WOWFRD – Ch 328

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Chapter 328

“Did they arrive?” Xiao Yu sat in the hall as he listened to the reports from Leah and Maiev.

“Yes.. Soon they will be joining with the Kennedy family troops. The Kennedy family troops were quite weak because of the harassment from the undeads but now they will be able to blow back the undeads.. I think its going to be very hard to resist them if both of them join and attack us too!” Leah said with a gloomy face.

Xiao Yu looked as if he didn’t know anything about all this but he had already started the preparations against the joint army of Kennedy family and the Church. He knew that his reputation will spread far and wide if he could block the joint army. He could take this opportunity to expand his territory by devouring the neighboring territories such as Wei Principality and create a proper Grand Duchy! Otherwise, the Lion territory will be in ruins. Moreover, it wasn’t just about the Church and the Kennedy family as the Nicholas was in the shadows too. As a result, he had no choice but to win.

“Leah! How long have you been by my side? Have you ever seen me being defeated?” Xiao Yu smiled.

At the moment, there weren’t just Leah and Maiev but other generals in the hall too. Recently, a number of people were promoted to be generals. Some of them were brought by Mu Lee while the others were promoted by Xiao Yu. Everyone nodded when they heard Xiao Yu talk so. Indeed, Xiao Yu had never lost a battle and was able to change the outcome of every huge crisis that they had faced. Everyone began to believe that Xiao Yu had a plan!

Morale! The morale of the troops couldn’t be demolished. It was the main principle of Xiao Yu.

“Let’s prepare then! The people from the Church had made a long travel and it would be rude if I didn’t give them an appropriate gift.” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes and murmured.

“Sire Khed? Why didn’t Paladin Hayes come back?” Robert felt that the situation was strange as the troops brought by the Church were led by Paladin Khed instead of Hayes. Hayes had been here and had seen the situation. Wasn’t it rational to send someone who was familiar with the situation?

Khed smiled: “Paladin Hayes was promoted and he is the Knight Captain of the guards who protect the Pope! Instead, I was sent! Master Robert, your appearance tells me that you have been through a lot…”

Robert replied: “Paladin Khed! I believe you will be in a worse situation if you were attacked by those undeads! I know that the light magic of the paladins is the nemesis of the undeads but you can’t just kill these undeads with one attack.. Moreover, if you can’t then you will become an undead yourself! Are you going to personally participate in the battle IF your troops fail to perform?”

Recently, Robert had ordered killings of thousands of soldiers that were infected by the attacking undead. It was known that once a living being was scratched by the undead then that person would turn into an undead too. The best way to handle the situation was to kill them before they died and turned into an undead. However, until the death those people were just like normal humans. It was a psychological torture for their companions to kill them. It was like killing innocent people who haven’t done anything at all.

This same thing had happened to the Scraled Crusade of the ancient times. They had killed their own companions who were infected by the undeads. This tragedy had led to Arthas’s tragedy. He had seen his own people killing themselves and he had lost his mind in the process. He had vowed to take the revenge for those ordinary people. This mental breakdown had torture Arthas and had led to his fall.

Khed responded with a simple sentence: “I’ll purify them with my holy light!”

Robert snorted but didn’t reply back. He knew that at the moment Khed was here to help them so it wasn’t logical to get into debate with the man.

Robert was aware that Khed wasn’t thinking straight too. Robert’s army had faced undeads too! They had fought against undeads in the Undercity who were much stronger than these ones. However, those undeads weren’t organized! These ones were like an army! A disciplined army!

Robert led Khed into his tent and both of them sat down. None of them took the change to speak first as they were waiting for the other to speak. Robert knew that the Church had sent so many people and they would want something in return. The cooperation wouldn’t work well if the negotiations stalled at this point.

“The orcs, elves and other units will be yours if we capture the Lion city… But there is a condition.” Khed said.

“Oh? What condition?” Robert was quite surprised when he heard that the Church wasn’t interested in those units.

Khed added: “I know that you have a lot of strong warriors.. I have also brought 2 fifth-rank paladins.. I hope that you will cooperate with us and capture that fake Uther! We must take him back to the Church and dispose of him there for the dignity of the Church!”

“The fake Uther is the original.. In that case, the Uther by Xiao Yu’s side is fake.. So which Uther are you after?” Robert asked with irony.

Khed stood up and slapped the table: “Robert! You may not believe in God of Light! You may not believe in Uther! BUT INSULTING HIM will cost you A LOT! We will flatten up this damned camp of yours before we move in ourselves!”

Robert smiled but didn’t say anything when he saw the reaction of Khed. Robert was a high-quality prodigal son but knew that believers of church were a group of lunatics! It would be a problem if he kept insulting their gods and deities.

Robert waved his hand: “Alright. I promise that.. So what else do you want except the fake Uther?”

Khed added: “It is said that there are lots of treasures in the Lion city.. Half of them will belong to the Church!”

“No worries… I want those units the most.. I don’t think there is anything that can break up our happy cooperation!” Robert smiled as he narrowed his eyes and looked at Khed.


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