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Chapter 332

“The Church have sent troops? Pope! Why is he being so rash? Is that Uther so much of a big threat even if he is the real one? The so-called gods and dieties are just the humans and creatures who have reached the apex.. Pope could use his status and power to either assassinate or assimilate Uther… But his decision will result in rise of many suspicions and stirr up the situatino in the continent.. This will result in more harm than good…” Nicholas sighed as he pondered about the issue. He understood that he had underestimated Xiao Yu. He always thought that it was Xiao Yu’s luck that xiao Yu was able to gather so many orcs but now he believed that Xiao Yu had secrets. Xiao Yu had told in arrogant manner than Xiao Yu would summon back Kael’thas in the lair of the blood elves. At the time, Nicholas didn’t believe Xiao Yu and felt that Xiao Yu was just trying to control the blood elves by using Kael’thas’s name as bait. But it seems Xiao Yu wasn’t lying. He had to re-evaluate Xiao Yu’s strength once again.

“So called gods and deities.. Who knows who will reach the apex and become a god after 10 thousand years?” Nicholas smiled in confident manner.

“What about undeads?” Nicholas asked.

“They are rampaging everywhere! Peasants of the most territories have moved into the cities. Its said that the undeads have killed tens of thousands of ordinary people.. They are no more civilians around so the undeads are attacking the Kennedy family camp.. The result of the last night’s attack is terrifying. The undeads were able to seriously wound Paladin Murray!” The scout replied.

“Murray is injured? Are undeads so powerful?” This result was beyond Nicholas’s expectations too. He had heard about Murray’s name as after all there were few fifth-rank paladins in the church. The Paladins were natural born nemesis of the undeads and at the moment they were able to seriously injure one of the most powerful paladins. It seemed that the undeads had reached certain level of strength.

“They are all powerful.. Those undeads are similar to the undeads from the Undercity but its just there are so many types of undeads that didn’t even exist in Undercity.” The scout added.

No one could think that Xiao Yu was just summoning all these udneads out of thin air.

“There are way too many prophecies which tell about the chaotic times.. They seem to come alive.. I knew that chaos would come but not so fast.. The appearance of undeads is one of the signs.. The church is forming Scarlet Crusaders.. One thing will come up after another in the near future.. I must be prepared!” Nicholas felt headache as he thought about everything. He wasn’t ready to deal chaos in such magnitude. He had spent a lot of wealth and men to gain the seat of the patriarch. The struggle for the power within the family had costed him a lot. Now this chaos…

But this was real life! The world would never wait until he got ready for the chaos!

It seemed as if Nicholas’s thoughts had come true when a person rushed and reported in urgent tone: “Patriarch! We just got a message from the Swamps! The location of Gul’dan’s tomb have been found!”

“Gul’dan’s tomb?” Nicholas jumped up. Normally, he was a calm man but this news made his hands tremble. Gul’dan was a very important character from the ancient times. He was branded as a traitor of the orcs and a great evilish warlock who had sold his soul to the devil to gain power and strength. It is said that at the end he was torn to pieces by demons. Nevertheless, Gul’dan’s remains were important too even though his body was torn to pieces. It was said that his soul had never left his skull! The one who had his skull could control many orcs!

“Sunset Swamps! We will set off in few days!” Nicholas said. He was ready to ignore the war between Xiao Yu and Robert because of this piece of news.

Robert and Khed were discussing the terms and conditions of warefare with each others. They knew that they couldn’t prolong the war more as this would lead to the consumption of their troops soon or later. As a result, they had decided to capture the city as soon as possible. Both of them decided one to attack the city by using all their forces and get the Lion city in one go. They believed that they would be successful as the number of troops in the Lion city was much less than their joint forces.

They were talking when a man wearing a black cloak joined the tent and began to whisper something into Robert’s ears.

“Gul’dan’s tomb?” Robert was taken back by the news.

“Yes! Master you can bring together all the orcs and form a huge army if you have the skull of Gul’dan! It is said that even his soul can be summoned to fight for you if you have the skull!” The assassin continued to whisper.

“I must have it!” Robert’s eyes lit up.

“But young master are you going to leave Lion city as is?” Assassin said.

“We would be bunch of idiots if we can’t get the Lion city with these amount of joint troops.. We will take the city tomorrow! Afterwards, I will go to Sunset Swamps!” Robert made a decision.

The news hadn’t reached only Nicholas and Robert but Xiao Yu too. Actually, every major power in the continent was beginning to send convoys to the Sunset Swamps.

Leah told about the news to Xiao Yu. She and Maiev were responsible for gathering information and they reported the sensitive information to Xiao Yu on timely manner.

Xiao Yu was perplexed when he learned the news: “Motherfucker! Gul’dan…” Xiao Yu was more familiar with the Gul’dan than others because of game.

“But Sunset Swamps is tooo far away from here… Down south.” Xiao Yu murmured.. Nevertheless, he could get other benefits even if not Gul’dan’s skull. Xiao Yu was aware that Gul’dan was torn apart by the devils in Sargeras’s tomb but it seems his skull was moved to different places many times. There would be much greater benefits if it was Sargeras’s tomb!

The Sunset Swamps was a mysterious place. Very few could survive in there because of extreme and harsh conditions. The best adventurers could reach the middle parts of the swamps and couldn’t step into the innermost areas. The return of the news regarding Gul’dan’s skull meant that the place was accessible now. However Xiao Yu was in a siege! How could he go to Sunset Swamps? He couldn’t just go on to attack Kennedy family as he would lost in that case… But since Xiao Yu had heard the news then it meant that prodigal son Robert knew about it too! It meant that Robert would never miss such a good opportunity. Robert could use Gul’dan’s skull to strength the Blackrock clan… Xiao Yu felt his head hurt as he knew that there would be much bigger problems in the near future.

“Master! There are large-scale movements within the enemy troops. They are getting ready to attack.” Maiev came forward to attack.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Let them come! Motherfuckers! I will make sure that they taste the strength of Magical Explosive Arrows!”


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