WOWFRD – Ch 324

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Chapter 324

The Church began to announce news about Pope’s summoning of Uther few days later. It was said that Pope had used some ancient summoning technique to summon the Uther and the city of Yesa was in joy! Countless believers marched to the front of church and knelt to worship the return of the chosen one. The city seemed to be excited in hysterical manner. Only two people couldn’t share this joy and happiness. First person was Pope who had a smile on his face and standing behind fake Uther. The second person was Hayes who was standing far behind them. However, there was a different armor worn by Hayes. At the moment he was wearing an armor which had four golden stars on his arm. Hayes was no longer just a captain of Knights but captain of the guards! It was said that Hayes brought back something which played great role in summoning the Uther.

Hayes glanced at the armband but there was no trace of happiness in him. He turned to look at other paladins who were watching the fake Uther in joy. At first, Hayes believed that Pope would decide to kill him too. He still couldn’t grasp the reason behind Pope’s choice to promote him. He had killed a lot in order to keep the secrets of the Church so it wasn’t unexpected for him to get killed to preserve the church’s honor.

At the moment, Hayes was one of the two who knew about the truth. So why did Pope let go of him? Why did Pope raise his standing? Nevertheless, Hayes wasn’t happy. Actually, he would feel bliss and relief if he was killed by the Pope’s order. Hayes didn’t know how to confront Uther if the Church told him to act so. In any case, he had extra time at hand at the moment. He could ponder about the loyalty problem he had at hand. Hayes turned to look at the crowds who were cheering at fake Uther’s presence. They looked like puppets and zombies to him.

Pope turned to leave and Hayes knew that the time had come to make the decision. Now, Pope would decide whether to choose greed or faith. But, Hayes pondered, didn’t Pope already have chosen the greed?

Why people worshipped the Uther as a god? Was it because he was an ancient hero? But at the end of the day Uther was nothing but a strong warrior. At the moment, Pope was stronger than Uther and he didn’t care much about gods or dieties. So if such strong warrior could become a god then why Pope shouldn’t become one? This notion was questioned by anyone who had reached certain level of strength and in this case Pope choose to be the god.

The first step was to bring up a fake Uther and gather all the people who believe in the God of Light. Afterwards, they were going to form a brigade of Crusaders which would bring Pope’s plan into action. Originally, Pope was planning to make this two years later. He was waiting for the continent to plunge into chaos before coming up with plan. But now Pope had to immediately take action as the real Uther was in Lion territory.

“Xiao Yu! How can he summon back Uther? If Uther is real then it means Antonidas, Kael’thas and others are real true.. But his strength isn’t great at the moment.. I have to strangle him to death in cradle!” Pope thought. His demeanor was like of a holy man but in his heart he was thinking ways to kill the real Uther so that he could dominate the continent.

Later that day the Church announced that the Grand Duke of Lion territory, Xiao Yu, had been decieving the rest of world by saying that Uther was summoned by him. The crusaders would go to punish the unbeliever! Pope’s heart would be at ease only when the real Uther was killed. At the same time, the Church used fake Uther’s name to enlist people to an organization called Scarlet Crusaders which was going to be equal to the crusader brigades of ancient times. In the past, Church was only a religious organization and the Sky Lion Dynasty was the real controller of the land. That’s why the Church didn’t have troops but only nurtured Paladins. Pope had decided to change this status quo. He was planning to do it later but Xiao Yu and the real Uther was disrupting his plans so he had to get rid of them.

Xiao Yu was sitting in the Lion city and drinking leisurely. The Kennedy family couldn’t attack them and Xiao Yu would send air units once in a while to attack their troops in the daytime. Most of the newly summoned troops had reached level 10 by now. Kennedy family was in depression. They were harassed by the undeads in the night time so they couldn’t go to siege in the day time. If they used the soldiers to attack the Lion city in the day time then the soldiers would be too tired to fight off the undeads at nights.

Nicholas was sitting a big chair in distance. He was enjoying wine and massage.

“Did you find the location of undeads?” Nicholas didn’t even turn around as the scout was standing behind him.

The scout replied: “The undeads disappear after entering the Ankagen mountains. It is impossible to find their traces after that.. It seems they use some high level stealth skill.”

“Is there any link to Lion territory’s lord?” Nicholas couldn’t believe that these undeads didn’t have any connection to Xiao Yu. However, he couldn’t find even a little evidence to link those undeads to Xiao Yu.

“We can’t find any… Recently, Paladin Hayes from the Church came to Lion city to check the Uther who is by Xiao Yu’s side. Afterwards, Hayes departed in haste and it seemed he was very unpleasant with the Xiao Yu.. Now Xiao Yu will have another enemy.” The scout reported.

“Oh.. Sooner or later he was going to be enemies with the Church.. I don’t even dare to bring up a fake Uther… Nobody cares about Antonidas or others but Church and paladins are different matter.” Nicholas knew that Xiao Yu was making propaganda about summoning Uther, Antonidas and others but he didn’t care much. He believed that it was impossible to summoned those ancient heroes. Even if there is someone who says that they can do it then they are faking it! He had planned to do stuff like that too but at the end changed his mind because there were going to be many flaws. That’s why Nicholas believed that Xiao Yu had made a wrong step by making those claims.

“What about the Kael’thas by his side?” Nicholas was already controlling the blood elves. He was supplying them with magic from the sun well and he was greatly satisfied with the results. It was the reason why he was concerned about Kael’thas.

“That Kael’thas doesn’t seem to be someone special.. Just a powerful magician.. However, they have other blood elf soldiers in the Lion city.. The legendary Dragon Hawk Riders and the Spell Brakers! All of them are the troops from the ancient times…I wonder how he got his hands on them.” The scout added.

“Spell Breakers are excellent in fighting against the mages… I have blood elves and there are few who are spell breakers.. But I don’t have those secret skills from the ancient times.. As a result, I can’t nurture them… But those Dragon hawk Riders… there aren’t any left in this world… How did he get so many dragon hawks?” Nicholas murmured. He had been checking every part of the continent for many years but his family’s troops still couldn’t match Xiao Yu’s troops. Nicholas envied the air units that Xiao Yu had.

“It would be very good if we could sway those Dragon Hawk Riders to our side.” Nicholas said.

“Master! The news came from the Yesa. The Church have successfully summoned back Uther and they are beginning to form Scarlet Crusaders!” Another person came to report.

“What?” Nicholas stood up when he heard the news. A bit of wine was spilled from his glass.

“What does that Old man thinking about? Why did he move out so quickly by bringing up Uther? Moreover, he started to form Scarlet Crusaders…Does it mean that situation is changing?” Nicholas walked back and forth as he frowned. Nicholas knew that Pope was a crafty old fox but doing something like that at the moment was a stupid move…

“It means there was something that forced him to make this move…The only person that comes to mind is Uther by Xiao Yu’s side… But that one is fake too.. Pope could just casually declare that he was fake and nobody would believe Xiao Yu… Unless…” Nicholas stopped in place as the glass in his hand was crushed.


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