WOWFRD – ch 330

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Chapter 330

Xiao Yu knew that a fifth-rank paladin meant that one person was equal in strength to a thousand man army. Anyone who had reached fifth-rank could freely enter and leave any place. Xiao Yu could kill such men using a fifth-rank warrior or group of Gryphon Riders. Nevertheless, at the moment Xiao Yu wanted to see how the undeads would cope up with Murray. It was time to see the strength of a fifth-rank paladin and Xiao Yu could kill him later after learning his defficiencies.

Arthas was at level 36 but was a fourth-rank powerhouse. An average human fourth-rank warrior or paladin wasn’t his opponent. Arthas could actually deal with several fourth-rank warriors at a given time. But a fifth-rank was another matter.

Xiao Yu ordered Arthas to intervene and Arthas shouted out in return. Arthas’s voice echoed out through the entire camp. The undead troops looked up and roared in excitement as they were waiting to be personally led by Arthas.

“KILL~” Arthas said one word as he looked towards Murray. He rushed towards the Murray too. Rarely Arthas got off his mount and this time he was riding the hell horse too.

Murray’s eyes lit up when he saw Arthas act. He could tell that Arthas was the leader of the undead troops and once the leader died the troops would become disorganized. Therefore, he was excited too. He raised his sword as he rushed to face Arthas.


Powerful energy ripples broke out the moment Murray’s heavy sword and Arthas’s Frostmourne collided. Both Arthas and his horse were thrown back because of the collision. However, Arthas controlled the horse and they turned towards Murray once again. At the moment, Arthas was wearing a T3 armor suit so there weren’t any fatal injuries on his body because of the collision. However, at the moment Arthas knew that he couldn’t fight Murray on his own.

“I’m Murray! Those who violate the decrees of the Church are my enemies and will be annnihilated! Undeads! It’s time for you all to die!” Murray said as he looked at Arthas with indifference..

Arthas wasn’t agitated with Murray’s arrogant speech. He raised the Frostmourne and the sword emitted blue light. He rushed towards Murray.


Kacha~ Kach~ Kacha~

The sound of bone frictions echoed out as countless skeleton soldiers were brought back from the realm of the dead. They began to swarmp up over Murray and grab from his legs and up.

Arthas’s greated advantage was controlling almost countless skeleton soldiers which Murray wasn’t aware of.

Puff~ Puff~

Arthas began to use different skills as he was about ten meters away from Murray. As a Death Knight he could use different kinds of skills. Murray’s body was covered in all kinds of evil magic. His body was covered in golden holy light but these evil magic began to invade his body. He felt cold at the moment.

“Dispel!” Murray shouted out and the paladin skill to disperse these evil magic began to work. Nevertheless, the skeleton soldiers were already fiercely grabbing him and limiting his movement. The armor worn by Murray was a powerful one. The skeleton soldiers couldn’t harm him but so many enemies at the same were limiting him.


Murray shouted out as golden light exploded and concentrated within his body. At the same time, Kel’Thuzad used magic to support Arthas.

“Bunch of suicidal morons.” Murray was turning furious as lots of attacks were focusing on his body.

The mass of light energy within Murray’s body was released in an instance. The skeleton soldiers grabbing him turned to ashes in a second.

“Powerfu.” Xiao Yu muttered as he looked at Murray from distance. A fifth-rank paladin wasn’t a joke. However, this kind of large-scale use of battle-energy was a costly thing on body. Xiao Yu knew that Murray was planning to finish the battle as soon as possible or Murray was going to face trouble.

Murray raised his sword and rushed towards Arthas once again. Murray’s heavy sword looked twice as big as the frostmourne and it seemed as if it could even wound giant dragons. However, the ground vibrated and another figure drilled out. At the same time lots of small creatures such as locusts swarmed up. It was Anub’arak! Arthas had made him hide under the ground and wait for Murray’s attack.

Murray who was attacked by swarmp of small creatures felt dizzy for a moment. The main role of Anub’arak was to use poisonous bugs to weaken Murray.

Murray was very powerful. Even a head on attack couldn’t make him faint but such an underhanded attack made by Anub’arak worked on him. Lots of locusts and beetles drilled through the Murray’s armor and began to bite his body.

Arthas was almost on Murray and Kel’Thuzad used another ice magic to struck Murray’s body.


Arthas’s sword smashed down. Murray was able to use his heavy sword to resist but he was still feeling dizzy. Moreover, Kel’Thuzad’s attack had made him hard to move. Murray felt as if the blood within his body was moving much slower.

3 Undead heroes were cooperating at the moment to overwhelm a fifth-rank paladin. It was a “cheap” tactic but it proved that Murray wasn’t invincible.

“You guys have angered me!” Murray was furious as golden flames covered his body. The skeleton soldiers that were rushing towards him turned into ash the moment they faced the flames. It seems this kind of flames were working good against the undeads. Arthas knew that the situation was getting hard. He ordered his horse to retreat while Anub’arak drilled into the ground and Kel’Thuzad disapppeared.


A green light fell down from the sky and hit Murray. It was an Obsidian Statue which had turned into Destroyer. Arthas didn’t send over gargoyles as he knew that they would turn into ash the moment they met Murray’s golden flames.


Murray was furious when he saw Arthas run away. He saw another Destroyer come up at him for kamikaze attack. He waved his heavy sword to kill the Destroyer in midair.

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  1. make him spent all his energy and kill him 😀

    Btw, Why Anubarak not use his skill to stun him

    Thx for the chapter ^^

    1. Most likely Cool down or forgetfulness. Although he could probably do it consecutively it would likely strain him in someway, or atleast that’s How I’d see see it.

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