WOWFRD – Ch 333

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Chapter 333

The joint army of Kennedy family and the Church began to march towards the Lion city the next day. Nevertheless, the army of the Lion city wasn’t afraid of countless soldiers that marched on. They were used to this sight and they knew that Xiao Yu had never lost a defensive war!

Khed and Robert were side by side looking at the Lion city: “Master Robert, do you think we will be able to conquer Lion city today?”

Robert snorted: “What does Paladin Khed thinks?”

Khed smiled: “We know that Kennedy family has lots of trump cards under the sleeves so it depends a lot on what you will decide to use.”

Robert snorted once again: “Does it mean that the Church has nothing to offer? Why aren’t you coming up with those trump cards of yours?”

Khed smiled but didn’t reply.

Xiao Yu was sitting on the walls and watching the crowded joint army that was going to attack them. It was as if he was looking at a army parade rather than enemies. Lord Cha Tai (the guy whose territory was taken by the Kennedy family and Xiao Yu had rescued him) was standing by him.

Cha Tai said: “It’s no wonder that you are so successful. You are pretty calm and doing anything before the war..”

“Brother you are overpraising me. I’m just an ordinary person. The only thing I know that fear is pointless and in this case its better to relax and have a drink.” Xiao Yu continued to eat and drink. The enemy army was there but they had yet to attack. So it was pointless to stand and wait for them.

“Order the troops to sit down and rest.. They can stand up when the enemies attack.” Xiao Yu looked at Mu Lee. Mu Lee nodded and left to command the troops. He had been with Xiao Yu for a long time and was quite familiar with Xiao Yu’s style of warfare.

“Brother Tai! I’ll be leaving for a trip in few days.. Is it alright if you look after my territory in my absence?” Xiao Yu said and put a piece of dried fruit into his mouth to chew. Cha Tai was living in the Lion city for a long time. His health was restored too so Xiao Yu was planning to put him into work. After all, Cha Tai was a lord himself and was familiar with the handling process of government affairs. Therefore by putting Cha Tai as a temporary lord he could let the Housekeeper Hong to rest more.

“Aren’t you afraid that I will rebel in your absence?” Cha Tai looked at Xiao Yu. It was normal for ambitious people to try to rebel and usupr the throne once they had a chance. Why would Xiao Yu give him control over his territory?

Xiao Yu replied in an indifferent manner: “go on if you think it’s worth it.”

Cha Tai was surprised. He pondered for a moment before speaking: “You are right. I don’t have the backing to rebel and the risk of usurpation is too great and chance of success is small. It seems following after you is the best option.” Cha Tai wasn’t a fool and knew that in the current situation he didn’t have any options at all. In fact, Xiao Yu had made sure that Cha Tai wasn’t humiliated in the Lion city. So following after Xiao Yu was a wise coice as his own future would be limitless if Xiao Yu reached the better heights. Nevertheless, Cha Tai couldn’t help but admire Xiao Yu. He would never put someone else like himself in charge if he left his territory. You would need courage to make such a decision.

Xiao Yu looked and acted like an ordinary hooligan or rogue. But the more Cha Tai knew Xiao Yu the more he got to understand that everything within Xiao Yu’s palms. There was a big gap between them.

“What do you think about odds of winning the war?” Cha Tai asked. He knew that his future was more or less connected to Xiao Yu’s.

“What do you think?” Xiao Yu answered with a question.

Cha Tai pondered for a long time: “The situation doesn’t seem optimistic. The Kennedy family is already too powerful and they have support of the Church at the moment. I don’t know…”

Xiao Yu laughed: “You are wrong! The odds of victory is 100%.”

“Why?” Cha Tai didn’t understand the reason behind Xiao Yu’s confidence.

Xiao Yu filled the cup with wine: “How much wine is there in this cup?”

Cha Tai shrugged: “It is full.”

Xiao Yu nodded and drank all of it in one breath: “How much wine is there in this cup?”

Cha Tai was surprised: “Empty.”

“Yep! So what’s the difference between full and empty cups?” Xiao Yu asked.

Cha Tai shook his head as he couldn’t understand the meaning behind Xiao Yu’s question.

Xiao Yu looked at Cha Tai and slowly said: “The difference between a full and empty cup is the nick of time! The same thing applies to a defeat and victory! Everything will happen in a flash. We will put all our efforts. If we lose then we will get nothing and if we win we will have everything. So why should be terrified of the result?”

Cha Tai seemed to understand something as he began to murmur. “100%… It’s either win or lose..”

Cha Tai laughed: “We can certainly get the victory!”

Bang~ Boom~ Bang~ Boom…

The enemy troops began to use the drums and the troops began to slowly march towards the Lion city. The war had started after more than a month of idle time. However, this march was totally different from the last time. This battle would be the deciding battle which will put out the outcome of the war. No one was going to wait for any long. Robert wanted the Lion city and the Church wanted Uther! There was no point where two parties could talk out.


The Kennedy family soldiers shouted and rushed towards the city walls. Their bodies were engulfed in a golden light for a moment as the Paladins of the Church began to bless them.

“The Holy Light is with you! Eradicated the evil Lion city! Kill the HERETICS!” Khed’s voice echoed throughout the battlefield.

However, the marching troops were stunned when they saw a golden light come down and began to wrap around everyone on the Lion city’s walls. The enemy soldiers were almost dazzling because of the brilliance of the light.

“Order of the Silver Hand has been re-founded once again! The Great Uther has come to lead them! The paladins whose eyes have been obscured by the fake Church! Look who is the real Uther! See who is the real leader of the Paladins!” A loud voice echoed out from the city walls. It was Xiao Yu who had made Uther to establish the Order of the Silver Hand. He knew that Church was forming the Scarlet Crusade so he came up with another idea to form the Order of the Silver Hand. Xiao Yu was going to make his own Church and confront the Church by saying that they were religious zealots! If they said that Xiao Yu was a heretic then he would argue that the current Church was made out of heretics!

Khed’s face turned red because of fury when he saw the members of the Order of the Silver Hand on top of the walls. This lord! Xiao Yu had even dared to form the order of Silver Hand! It was a huge insult to the Paladins! This sneaky lord had to be purified and punished!

“Kill the infidels! We must prufiy them! Why would Uther’s grace shelter us if we don’t kill the blasphemous infidels?” Khed shouted out.

Nevertheless, the sounds from the top of the city wall didn’t stop. It continued to shout as the light from the Uther’s blessing continued to fall down on ordinary soldiers.

The Paladins brought from the Church were angry as they believed that the man telling that he was Uther was insulting the Church.

“Lightbringer!” A giant golden figure appeared above the city walls. It had wings and a powerful light was exuding out of its body. It seemed as if it was chanting something…


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