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Chapter 329

Xiao Yu choose to carry the surprise attack the same evening. The aim of the attack wasn’t to inflict heavy blow and casualties but to probe the strength of the Church’s force and their affect on undead troops. Afterwards, he was going to modify his plans according to the situation. It had to be noted that the light magic and the battle energy used by the paladins was able to damage the undeads so this test was going to help him out a lot with the future roadmap.

Xiao Yu had asked Leah and Maiev to find out the location of the Church’s army during the daytime. As a result, he knew where he had to go. There was a statue of Uther holding a Hammer which exuded light and lightened the place. The locatino was brightly lit and there were a lot of patrols. It seems the Church was well prepared for the undead army.

“Undeads! Undeads! They are attacking the 4th Barrack on the west siieeed (cartman style)…” The shouts echoed out close to Church’s tents. A group of people immediately went towards the 4th barracks. Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at the situation.

He had ordered some ghouls to attack another camp so that the forces of the Church were split. At the same time, it would be much easier for the Xiao Yu to attack the unprepared Church forces. He was using guerrilla tactics. He had used the same tactics to cope up with the Kennedy family’s mechanical puppets and power magicians and right now was using against the Church.

Xiao Yu waved towards the Arthas when he saw a lot of people leave the Church’s tents. Arthas nodded and commanded the undead army to move in. At the moment, Xiao Yu wasn’t commanding the troops but had handed over everything to Arthas to train him.

“Kill.” Arthas shouted and the ghouls rushed to the camp. The outer fences of the camp had guards. The patrols were surprised when they saw the enemies attack. They used the bows but ghouls were swift and rapid as they climbed over the fences and rushed to the towers to kill the guards.

Ah~ Ah~

The ordinary soldiers from the Church didn’t have any experience against the undeads so they were defeated quite easily. Moreover, the ordinary soldiers couldn’t use neither magic or battle energy of light attribute so they weren’t opponents of ghouls to begin with.

“Undeads! Undeads are attacking!” The bells rang to notify the rest of the camp. The soldiers had their armors on so most of them went out of the barracks and rushed towards the undeads. Ordinary soldiers were already notified about everything by Khed so they were more than willing to kill for the Light of God. However, their hearts were mesmerized with fear when they saw the ghouls. It was normal for anyone to feel fear when they first encountered the creatures such as undead. In addition, the performance of the ordinary Church soldiers wasn’t any better than the soldiers of the Kennedy family.

“Use magic! Attack them with light magic!” Some of the Crusader commanders shouted out.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Swoosh~

The sky was lit with a golden color as numerous spells were chant and magic attacks were thrown at the ghouls.


Black smoke was exuding from the bodies of ghouls as the light magic hit them. The ghouls screamed out too. However, the point was that these magic weren’t lethal to them. It showed that ordinary Paladins and priests couldn’t kill ghouls in one go. Then would they be able to kill more advanced undead creatures? It was a proof to Xiao Yu that the forces of the Church weren’t invincible.

Kach~ Kach~

The Crypt Fiends drilled from the underground and attacked the paladins and priests who were using magic to attack the ghouls.

“Ah~… Spiders! Where are they coming out from?” Priests shouted out. They were at the rear and many soldiers protected them because they were very vulnerable. However, the Crypt Fiends could easily kill them because of their drilling skill. Xiao Yu had per-arranged this tactic with Arthas long ago. Moreover, Arthas had seen Xiao Yu use such tactics to kill enemies before so at the moment Arthas was using the same tactics to attack the Church.

The soldiers of the Church didn’t have much battle experience so they were caught off guard.

“Crusaders! Purify these dirty creatures by killing them! Borrow the strength from the Holy Light!” The commander of the Church troops shouted out and waved his hammer to bless the ordinary soldiers.

These ordinary soldiers were encouraged because of the blessings given to them by their officers. The brief moment of chaos was silenced and they rushed up to fight the undeads. Xiao Yu sighed as he looked at the scene from distance. The power of faith was really powerful in sense of mind control. It didn’t matter what religion it was. The point was that the believers would be able to kill even their own children for the sake of the religion. This was the power of religion and faith. The believers were the most fanatical and the most perverted fighters because of this belief system. Now, because of these buffs the soldiers rushed towards the undeads.

Xiao Yu saw that the fear within the hearts of those soldiers was taken away. Xiao Yu looked at the high-rank Paladins who were using the blessings to enhance the strength of the soldiers. He had already seen it close hand but now he was seeing the same thing. This blessings weren’t purely light blessing and contained a lot of impurities. Moreover, these blessings were full of bloodthirst. It could be said that these blessings were similar to the bloodthirst skill of the orcs rather than blessings of the paladins.

“It seems the blessings were deliberately changed.. This blessing would make the ordinary soldiers and warriors more bloodthirsty and fanatical… It seems the Scarlet Crusaders will face the same tragedy as the one in the game…” Xiao Yu murmured.

KILL~ The eyes of the soldiers were bloody red as they fought the ghouls without slightest fear.


Abominations rushed in as they waved the big hooks in their hands. They tried to grab the paladins and hack them. Gargoyles were flying towards the priests and attacking them.



Sounds of bones echoed out as the crusaders who were killed moments ago began to stand up. They stood up and grabbed their weapons to rush towards the troops of the Church. Necromancers had joined the battle and they were bringing back the dead and turning them into skeleton soldiers to fight for them. This was the most obvious advantage of undeads over any other race. 250 Necromancers meant that they could control 2500 skeletons while Arthas was able to control up to 1000. In total, they could use more than 3000 skeleton soldiers!

These skeletons were mainly used as cannon fodder. They would move in and the ghouls and Crypt Fiends would follow after them.

“dirty undeads! They want to desecrate our holy Church!” A voice echoed out as it wrapped the whole camp. The soldiers turned to see a man wrapped in golden yellow battle energy. He jumped in and smashed down the ground killing quite a many skeleton soldiers.

“Paladin Murray! Paladin Murray!” The Crusaders shouted out. The appearance of this paladin had changed the situation. The man began to make blessings. Huge golden helmets appeared on air and covered these ordinary soldiers of the Church. The arrays of light fell down on them…

“Blessing of the Kings! ” Xiao Yu muttered as he had recognized the skill. Blessing of the Kings could enhance all attributes of a warrior. However, this skill was one of the most difficult ones and only the fifth-rank paladins could use it. Paladins such as Hayes who were at fourth-rank couldn’t do it.

Uther had reached level 20 and was able to use this skill. Xiao Yu had made sure that this skill was upgraded to the highest level as it was very powerful in battlefield.

Nevertheless, the skill used by the Murray was somewhat different from the Blessing of the Kings. It didn’t improve all the attributes of the soldiers and warriors. It seemed as if it was concentrating on reducing the pain of the soldiers. In short it was no different than a stimulant. It wasn’t a genuine protection that a Paladin should use. The blessings of these Paladins were more concentrated on making the soldiers more powerful than protecting them.

Xiao Yu understood that the Church had turned out to be something else after so many years. The paladins had degenerated.

Nevertheless, it didn’t mean that Murray was weak. The Church had put emphasis on the modification of skills to focus on attack power. The Paladins were no more treating or assisting the soldiers.

Moreover, it seemed to Xiao Yu that the strength of this Murray was more than average fifth-rank paladin.

“It doesn’t seem good.. We are attacking but what about leaving this place.. ” Xiao Yu muttered.


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