yu murmured as he looked at the sight: “It’s just way too useless and wasteful.. It can be only used against such densely formed enemies.. Otherwise… Useless..”

Xiao Yu had ordered the goblins to build this ballista’s after he had seen the prototypes on the mechanical puppets. The speed of the ballista was fine as it was much more powerful than an average crossbow or ballista. But there was no way to aim correctly because of continous shooting.

“Why have you made them built such a weird ballista? We are wasting a lot of arrows. These bows could be used by archers to kill more enemies. The feathered arrows are quite expensive and this ballista are operated by 5 people. We could train them as archers instead of whatever it is..” Cha Tai said as he looked at the ballistas.

Xiao Yu wryly smiled: “Don’t think too much.. These ballistas would be much more productive once the enemies begin to attack more violently.. Everything depends on the circumstances. At the moment, the kill rate is 10-20% but once the battlefield gets more crowded they will kill 300% more!”

It was like using gatling gun at the moment. The point was that it was quite useless to use a gatling gun against someone who was fast and flexible in the jungle. But it was a perfect tool for the defense. At the moment, this new type of ballistas were in offense but they would begin to play a huge role once the city went on full defense against crowds of enemies.

Li Ling was able to kill tens of thousands of cavalrymen just by using 5 thousand infantry in his expedition just because he relied on crossbows! This new types of ballistas had at least double the strength of those crossbows! Moreover, the city was on defense!

Cha Tai couldn’t still believe as he saw lots of arrows scattered over open space.


The enemies shouted. They began to use a weird equipment to siege the city. It was a tower that could be stacked into shape within few minutes. The soldiers could crawl from inside to get to the top of the tower and jump onto the walls of the city.

“Was those made by Master Crowe?” Khed asked.

“We have used the best materials for the production of this towers. They are very expensive but their role in the attack is terrifying!” Robert said in a proud manner. This tower wasn’t just made for the offense against the Lion city but was going to be used by the Kennedy family in wars to come! Master Crowe was a very famous alchemy master who had helped the Kennedy family to produce those ancient mechanical puppets! Those mechanical puppets were restored by the Master Crowe.

Xiao Yu’s advantage in the war was being on the high ground(wall) but what would happen if that advantage was taken out of the equation?

Xiao Yu was surprised when he saw the Kennedy family had come up with such an equpment. You had to be a fool not to see the obvious advantage of such an equipment. The most obvious advantage of the tower was that it could be constructed within a short period of time and could be pushed towards the walls.

“It seems the battle is going to get ugly.” Xiao Yu murmured.


The enemies began to push forward the towers. Xiao Yu’s side was using Catapults to undermine the construction but the enemies were able to build 50 of them. Moreover, once the tower was destroyed by the stones they could be rebuilt with spare parts. Xiao Yu believed that the creatore of the towers (Master Crowe) was quite a clever man to come up with such a design.

Illidan was the first to rush up using his blade to cut off 4 people who were first to jump from the towers to the city walls. He had reached level 24. He looked quite vicious as he killed the enemies.


Kael’thas used a Flame Strike to attack the enemies. He was at level 35 and his spells were getting very powerful. A huge storm of flame appeared within the area and everyone inside that circle turned into ash. The spells of the fire attribute were overbearing! Kael’thas had almost unlimited mana potions at hand to use so he was quite active in killing the enemies. However, the one who had reached the highest level was Antonidas! He was at level 39 and was about to reach level 40 soon. At the moment, he was equal to a a peak fourth-rank magician. Xiao Yu knew that a fifth-rank magician was like a god of death in the battlefield!

Antonidas was using Blizzard skill which brought up lots of thousands of icicles down from the sky to kill the enmies. There were fourth-rank magicians within the enemy mages but Antonidas was much more powerful than any of them. Moreover, Antonidas could understand the workings of the magic after reached the fourth-rank. He could teach his magic to the others and had become a teacher too! All the heroes, not just Antonidas, had their intelligence improved after reaching level 30. They could teach their skills to the others.

Actually, antonidas had accepted few other sorceresses, spell breakers and so on as his disciples. Xiao Yu hoped that they could break through level 10 and become heroes too! Grom was teaching his skills to O’Neal. There were 2 shamans who had reached level 11 and all of them were guided by Thrall. Xiao Yu knew that these new heroes were going to become part of his force in the future.


The chapters are at least 1.5 – 2 times bigger than usual ones so I’ll be able to translate 1 chapter a day 😐 …

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