WOWFRD – Ch 318

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Chapter 318

“There were rumors that Duke Xiao is quite arrogant because of his young age.. Today I observed it personally and I believe you are worthy of the reputation told in the rumors.” Hayes said as he looked at Xiao Yu. He was challenging Xiao Yu to a word wrestle.

Xiao Yu smiled: “I’m feeling ashamed.. The rumors have praised me much but I have yet to be that arrogant… I’ve to work on it.. I can’t afford to face others if I’m not up to the rumors!”

Hayes almost vomitted blood after hearing Xiao Yu’s answer. This Grand Duke was a shameless prick who accepted his scolding as a compliment! However, he wasn’t aware that according to Xiao Yu’s hooligan codex the shamelessness and thick skin were the basics of the task.

“I heard that Grand Duke Xiao had claimed that Uther the Lightbringer has come back and is by your side…” Hayes saw that he wasn’t an opponent to Xiao Yu in word wrestly so he changed the topic instantly. Instead of losing a word battle he directly asked the purpose of his arrival. Nevertheless, he had the idea of smashing down Xiao Yu after getting back. He had to find a way to get rid of this lord!

Xiao Yu smiled as he knew that the paladin had directly asked him the problem: “What rank do you hold in the Church of the Holy Light?”

Hayes replied in a proud manner: “I’m Hayes, fourth-rank Paladin from the Church of the Holy Light and Knight Captain of the Crusader Brigade!”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Can you use blessing of the might?”

Hayes turned furious when he heard Xiao Yu’s question: “Blessing of the might? Is Duke Xiao questioning my identity?” Hayes didn’t understand the real purpose of Xiao Yu’s question so he got angry.

Xiao Yu added: “Can sire Hayes show me the blessing of might? I want to see what it is.. I’ve admired Paladin’s since childhood but have never observed the blessing of might. I just wanna see it in action.”

Hayes couldn’t understand Xiao Yu’s purpose but he still waved his hand. A golden light fell onto one of the guards by his side. A huge symbol in the shape of a fist appeared above the man. The muscles on the man’s body began to bulge up as a golden light covered the man.

“Is that it?” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes.

Hayes smiled: “His strength has greatly increased… Duke Xiao can try for himself if he doesn’t believe me.. ”

Xiao Yu responded: “I saw this blessing of might.. I wonder if Sire Hayes wants to see my Blessing of Might!”

Hayes’s eyebrows were raised up when he heard Xiao Yu talk. Hayes was no idiot so he understood that there was something between the lines that he couldn’t read. Nevertheless, he still couldn’t bring himself to believe that Xiao Yu could use this skill. After all, the real Blessing of Might had long been lost and the skill that he was using at the moment was a spell based on light element and was developed in later years by the church for the paladins. In fact, their blessings was totally different from the blessings used by paladins in the ancient times.

“Grand Duke Xiao Yu turned out to be a paladin.. I would love to see your skills..” Hayes replied. He wanted to see what kind of trick Xiao Yu would use.

Xiao Yu smiled when he saw Hayes agree to his proposal. He waved his hand and golden light envolped Hayes and two others. The light began to fill their bodies with strength and might. However, their outer appearance didn’t change. All three of them felt the huge increase in strength within their bodies. Moreover, they were aware that there was no harm to their bodies because of this blessing. In fact, the skill used by Hayes just stimulated the blood flow within the body and made it overcome the physical limits. But this method of enhancement had many side effects. The body would degenerate after a long-term of blessings. But those three clearly felt that there was no harm to their bodies because of Xiao Yu’s blessing. This blessing wasn’t affecting their bodies through muscles or blood but it was a direct pure energy that infiltrated their bodies. Moreover, Xiao Yu was able to use blessing upon three people! Even Hayes could bless only 1 person at a given time! Only the Pope could bless so many people in one single chant.

Who was this Duke? Why his blessing seemed to be the real one from the ancient times? All three of them were in shock. The man who was previously blessed by Hayes felt the change in his body more than anyone else. There was fury within his body because of the blood circulation as a result of Hayes’s blessing. But now that tremendous burden had disappeared. It felt like a warm stream was flowing throughout his body making it comfortable. The side effects of Hayes’s blessing was gone too! In addition, the blessing given by Xiao Yu had enhanced his strength much more than the blessing given by Hayes. The man was apaladin and was cultivation the light battle energy so he understood what was happening too.

“IS this the real Blessing of Might?” All three paladins had the same notion passing in their minds. As paladins they knew better than anyone about the strength of light! They knew what was real and what was fake! Therefore all three had their mouth hang open without being able to utter a word. How could Duke Xiao could do this when even the Pope couldn’t? Did it mean that this Uther by Duke Xiao Yu’s side was the real Uther? Was he the founder of the Knights of the Silver Hand?

Xiao Yu sipped from the drink: “What does sire Hayes think of my blessing?”

Hayes looked at Xiao Yu but he was speechless for a while. Afterwards he said: “I don’t know what kind of trick you used but this is not the true Blessing of Might! Are you trying to prove us that the Uther by your side is the real one?”

Xiao Yu replied: “You know the answer to that question.. It is in your heart.”

Hayes added: “Does he dare to meet us?”

Xiao Yu pointed towards the door: “He has come…”

Hayes and the other two turned around towards the entrance…


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  1. Uther…. brings tears to my eyes. I wanna see the heroes interact with each other tbh lol! thanks for the chapter ♥.

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