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Chapter 327

Foror praised Xiao Yu in his heart as he looked at Xiao Yu walking away. He knew that it was a very light punishment for such precious materials. He had gotten whipped almost to death because of a trifling mistake in the past. Starving wasn’t a problem.

The problem with the goblins was their curiosity. It was to such a degree that they couldn’t control themselves. It was like an alcoholic seeing a good wine! Therefore in the historic records the goblins were described as thieves. In fact, it was their obsession with researches, inventions and so on. Most of the materials in Lion city were kept in general warehouse but some of them were kept in private one because of their price. Those dragon tendons were one of those materials. Xiao Yu handed out those materials to Higgins and goblins so that they could use them. Those materials were valueable when the people who knew how to use them appeared. Otherwise, they were just useless bunch of materials. Xiao Yu was agitated because dragon tendons were way too precious. He was planning to make bows out of them but didn’t expect the goblins to use them inside the puppets.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was quite happy because of increase in strength of his summoned warriors. Almost all of the undead units had reached level 10. There were just 5000 of them but it was more than enough to cause tremendeous damage to the Kennedy family.

Ghouls could scratch an ordinary person after reaching level 10 and infect them. Those people would die if they weren’t healed with spells that had light attribute. Necromancers had reached level 10 too. At the present, 250 necromancers could control 2,500 skeletons. Those skeletons were the cannon fodders used by Xiao Yu when attacing the Kennedy family. Because of Necromancers the quantity of the undead troops had increased to seven or eight thousand. Banshees were at level 10 and could occupy the bodies of anyone below the fifth-rank. They could just get into body of a fourth-rank warrior and begin to slaughter others. The warriors above the fourth-rank could be controlled by the Banshees when they were injured or wounded. Magicians were the main targets of banshees as they were much easier to control. At the moment, there were 30 enemy warriors that were under the control of Banshees and had reduced into nothing but Xiao Yu’s puppets. The Banshees had terrifying psychological effect on the enemy warriors. No one dared to approach closer to the undead troops because of it.

abominations were much more terrifying after reaching level 10. They were using hooks and giant axes to smash the enemies. They wouldn’t let go of even high rank warriors. They wouldn’t kill the high level warriors but let the Banshees control them. Crypt Fiends were able to drill under ground, shoot poisonous darts and use toxic spider webs. Their bodies were much bigger too. The speed of Gargoyles had turned fast after the level up. Xiao Yu would normally use them to group attack strong magicians or warriors. Most of the time it would be kamikaze attacks. They would siege and tore into pieces even fifth rank warriors.

Firstly, the crypt fiends would dig under the ground and attack the magicians. At the same time, the gargoyles would rush to kill those high rank mages or warriors. In fact, Xiao Yu had repurchased gargoyles many times over. They were the most common warriors that were killed during the battles.

Arthas had reached level 34. He wasn’t inferior to other heroes. At the moment, he could revive thousands of deads. He would wave frostmourne around as he would lead those skeletons to battle. Xiao Yu had even thought about a scenario where Arthas would rebel and he would have to deal with Arthas.

Nevertheless, Arthas was just in level 30s. What would happen to him if he reached level 40 or 50? Death Knights and Lich Kings were strong classes!

It was no doubt that Arthas would be the strongest if all the other heroes had reached level 60. He would be invincible in the battlefield if there were enough ordinary soldiers. Anub’arak was at level 28 while Kel’Thuzad had reached 30. Xiao Yu believed that soon he wouldn’t have to command the undeads but let these heroes carry the attacks.

Xiao Yu even wanted to make Arthas lead the undead troops and clean the obstacles before he moved into any territory in the future.

At first, Xiao Yu planned to use the undeads to drastically decrease the number of Kennedy family troops and then make a counter attack with Lion territory troops. However, his plans had changed after he got news that the forces of the Church would come over. So he planned to weaken Kennedy family troops as much as he could. He could kill 10,000 people if the undeads could make casualty of 1,000 each night.

Of course, he couldn’t bluntly use the undeads every night to attack the Kennedy family. The suspicious would arise if he did so. He would send the undeads to harass villages belonging to Lion territory. Sometimes, he would even send them to the areas which belonged to Solomon’s land. However, he would order the undeads not to kill ordinary people. The main cause was to frighten them. Afterwards, he would spread rumors that thousands of ordinary people were killed by the undeads.

Farmers and peasants would move to cities after such harassments. After all, all the cities had tall walls and undead couldn’t easily get inside. As a result, the only logical place for the undeads to attack was Kennedy family’s camp.

Robert and Zane were going crazy. They even wanted to withdraw as it wasn’t easy to cope up with undeads. In addition, Xiao Yu’s air units were attacking their camp too. Gryphon Riders would use chain lightning while the Bat Riders would throw liquid fire. Several times they were able to kill almost half of the undead troops but those ones were mainly the skeleton soldiers. It didn’t take few days as the undeads returned back with full force.

Fortunately, the news was spread that the Church was sending a force to attack the Lion city which helped Robert to stabilize the situation. They were waiting for the Church’s army to come but they had to retreat for 20 kilometers and make another camp…Nevertheless, Robert believed that they would be able to get the Lion city after the Church’s reinforcements came over!


I don’t remember if I have recommended this manhwa but The Scholar’s Reincarnation .. Worth the wasted time!

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  1. why does he think he will have any gains after curch comes?
    how come almost everyone is level 10, when he is using them for kamekazi attacks?
    how many enemys are there left, wasnt this an army with something like 150 000?, 10k every undead attack, + 30 for when attack the city. + more.

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