WOWFRD – Ch 326

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Chapter 326

“What? You have transformed the mechanical puppets?” Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up when he heard the news. He had seen the powerful attacks of the mechanical puppets and that scene was engraved into his memory. He was waiting for the day when he had such toys. He followed after Foror to an open space. There were dozens of new puppets standing in rows and waiting for them. The outer shell of the puppets were made from different materials that were brought from the Undercity. As a result, these puppets could resist magic attacks too to some degree.

However, Master Higgins were engraged when he had seen Foror use these materials as a shell to the puppets. He had scolded Foror for almost two hours non-stop.

In addition, Foror had added giant wheel saws to the puppets which he had learned to make through the book of the goblins. These wheel saws were powerful enough to cut through a large tree let alone a fragile human body. Moreover, Foror and other goblins had come up with better ways to control the puppet from inside which had made the puppet more quick and flexible. The role of the puppets would be increased in the battlefield because of this.

Xiao Yu checked the mechanical puppet as Foror introduced the innovantions they had done and implemented on the puppets. Xiao Yu couldn’t help but praise them. There was armor which was two centimeters thick. This was enough to protect the puppet from even high level magic. It was going to be the killing machine in the battlefield.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu couldn’t help but frown when he saw the operting room of the puppet: “Why is it soo small?”

Foror scratched his head: “Master, we have added more ammunition and made lots of changes so the space is enough to have only one goblin.. We have lots of goblins here so I hope they will be able to serve the master and fight in the battlefield.”

Xiao yu knew that he had bought a lot of them so it seems they were going to be useful in the battlefield too.

“Alright.. Show me the changes.” Xiao Yu waved. Foror was excited as he called a goblin who was trained in controlling the puppet. The goblin was quite excited too. He crawled underneath the puppet and got inside the puppet. Afterwards, he closed the hatch.


The goblin started the puppet and it slowly began to move.

“Show the main weapon first. The sword!” Foror shouted.

The puppet moved to stop in front of a wooden stake which was prepared in advance.


The giant sword was lifted and slashed down in an instant. The four meter tall wooden stake was cut smoothly into two halves.

“Good.” Xiao Yu praised.

“The iron!” Foror exclaimed.

The puppet moved towards stump of iron which was thicker and made out of better materials than finest armors. The sword was lifted up once again and slashed through those stumps of irons. They were cut into two halves without a problem.

“Rapid move.. Good.” Xiao Yu praised as he saw the movement speed of puppet’s sword.

Foror proudly added: “Master, we have changed the mechanical level that wields the sword and increased its speed by twice.. The strength of the sword is quite big because of that.”

Xiao Yu was in joy because it was worth buying all those goblin slaves. However, he didn’t know that Higgins wanted to kill Foror and other goblins because in his perspective they had ruined those materials. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu supported Foror’s research. It was true that Higgins could make better things out of these materials but at the end of the day Higgins didn’t have any loyalty to Xiao Yu. But Foror was his own man. These experiments meant that Foror knowledge and level of alchemy and engineering was increasing as time passed. In addition, Xiao Yu was aware that no one understood the logic of sustainable development. Higgins may have tried to limit Foror’s access to the materials but Xiao Yu secretly gave them more. At this point, Xiao Yu knew that his investments were worth every penny. The prices of those materials were astronomical but Foror’s understanding of alchemy and engineering had increased which was priceless. (TL note: What about mastercard?)

“Now, the jump test!” Foror shouted.

“It can jump?” Xiao Yu was surprised.

“Yes master.. To make them more flexible we have come with this device that can make them jump.. You will see now. ” Foror added.

The puppet moved to stand in front of wooden fence. A pop sound echoed as the puppet made its move. The puppet tried to jump over two meter tall wooden fence. However, it tripped over and the puppet which weighed several tons smashed down the fence.


Xiao Yu closed his eyes as he didn’t want to see the scene of failure. He had invested a lot and didn’t want to see the puppet get wasted at this moment. There was a huge pit when he opened his eyes.

“Master, this is a mistake… We will work on it and fix it.” Foror’s face was flushed red because of embarrassment.

Xiao Yu encouraged him instead of blaming: “It’s alright.. Mistakes are inevitable.. So did it break?” The only problem that concerned Xiao Yu was that if it broke up so easily.

