WOWFRD – Ch 319

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Chapter 319

A middle-aged man wearing a mighty armor entered the hall through the door. A bright golden light flashed past when the man entered the hall. He had thick eyebrows and a straight nose. His mouth was wide and there was an expression of determination on man’s face which was proof of his character and bravery. Perhaps, none of the three paladins would be affected so much if the man was wearing casual clothes. The key was the armor worn by the man. A powerful light aura was exuding from the man.

It was clear to all three paladins that the man was wearing a Redemption Battlegear! Uther had reached level 31 so Xiao Yu had replaced his armor suit with a T3 set! The Redemption Battlegear was made out of 8 pieces which covered the paladin from head to toe. Uther’s own attributes of light were combined with the power of light exuding from those pieces and giving him a different kind of holy temperament.

Uther took a glance at the three then walked to bow in front of Xiao Yu: “Greetings master.”

Xiao Yu nodded and asked: “Uther, these 3 people claim to be paladins. What do yo you think about their qualities?”

Xiao Yu used the word quality instead of worthiness because he treated those 3 as items rather than humans. Xiao Yu knew that these 3 didn’t respect him so he wasn’t planning to be polite either. Moreover, the idea of real paladins was lost after ten milleniums so why should Xiao Yu treat them as real paladins? Xiao Yu was planning to unify the continent and put the paladins under the control of Uther.

Uther looked at Hayes and the other two: “There is light energy attributes exuding from them but they are not paladins. A Paladin must follow the codex which is made of honor, etiquette, humility, perseverance, loyalty, pride and piety! I can’t see that in them. It’s like they had the body of a paladin but not the spirit of paladin. As a result, they fail!”

Xiao Yu nodded and looked at Hayes: “Did you hear what Uther said? You don’t deserve to call yourselves paladins! Now.. You had come to see Uther and you saw him. Are you satisfied?”

“You! … You! … Duke Xiao! Do you even understand the words coming out of your mouth? Are you trying to insult the dignity of the Paladins? Are you insulting the honor of the Church? Everyone believes in the God of Light! Are you mocking and insulting us?” Hayes burst out in anger and shouted out loud.

“I’m not insulting the personification of Paladins but your personas! After all, I’m a paladin too!” Xiao Yu responded.

“You … I’ll go back and tell everything to Pope! We will make sure that the whole world knows of your evil ways and deeds… We will come back to crush you!” Hayes shouted as he pointed at Xiao Yu.

Actually, Hayes wasn’t angry at all. Xiao Yu had insulted him but as a fourth-rank paladin he knew how to control himself. The real reason behind his reactino was the inner panic that he had in his heart. Hayes knew that Uther was real the moment Uther had entered the hall. The light aura exuding from Uther’s body couldn’t be faked. It was precisely because of this that he knew Uther was real! Such pure light wasn’t exuding even from Pope’s body. But he couldn’t end up but panic at the sight. Everyone in the Church was waiting for Uther’s return. The Church had been planning to unify the continent and control the political regime under the church. The Church had worked very hard to accomplish this task for many thousands of years. The only thing that lacked was the return of Uther! But now Uther wasn’t recognizing the Church but Xiao Yu as his master!

How could they bear such a problem?

What did it mean Xiao Yu to be the master of Uther? Did it mean that other Paladins would have to follow Xiao Yu too? Did it mean that the strength of entire church would be within Xiao Yu’s grasp if they admitted that Uther was real? It couldn’t be allowed!

In the name the Church was called Church but in reality it was a powerful organization that had spread over the continent like a spider web! The Church could clash even with those ancient families who had amassed wealth and power over milleniums! The Church could sway the opinion of the public with ease! The situation was perfect at the moment as the continent was going to indulge into chaos. The Church could use the faith of light to bring together the believers and control the whole continent! But how could Uther follow Xiao Yu at such a moment?

“Uther can’t live…” Hayes was shocked to great degree by his own thoughts. He had worshipped Uther since childhood but what was he thinkging at the moment? He had made oath when he was young to follow the way of Uther! But now he was thinking about killing Uther! The contradiction was killing him! Hayes felt like there were two different personas in his body which struggled in between to take control of himself. He was no longer the elegant paladin that was looked high and mighty by the ordinary people but a harridan who had betrayed her husband! His greed was overtaking his own faith! This feeling was so painful that he couldn’t bear it.

Two paladins who were Hayes’s guards had a bland look on their faces. They didn’t know what to think of. It was clear to them at first that Uther was the real one. It wasn’t just because this Uther’s appearance was the same as the statues they had worshipped in the Church but also the power of light exuding from his body. This aura couldn’t be faked.

They were young in comparison to Hayes and didn’t have complex ideas that Hayes had. They believed that Uther was real but Hayes was denying him. So they couldn’t help up but wonder about the authenticity of Uther’s identity. Did it mean that the other party had used some kind of magic to disrupt their thinking?

Actually, if someone else faced Uther then they wouldn’t have such thoughts like Hayes even if they were much stronger than them. It wasn’t about strength but faith in the light! Someone who didn’t believe in the power of Light wouldn’t be affect the way Hayes was. At the moment, Uther was only at level 31 so he wasn’t much stronger than Hayes. But Hayes couldn’t grasp the courage to pull out his sword and aim at Hayes.

“Hayes! Everything what has to be said is said! You have come a long way so I’ll give you a gift.” Xiao Yu waved to the servant.

The servant pushed a huge box.

Xiao Yu added: “There is a Redemption Battlegear in this box. It is a third generation armor suit for Paladins! You and I have met and I think it is part of the destiny that you get this armor set. I hope you deserve this.”

The servant pushed the box to stop in front of Hayes.

Xiao Yu wasn’t gifting the suit because of goodwill. He was aware that each paladin that took a look at this armor suit will know that the suit is real. It was a sign that Uther by his side was the real one. Moreover, Xiao Yu knew that Hayes wouldn’t dare to wear this suit but would take it back to the Church. Pope would be aware of situation once he sees this battlegear too.

The problem would be Pope’s reaction! Would Pope want to assassinate Uther? If that would be the case then Xiao Yu had to regard the Church as enemy too! In that case, Xiao Yu had to begin to prepare to confront the Church…. It would mean that the Church would never reconcile with him…

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