WOWFRD – Ch 331

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Chapter 331

Murray waved his sword vertically and horizontally as the golden light was emitted from his body. The Destroyers that were rushing at him turned into flying ash…

“Powerful!” Xiao Yu was taken aghast by Murray’s performance. A fifth-rank paladin was a terrifying existence. The speed and strength shown by the Murray made him look like the Superman. Xiao Yu lacked such people under his command. He had heroes who had yet to reach fifth-rank but there were only a few of them! He needed talented people. Kennedy family or Church had so much of those powerful warriors.

The undead weren’t afraid of fifth-rank warriors or mages of the Kennedy family but these paladins were a different bunch.

“Arthas would surely get rid of this paladin easily if he reaches fifth-rank.. At the moment, three of them can’t overwhelm this paladin.. If there were few more paladins then the situation would be totally different.”

Arthas ride his as he tried to un. Nevertheless, Murray was able to catch up with him even though he didn’t have a mount. Arthas turned around to use another curse on Murray’s body. Afterwards, he continued to run away. This way he was able to attract Murray’s attention. Murray was chasing after Arthas but he still couldn’t catch up with the hell horse. Thus he changed his attack pattern. Instead of running after Arthas he turned towards Kel’Thuzad.

Kel’Thuzad was a mage so he couldn’t run fast. Instead he turned to hide behind a Meat Wagon and group of Abominations. Kel’Thuzad began to use magic.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Swoosh~

Series of magic spells of ice fell onto Murray’s body. Murray was a fifth-rank powerhouse but using battle-energy for long was consuming his reserves.

“DAMN!” Murray felt bitter. The strength of the undead were beyond his expectations. The first wave of undeads were quite weak. However, Arthas, Kel’Thuzad and Anub’arak seemed to different from the rest. Those tree were able to make him use his full power in short amount of time. He would have been seriously injured if not for the armor given to him by the Pope.

“What are these 3? Why are they so strong? In the recorsd of the Church it is written that the undeads that ride the hell horses are called Death Knights.. The first death knight supposedly was named Arthas.. The prince of Lordaeron…” Murray murmured.


Murray reached the Meat Wagon and Abominations. He was trying to kill Kel’Thuzad now. However, Abominations weren’t that easy enemies to pass through.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

Xiao Yu was feeling ashamed as he saw Murray’s swordsmanship. Nevertheless, the excellent swordsmanship was good enough to break through first wave of Abominations. The second wave of them used the hooks to grab Murray. It was no wonder that the Abominations were counted as two units. The ones who had reached level 10 were almost 3 meters tall and covered in rotten flesh. Corroding gas was exuding from their bodies and all of their hands held different weapons.

Second wave of abominations were able to use their hooks to get Murray and pull him down from mid-air. Murray was furious as he tried to break free from these hooks. But Abominations were too big and they weighted almost few hundreds of kilograms each. It wasn’t that easy to break through. Murray was able to cut off several chains but it still didn’t help him to get out.

Abominations used axes, hammers, javelins and other weapons to smash at Murray. Murray was caught but he couldn’t fight off against every Abomination. At the end of the day he had two hands while his enemies had four hands each! He could use the golden flames to kill them if they were ordinary undeads but the Abominations seemed more stronger and it seemed that the flames couldn’t burn them easily.

Murray’s body was beginning to be affected because of the corroding gas exuding from the Abominations. Murray still didn’t give up. He continued to fight and killed almost 6 abominations. He had suffered quite a many minor injuries.

Whoosh~ Whoosh~ Whoosh~

Kel’Thuzad continued to use magic to attack Murray. Murray felt that he would end up dead if he was caught in this locatino for long. He could continue to kill more than a dozen abominations but by the end he would be dead too! Moreover, the ice magic of Kel’Thuzad made the blood run much slower within his body.

Kacha~ Kacha~ Kacha~

Anub’arak appeared from the underground. He sent another wave of bugs to attack Murray.

Murray got dizzy once again and the attacks of abominations hit his body. Murray would have been killed if it wasn’t for his armor.


Murray shouted out as he amassed strength and jumped up. The abominations tried to use hooks to get him but Murray  was able to block their attacks.


Murray was trying to block the abominations when Arthas’s frostmourne hit him. The sword made a hole in his armor and injured the Murray. Murray spat out blood and his face turned pale.

Arthas shouted to call abominations and crypt spiders to rush at Murray.

For a moment, Xiao Yu wanted to go and kill Murray. If he could then he would have a fifth-rank skeleton warrior. It would be a big help to Arthas in the future. However, Xiao Yu held back the impulse. Murray had suffered minor injuries and one major wound because of Arthas. But a fifth-rank paladin was a fifth-rank paladin! What if Murray was able to survive? Then his identity would be uncovered and it would lead to very bad results.

Murray saw that the situation was bad. He couldn’t continue to fight so he bit his lips and rushed towards the camp. He went past through the crusaders and stopped. The ordinary crusaders were fighting against ghouls and crypt fiends. Both sides were giving heavy casualties but the casualties of the crusaders were much heavy. The main reason were the Necromancers. They could transform the dead soldiers into skeleton warriors and send them in as cannon fodder. At the same time, the archers of the church were trying to shoot down necromancers.

Xiao Yu saw that the battle was in a stalemate so he commanded Arthas to order the undeads to retreat.

Xiao Yu was able to figure out the strength of the Church’s forces because of the battle. Moreover, he was able to test undead troops’ strength in a confrontation with the Church. The serious injury of a fifth-rank paladin was a success. Moreover, Xiao Yu was very satisfied with Arthas’ performance. Arthas wasn’t reckless but used tactics of advance, retreat and ambush to overwhelm Murray by consuming the man’s battle energy. It showed that Arthas could control the udneads independently.

Nevertheless, the fifth-rank paladin of the church was powerful as 3 undead heroes worked together to suppress the man. However, Xiao Yu didn’t have to be afraid of them. He could use Arthas in future to continue the night time warfare… He could cope up with both the Church and the Kennedy family without any problem as Xiao Yu had few hidden trump cards and could consume the strength of this coalition with the undead troops.


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