WOWFRD – Ch 335-2

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Chapter 335

The previous chapter that was published was 334 while this one is the real 335 🙂


A fireball smashed into a tower and broke it into pieces. The enemy soldiers that were inside the towers were killed too. Kael’thas was showing exceptional performance. Unfortunately, the cooling time of the fireball skill was long or else he would use the unlimited mana potions at hand to blast off all the towers.


Mountain Giants walked onto the city walls and rushed towards the towers. They didn’t use the logs in their hands to hit them but instead jumped over the towers to crash them. All the mountain Giants were wearing specially crafted iron plates as armor so their weigh was more than 10 tons at the moment.

“Mages! Aim at those giants and kill ‘em!” Zane ordered. Normally, he wouldn’t do so if the mountain giants were inside the city but those giants were easy kill for the mages once they came out. Their huges bodies made them easy targets for the magicians.

Woosh~ Wooooosh~

The Magicians of the Kennedy family were all blessed by the Paladins so their attack strength had a substantial increase. Huge fireballs were thrown to smash the mountain giants. At the moment, The Mountain Giants roared loadlu as they waved the tree trunks in their hands and hit the soldiers that were thying to build new towers. However, the powerful fireballs hit them. Two of the mountain giants were killed on spot. They made a sad roar before they fell to the ground. The other mountain giants hurried towards the gates after smashing down the towers in the vicinity.

The gates were wide open to welcome the Mountain Giants. Kael’thas and Antonidas were close to the gates and killing the torrents of soldiers that were trying to pass through. Xiao Yu had deliberate restructred the gates so that the mountain giants could enter at will. It didn’t take long for the mountain giants to enter the city. Half of them stay back in by the gates to block the soldiers. Xiao Yu knew that it was pointless to keep the gates closed as the powerful magic of the enemy magicians could blast them at ease. That’s why he choose to keep them open and have a ground confrontation.

There were Mountain Giants, archers, Spell Breakers, Sorceresses and Druids by the gates to protect the entrance. Xiao Yu had found out later on that if a high level Spell Breaker stood by a friendly unit then that unit would have a certain level of immunity to the magic. At the moment, those mountain giants had lots of Spell Breakers by their side. Although they weren’t completely immune to the magic attacks but their resistance to the magic attacks was enhanced by quite a lot. In addition, the close combat abilities of the Spell Breakers was enhanced after they reached level 10. In fact, they were much more stronger and faster than ordinary soldiers.

Druids of the Claw were transforming into bears and attacking the enemies. They were combined greatly with the Sorceresses against the enemies. If an enemy warrior which was hard for the druids to fight appeared then the Sorceresses will just turn them into sheep! The enemy side had lots of soldiers but Xiao Yu’s strategy was to kill in mass numbers so that they could cope up with the marching enemy troops.

The battlefield was dyed in red with the blood…

Xiao Yu’s summoned troops were powerful but the enemy had paladins, orcs, mechanical puppets which balanced the strength of both sides. The Paladins of the Church were blessing the ordinary soldiers and turning them into fanatical bloodthirsty warriors that didn’t stop at anythung. The orcs from the Blackrock clan were putting a lot of pressure on Xiao Yu too.

Nevertheless, the new type of the ballista began to show up its power. Arrows were thrown continously towards the enemies. Although not all of them shot an enemy but it was good enough to suppress the enemies. It was like diverting the effect of oncoming threat. Normally, the dam would be washed away if there were floods. However, if the path of the water was cleared then the flood waters wouldn’t be a problem anymore. The enemies were like flood water at the moment. But by changing the direction of their attacks the home side was able to ease up pressure.

Cha Tai finally understood why Xiao Yu had told him that the strength of the new type of ballistas would be clear at the height of war. Indeed, the intensive assault of the enemy was playing right to the hands of new type ballistas. It was like having tens of thousands of archers on your side who shot at the enemies! But the point was that it was logically impossible to train ten thousand archers while the new type ballistas were able to show the same power.

Originally, the gatling gun was invented to be a substitute for individuals in the battlefield. It was like having one person to show the performance of dozens of humans. Gatling was naïve to believe that this invention would bring down the number of death in the battlefield! It was the inventino of gatling gun and automatic machine guns that led to the trench wars of the WWI and ended up millions of human death. The intentions while inventing the gatling gun was different but the results.. uh…


Boom~ Boom~

Bat Riders flew over the enemies as they dropped down Liquid Fire. Xiao Yu didn’t have any more iron bombs so the strength of the bombardment wasn’t as good. Moreover, the enemies were familiar to the attacks of Batriders so they didn’t fear as much and knew how to dodge the liquid fire.

Gryphon Riders were power though. They could send a cluster of chain lightning towards a region and kill almost everyone within the location.

The battle had entered a phase where both sides suffered heavy losses. The enemies had sophisticated crossbows which had magic arrays engraved on them. Some of the Gryphon Riders and Hippogryph Riders were shot by those crossbows. Although they weren’t killed but heavy injuries were made.

Kennedy family was rich! IT’s the money that made them easy to acquire weapons!

Khed looked at Robert: “Master Robert, are you going to send up your trump cards? You will serious losses if the war continues as is…”

Robert snorted: “Paladin Khed doesn’t have to teach me the art of war! I know what I’m going to do.. The question is when the Church is going to make a move! I’ll go out but don’t blame me if my warriors accidentally kill that fake Uther of yours!”

Khed looked at Robert. This kind of people made him furious as they didn’t’ believe in Church’s doctrine and even dared to insult it!

“Scarlet Crusade will sweep through the continent soon and infidels like you will be burned to ashes!” Khed thought in his mind but said: “Murray and Fernando will join the battle now.. Don’t forget I can’t guarantee the safety of elves or orcs.. The loss will be yours if they mistakenly killed by high-rank paladins…”

Robert didn’t say anything but turned to wink at Zane. Zane nodded and whispered something to the aide close by to him. The man ran away to arrange the order.

There was a mysterious smile on Robert’s face. He had saved this trump card for a long time and this was going to be the biggest blow to the Lion city. They will be able to enter the Lion city in one go…

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