Foror waved his hand: “Of course not! We have reinforced all the parts including the ones that are inside the puppet.. It won’t get damaged so easily.”

“You tried way too fast!” Foror shouted.

The sounds of clicks echoed as the puppet stood up and faced Xiao Yu as if he was facing for punishment.

“Next test!” Foror coughed.

The goblins had lived as slaves for so long that this kind of attitude had become habit for them. They expected punishment in case they did something wrong. Forunately for them Xiao Yu wasn’t such a man and was much better than their former owners. He didn’t hit or torture them at beast he would scold. The goblins took Xiao Yu’s curses as soft punishment.

The puppet moved towards the iron stump and used its wheel saw this time. This technique of making wheel saws were taken from the engineering book. The wheel saws were invented by the ancient goblins to cut down trees. The goblins were short in stature so it was quite hard for them to cut off trees. Moreover, the goblins weren’t a race of war mongrels. They explored and invented out of curiosity.


An unpleasant sound echoed out as the wheel saw cut through the irons. Sparks flied out as the wheel saw rotated.

“Fucking awesome.” Xiao Yu said as he looked at the scene.

“Absolutely fucking awesome.” Foror tried to immitate Xiao Yu.

“Anything else?” Xiao Yu asked.

“There is a ballista mechanism above the puppet’s arm. The spears it can shoot ar equal to light ballista’s in strength.. Moreover, we have enhanced the firing system with the one you talked about.” Foror said.

The puppet moved to another side of the place and lifted its left arm. Few clicks echoed out and a giant cylinder with eight holes appeared.

“Fuck me! Did you made it up?” Xiao Yu was startled as he looked at Foror.

Xiao Yu had explained the principle of the gatling gun to Foror when he had free time. He wanted Foror to make ballista’s work like gatling guns. Xiao Yu didn’t think that Foror would be able to apply that principle within a short frame of time.

“I’m not smart.. We couldn’t make it exactly the way master had decribed. The speed of loading the spears is a bit slow.” Foror added. He had heard Xiao Yu explain the power of gatling gun and he was aware that the strength of this ballista wasn’t as good as that. However, he wasn’t aware that Xiao Yu didn’t expect him to accomplish that.


The left arm raised up and it started to shoot. The first spear was slightly away from the target and hit the thick hard wall behind it. The second spear hit the target but didn’t hit the bulls eye. Nevertheless, it was more than enough to break down the target. The puppet continued to shoot spears continously as it hit an array of targets. The accuracy was poor but the power of attacks were great. Moreover, as Foror had said before the loading time wasn’t fast. It took about a second to fill the next spear. However, Xiao Yu was excited. It was a concept that would change the warfare if it was applied in a large-scale battle. The biggest weakness of ballista’s were their loading time. What would happen if noone needed to load the ballista’s or crossbows? How powerful they would become?

“Can you make a stand-alone version of this ballista? I want something that can rapidly fire spears.. ” Xiao Yu asked.

“Master.. we can but we don’t have materials..” Foror scratched his head.

“Which materials?” Xiao Yu asked as he knew that something bad is going to hit him up.

“The Dragon tendons that were brought back from the Undercity were used as bowstrings for the ballistas.. Other materials couldn’t pull spears at such speeds and couldn’t operate for a long time… ” Foror replied.

“Motherfucker! DRAGON TENDONS! Do you mean you have used dragon tendons?” Xiao Yu shouted out. He never would have imagined that Foror would use dragon tendons for loading mechanism. He was planning to make special bows from those tendons.

Foror rapidly said: “Master… Don’t worry! I will ask Master Higgins to put wind magic array on those tendons which will speed up the process by DOUBLE! The strength of these puppets will be better than those bows.”

Xiao Yu cussed for no less than few minutes: “Motherfucker! You better fucking pray that the strength of these puppets are increased by lots! If I don’t like them on battlefield I believe you will have to say goodbye to your meals!”

Foror was expecting a heavy punishment: “Master! Rest assured.. Your expectations will be met! These puppets will be the strongest killing machines on the battlefield!”

Xiao Yu looked at the puppets with love and hate in his heart. He turned away and left…

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