WOWFRD – Ch 322

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Chapter 322

“Sire, we lost the undeads once they entered the Ankagen Mountains..” the man reported to Hayes.

Hayes nodded as he listened. Actually, he didn’t have much hope in finding the location of the undeads. The Kennedy family would be able to trace the undeads so it was no wonder that his troops couldn’t find them. Moreover, his mind was preoccupied with everything that he had seen during the day. His outlook on life had a great change. The apperance of the undeads meant that the chaos was coming. It was the chance that the Church was waiting for to unify the continent but now Uther was not on their side.

Hayes was confused. Who should he be loyal to? Pope or Uther?

“Paladin Hayes! You are the captain of Knights in the Church. What’s you take on this matter?” Zane asked as he came over to stop near Hayes.

Hayes replied in a solemn tone: “Marshal Zane… I must go back and report to Pope. Appearance of undeads in this matter is a sign to the return of scourge. You must be prepared for the upcoming war.”

“What? Scourge? Do you mean the force that swept through the continent in ancient times?” Zane was surprised. He knew that they had lots of headache with just 5000 undeads. What would happen if hundreds of thousands of undead had come to attack them?

Hayes nodded: “Yes. I will reveal you parts of the prophecy that were held secret. In fact, the Church had already predicted of return of scourge. It would be the most severe test that we will face. Most likely this time the attack of the scourge may lead to the demise of the continent… Only.. The greatest kind will bring together all races and fight the scourge. If master Robert feels like he is the one then he should get ready to fight the scourge!”

“This…” Zane couldn’t utter a reply. Actually, he didn’t believe Hayes’s speech to the word but he was somewhat convinced. He had heard about many prophecies although he didn’t know about the details as they weren’t mentioned. If the prophecies were real then Kennedy family’s preparations were insufficient.

“Marshal Zane, I must rush back to the Church to report to Pope.” Hayes waved his hand and left.

“Paladin Hayes… Are you just going to leave? What about the undeads?” Zane said in hurry.

The Paladins were the best warriors to deal with undeads. Actually, the light system used by the undeads was quite interesting as they could use both battle energy and magic. This light attribute was deadly for the undeads. The blessings of a paladin was could raise the morale of the troops even if Paladins weren’t personally acting in the battlefield. Zane knew that they would be facing more difficulties if Hayes was gone.

Hayes put on his helmet: “Marshal Zane, don’t worry… I’ll be back very soon.. The Church won’t ignore this matter but I must report it!”

In fact, Hayes had to come back in any way. The first reason being the undeads and the problem of Uther’s return as the second reason. Zane was reassured when he heard Hayes’s reply and he personally sent Hayes off.

Robert jumped off from his chair: “What! The scourge?”

“Yes! Paladin Hayes went back to report to Pope.. Things look very serious as I saw that Hayes wasn’t planning to scare us.. We must inform the family to prepare for things in the long run if something like that is going to happen.” Zane was quite anxious about the problem of scourge. What if they united the continent? They had to fight the undead troops of the scourge in that case.

Robert was upset too because attacking Lion city had become much bigger problem.

Hayes didn’t stop to rest neither at night or day. He changed horses during ten days of ride as he went to the headquarters. The headquarters of the Church was located in the holy city of Yesa. The Sky Lion Dynasty wasn’t involved in running the Yesa or area close to it. Everything was run by the Church. In fact, this place was like an empire within an empire. Everyone regarded the Pope as the ruler in here.

At the moment, an old man wearing a golden robe and holding a wand made out of unknown material was sitting in the throne within the highest cathedral in the city. He was the ruler in here. He was the voice of the Light God on the continent. His words were the instructrions of the Light God. The people who dared to oppose his words would be severely punished.

“Praise the great Uther! Praise the Pope! Majesty, Paladin Hayes is back.” A paladin entered the hall and reported.

“Oh?” A light flashed past through Pope’s eyes: “Let him in.”

The paladin nodded and exited the hall.

Pope looked at the murals on the walls of the cathedral: “Why does I feel uneasy? Does it mean that the time has come?”


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  1. When I imagine xiao yu conquering the world,I imagine him entering the capital of his greatest human enemy like arthas after his return from northrend and kill terenas

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