WOWFRD – Ch 325

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Chapter 325

“Impossible! It is impossible! Does it mean that Uther by Xiao Yu’s side is real? It’s too fucking crazy to even think about it…” Nicholas was enraged. The Church had to come up with a fake Uther let alone someone else… How come Xiao Yu has the ability to summon Uther?

“Antonidas, Thrall, Uther …” Nicholas continued to frown as he sat on the chair. He thought about others by Xiao Yu’s side. It seemed like an unbelievable and crazy situation but it didn’t mean that it was impossible to happen.

“Does it mean that there is a special place in Ankagen Mountains that has link to ancient times?” Nicholas’s imagination was running wild. He knew that Ankagen Mountains stretched for tens of thousands of kilometers. Even the Undercity had appeared in the range so there could be other mysteries lying there.

“It’s terrifying if he has access to something like that.” Nicholas murmured.

“Pope isn’t a kid or a reckless man.. He must be going for the last resort.. And the only reason that could make him to make that move is real Uther! I haven’t done enough! I have those units but they aren’t enough.. I’ve to come with up few ancient heroes!”

At the same time a figure quietly approached Xiao Yu from back.

“Finally! Leah, you are back.” Xiao Yu didn’t even turn back.

Leah added: “You are getting better.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “How can I be your master if I don’t even know if you are approaching you? So what happened? Any news?”

Xiao Yu had sent Maiev and Leah to get information regarding the happenings outside.

“Do you think that I would come back without getting any news? Do you really think that I like to stay under the same roof with you that much?” Leah snorted.

“Did you find Nicholas’s location?” Xiao Yu asked. He valued Nicholas in high regard. At the moment, he was using the undeads to harass Robert but Nicholas was in shadows and it was much harder to prevent him. Xiao Yu had met Nicholas only once but he believed that Nicholas was going to be the most powerful enemy that he was going to face. Nicholas was young but had a strong family background so he couldn’t underestimate the guy.

“Nicholas’s camp is on a hill not far from here.. But he has only few hundred escorts.. The main problem is the Church. Pope has put up a fake Uther. He is sending crusader group of paladins to kill uther.. Moreover he had ordered to summon the Scarlet Crusaders.. It seems he is after something big.” Leah reported.

“Oh.. this pope is quite fast.” Xiao Yu knew that something like that would happen but he didn’t expect in such rapid manner. He believed that Pope wasn’t going to send an army but assassins to deal with Uther. But it seems Pope valued Uther more than sending few assassins.

Uther’s status was very important in the continent in comparison to the rest of the ancient heroes. The Paladins were the guides of this continent and Uther was their leader.

“The Scarlet Crusaders… Haha… Doesn’t he know the doom and tragedy they faced?” Xiao Yu sighed. The Scarlet Crusade were the paladins in the game who had gone to fight the scourge but ended in doom.

“The Church is going to help out Robert so the next battle is going to be very difficult.” Xiao Yu shook his head and stroked his forehead.

“Are you afraid?” Leah asked.

Xiao Yu replied: “Have you ever seen me so? Do you think this master will be afraid of few paladins? I’ll show them the strength of Magical Explosive Arrows when they arrive!”

More than half a month had passed since the arrival of Master Higgins. Higgins had produced a certain number of Magical Explosive Arrows but stopped afterwards to continue with his own research. In Higgins’s perspective that amount of Magical Explosive Arrows were more than enough to help the Lion city. Xiao Yu was helpless but to his surprise he found out that Foror and other goblins could produce simple Magical Explosive Arrows. Although the power of those arrows weren’t as good as the ones produced by master Higgins but they were lethal too. Nevertheless, he had more than ten thousand Magical Explosive Arrows which was more than enough. In addition, the goblins were producing them too. The skills of goblins was low but their expertise increased as they constantly manufactured the arrows. It was fortunate that Xiao Yu had amassed lots of materials in the Undercity or there won’t be enough to continue with the experiments.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu believed that within six months he would be out of materials. Alchemists were burning out materials. Xiao yu understood why no one wanted to support a master alchemist like Higgins. No one could afford them! However, Xiao Yu didn’t want to let go of Higgins as he knew about the great role of the alchemist. Moreover, Higgins could teach those goblins and they were much more loyal.

Xiao Yu was aware of the great role of science and technology as he was from a modern era. This world wasn’t based on scien but once the technology moved into another phase then its role would increase too.

Normally, Xiao Yu would be afraid of Church and Kennedy family acting together but at the moment he had Magical Explosive Arrows so he didn’t care much.

Xiao Yu was pondering about his next move when a goblin ran over and shouted: “Master! Master! Come! Quickly! We have transformed the mechanical puppets and they are much stronger!”

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