WOWFRD – Ch 321

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Chapter 321

Hayes wanted to be like a bird at the moment, put up pair of wings and fly back to the Church’s HQ and report to Pope. However, he couldn’t act rashly at the moment. He knew that Robert was the best prodigal son that could be imagined but Robert was no fool. Robert would get suspicious the moment Hayes wanted to return back to the Church. Hayes couldn’t let know anyone else that Uther was the real one. Hayes was thinking about all this when another matter hit his mind. If Uther was real then what about the other ancient heroes by Xiao Yu’s side! Thrall, Grom, Tyrande and Antonidas! The great magician Antonidas! It meant that Xiao Yu was going to turn into a terrifying existence soon!

The part of a legend was that the greatest king of the continent would lead all the races to a fight! It was the reason why all those ancient families were trying to gather powerful races under their wings. But getting those races was one thing and summing back those ancient heroes was another thing! Did it mean that according to the prophecy the greatest king of the continent was going to be Xiao Yu?

“Is it true?” Hayes murmured but his mind was in chaos. His hands trembled as he looked at the Redemption Battlegear set in the box in front of him. Xiao Yu was generous to give him a set of battlegear! The Church had used many channels to gather pieces of suits from ancient ruins. However, they weren’t able to gather full suits! The armor sets like this were the symbols of Paladins in the ancient times. The Church would reward those suits to the Paladins who had made great contribution to the Churc. However, at the moment the best Church could muster up were T1 or T2 sets. The number of full T3 sets in hand was very small.

The voices echoing from outside distrubed Hayes’s thoughts.

“Undeads! Undeads are attacking once again!”

Hayes’s mind was released of everything that preoccupied it. He stood up quickly and went outside.

There was a harsh and fierce battle going on the other side of the camp. The Kennedy family troops were familiar to the attacks of the undeads but the weirdness of the undead made the ordinary soldiers tremble when facing them. It was a torment for living to fight the undead. An ordinary soldier would prefer to fight a high-rank warrior rather than an undead.

Moreover, those ghouls were quite sneaky. Some of them would stay behind while the undeads retreated. They would lurk in the shadows and sneak into the barracks and kill the soldiers. However, it wasn’t the worst part of the deal! The worst thing was that ordinary soldiers didn’t dare to sleep at nights because of fear of undead. The ones who slept would only see nightmares and wake up. The soldiers could only sleep and rest on daytime. This had brought mental and physical fatigue to all the soldiers and Zane had to give up the siege because of this.

There were soldiers who wanted to escape and go back to their homes. Most of the were the soldiers of the Wei Principality and they had heard a lot of rumors about the cruelty of Robert. Why would they fight for the Kennedy family if they belonged to the Wei Principality? Most of them would have escaped long ago if they weren’t afraid that Kennedy family would retribute by sending their troops to the Wei Principality. The combat effectiveness of the troops had gone down because of this too.

Xiao Yu was already retreating with the undead troops by the time Hayes arrived to the scene.

Xiao Yu was aware that the enemy had began to make lots of preparations for him so it was quite hard to make attacks. Although he didn’t feel much when he lost the undead troops but he couldn’t just blindly send them to “death” because of few things that he learned from the system. Xiao Yu had learned that after losing large number of undead the new troops he wanted to summon would increase in purchase price. It was the main reason why Xiao Yu couldn’t go for blunt kamikaze attacks. He knew that after a few times of kamikaze attacks the price of the undead troops would reach to a level which he couldn’t buy them. He wasn’t short on money but it didn’t mean that he could blew it away.

“Motherfucker! Too many restrictions and limits!” Xiao Yu was frustrated but he knew that the system was on the right track too. If it didn’t work that they he would just send the undead troops for kamikaze attacks and buy the new ones and attack once again. It would be a bug in the system.

Hayes wasn’t able to fight the undeads but he was able to take a glance at the undead troops when they withdrew.

“Is that legendary abomination? Is … is that Crypt Fiend? Ghouls, Gargoyles… This is not an ordinary undead troop… ” Hayes was shocked as he looked at them.

He knew about the prophecy and he understood clearly about situation at hand. It meant that the times of change had come. There was a prophecy in the Church which said that the chaos will come with the return of Uther and undeads. At the time, the continent will plunge into chaos that may even lead to the destruction of everything. Therefore a great king will come to bring all the races together and save the continent.

“Where do they come from? Find their source!” Hayes knew that they must find the source of the undeads right now so that they won’t face many difficulties in the future. In fact, it wasn’t only him but everyone in the camp thinking about the same thing. Where do these undeads come from?

Robert had sent a lot of scouts to track their location but the undeads had disappeared after entering the Ankagen Mountains. No one knkew that Xiao Yu was using fog to blind their vision.

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