WOWFRD – Ch 33

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Chapter 33

Editor: ZeXu


Xiao Yu looked at the fire burning in the distance. He knew that it was impossible to extinguish it at the moment so he decided to let everyone retreat out of the camp. He would wait for the fire to extinguish on its own then plunder the loot!

Xiao Yu’s tactics were spot on during the battle. But even now his army was outnumbered by the bandits. Moreover, the grunts had injuries too. Tyrande whistled and the hunters were called back. The rest of the bandits saw that everyone else had surrendered so they followed suit.

A hunter made a report: “Master, there are many slaves that are still in captivity. Should we release them? If we don’t release them now the flames will take their lives.”

“Of course, let them out! I would be the guilty one if we didn’t help them.” Xiao Yu ordered the hunters to release the slaves.

Xiao Yu was shocked and taken aback when the slaves did come out. He thought that there would be few dozens of them but didn’t think that there were thousands of slaves. Most of them were good looking women but had dull eyes. They were wearing ragged clothes and covered their private parts in shame.

A phrase popped up in his mind: “Comfort women!”

Anger burst out through his heart: “All of these bandits should be executed!”

He was extremely angry. Normally, he was a lustful fellow. In the previous world, he had downloaded few movies from internet to relieve the pent up stress. In this world, he dared to peek at his sisters-in-law while they bathed. However, all of it was for only for taking a peek. In fact, he respected women. He couldn’t bring himself to force women to do such a thing. He believed that people could be lustful but not beasts! It was Xiao Yu’s bottom line!

Xiao Yu despised stuff like this when women were used as sex slaves, pets, or wanton playthings. Xiao Yu couldn’t tolerate it because of some historical facts.

“Search to see if there are any other slaves!” Xiao Yu’s face was like a piece of ice. He didn’t show his anger as he wanted to rescue all the slaves before going through a trial.

He didn’t like to kill prisoners of war. However, he couldn’t withstand any bandit who had gone through these acts. Were they still human? Since they are not, he wouldn’t mind killing them.

“Yes,” the hunter replied and went to look for more slaves.

The elves were respectful of nature and life so they were more sensitive when it came to searching for living people. It didn’t take long before a group of other women was brought out. These ones were dressed in beautiful clothes. Each was superior to another in beauty. There were stubbornness and unyielding resolve reflected on the faces of some of these slaves. However, most of them were in utter despair. They were found in secret cells and belonged to the upper echelon of the bandits.

Most of these women had a temper that ordinary women didn’t have. It seemed that they had belonged to rich families before they were taken.

“These bandits are way too shameless! I can’t afford to face my ancestors if I let them go!”

Xiao Yu clenched his teeth and walked back and forth on top of the walls as he gazed upon the many good women who had been kidnapped by the bandits.

At the same time, the elves caused a huge uproar. Normally, the elves were elegant and well-mannered. Xiao Yu had never seen them get angry or even curse at people.

Although the elves were arrogant to the bones and saw themselves on top of the pyramid they had always acted in a civil manner and used nice words.

Xiao Yu had even thought that there were no curse words in the elves’ language. But now, these elves were angry at something.

Xiao Yu ran over in hurry. He couldn’t control himself when he saw the situation. He pulled out his knife to stab onto the rotten head of the Marcus.

A group of elves was surrounding a woman. The woman’s body was curled up and her eyes were full of fear. An elf had given her his cloak to cover her naked body.

A chain was covering her neck. It was as if she was pet. The women couldn’t walk properly. She crawled and crouched as if she was a cat. She hadn’t been born like this but been mutilated.

The most important thing was the woman’s ears: they were sharp and long. Moreover, they were about 20 cms in length. A purple light flashed out from her eyes every once in awhile.

It was a proof that she was an elf.

According to the legends, the elves were extinct. Xiao Yu didn’t expect to encounter one in here nor in such a situation.

Xiao Yu was annoyed with elves because of their attitude, but since they were his own warriors so he thought of orcs and elves as if his own relatives. Moreso… as his own race.

How could he not get angry when he saw his own people get such inhumane treatment?

Even Grom who was standing next to him roared in fury.

“I will kill all those humans.” Grom roared and rushed over towards 800 prisoners. Grom never liked Elves but all of them were from the same world. They were comrades!

It was like two brothers who usually fought and quarreled. However, when an outsider tried to fight one’s brother the other wouldn’t stand still and watch.

“Stop.” Xiao Yu ordered in a cold tone: “I will punish them afterward.”

Grom was hot-tempered but he still didn’t violate Xiao Yu’s order. He severely suppressed his feelings; his hands were slightly trembling. However, there was an expression in his eyes that said that he wanted to eat the prisoners one by one.

Tears flew down Tyrande’s eyes. She gently whispered in the elven language to comfort the elf woman.

The elf woman was fearful of everyone; she couldn’t even recognize her own race.

However, a light appeared in her eyes once she saw Tyrande.

“The Goddess of the Moon didn’t abandon us! She once again sent Priestess Tyrande to help us!” Xiao Yu found that he could understand the elf language. Perplexed, he asked the system and found out that he could learn not only elf language but all the other languages on the continent.

He didn’t hesitate for a moment before choosing to master the elven language.

“Yes, I am Tyrande. Tell me, what had happened? How did you get into such a situation?” Tears flew down her cheeks as Tyrande asked.

“Great Goddess! Great Tyrande! You had left our race for so long! The light of the Goddess of the Moon had disappeared too. We have been abandoned for 10,000 years. The Tree of Life disappeared and we elves are about to go into extinction. Those despicable humans invaded my living space and killed us! We could only hide in the depths of the mountains. It’s good that you came back! Our race will have hope!”

The elf woman looked at Tyrande as if she was looking upon a goddess. Her body was trembling in excitement.

“Extinction? The elves have actually encountered such a situation… those humans.” Tyrande cried slowly.

Xiao Yu felt a little guilty as he listened to the words of the elf woman. It seemed that humanity had driven elves into a desperate situation. Xiao Yu understood that elven women were the favorite pets of some nobles. It was normal for so-called bounty hunters and adventurers to enter the mountains to kill orcs for glory or capture elves as playthings. It was a ‘noble’ tradition.

According to his memories, his father Xiao Zhan Tian had entered mountains to kill orcs and capture elves in his youth.

“Great Goddess! I beg you! Please save them! Save our people! Only you will be able to save our race! We will live under the guidance of the Goddess of the Moon once again!” The female elf pleaded Tyrande.

“I assure you I will help our race to stand strong once again.” Tyrande stroked the face of the female elf.

Xiao Yu looked at this exceptional scene that seemed to be taken from a movie. A goddess of a doomed race had appeared to save it. Now, the goddess will lead its race back towards the glory.

However, suddenly Xiao Yu felt a shock and almost jumped up.

There were serious questions that couldn’t be answered by him.

Why would the elves of this world know Tyrande? Why did that female elf say that Tyrande had been missing for 10,000 years? If it was so, where exactly was he right now?


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  1. Maybe he is asking where is Malfurion? Maybe he is in Warcraft’s world of the future? … I hope that Malfurion is dead, after all, his is Tyrande’s husband and how will Xiao Yu conquer her if she goes back to him?

  2. Hahaha! So another Elf! I hope his Elves consider his Orcs their brothers as well. They all come from the same world and System

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