WOWFRD – Ch 317

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Chapter 317

Xiao Yu was checking the dragon as he got ready to battle with 4 fourth-rank beasts. A soldier quickly ran over: “Lord! There is a Paladin outside the gates who wants to meet you?”

“Paladin? What?” Xiao Yu was perplexed as he didn’t have anything to do with Paladins or the Churc. He had Uther here who was more than enough.

“He claims to be from the Church of the Holy Light.” The soldier added.

“Oh, is that so….” Xiao Yu understood the meaning behind the visit of the paladin. It seems the knowledge of Uther had spread far and wide and now Church had sent someone to check Uther’s identity.

“Take him to the Hall… Let him wait me there!” Xiao Yu turned around to look at the dragon who was inside the arena: “Don’t be lazy! Hurry and get rid of them! You won’t have food if you can’t win.. If you do thou you will be eating a roasted lamb!”

The dragon looked at Xiao Yu with pitiful eyes trying to affect Xiao Yu but he knew that he couldn’t violate Xiao Yu’s orders. His pitiful eyes change to the ones with full of resentment as he looked at Xiao Yu once again and went towards the 3 fourth-rank beasts.

Swoosh~~ Bang~~

Dragon’s claws fiercely hit the beasts as the battle began.

“That is right! Do it the right way! You are a freaking dragon! How do you think dragon get strong? FIGHT! You are a dragon and the most powerful creature on the continent! Moreover, you are my lil bro! You have to be the greatest dragon! Stronger than Deathwing or Alexstrasza…” Xiao Yu shouted out and clapped as he was quite satisfied with the dragon’s performance. He was coming up with better and stronger opponents for the dragon as time passed.

Years later someone would ask Crasus, the greatest dragon to ever live on the continent, how he had become strong.. and the tears would begin to drip through the dragon’s eyes…

Hayes was already in the hall by the time Xiao Yu arrived. Xiao Yu was the Grand Duke of the Sky Lion Dynasty but in Hayes’s eyes it was nothing but a mere title given by the empire. Hayes was still full of pride and disdian. The main reason for his actions was that the Paladins of the church believed themselves to be the messengers of God so they didn’t bow down or salute any aristrocrat. Hayes was polite Robert because of strength of Kennedy family otherwise he wouldn’t even care. However, the arrogant Hayes didn’t even flick in front of Xiao Yu. But he didn’t know about Xiao Yu’s temper. If people made a step towards him then he would make ten steps towards them. If they didn’t care then he would give a fuck either.

Xiao Yu didn’t fear anyone in the continent.

Xiao Yu saw that Hayes didn’t care a bit about himself so he walked towards the chair and sat down: “Give me a cup of Duff’s!” Duff was a beer which Xiao Yu recently liked to drink. The waiter quickly poured him a cup.

Xiao Yu leaned back and put his feet on the armrest of the chair and stared at Hayes but didn’t speak. Hayes turned furious because of Xiao Yu’s actions. He had never been insulted by any lord in such a manner up to now. It was true that Robert didn’t take the initiative to greet Hayes but Robert had never ignored him! Moreover, Xiao Yu wasn’t just ignored but insulting him. It was as if Xiao Yu was looking at a dog. It was intolerable for the noble Paladin of the Church to face such situation.

Nevertheless, Hayes had been through ups and downs of the life and didn’t show his anger on surface. He knew that Xiao Yu had to talk first otherwise he would lose the high ground. People who had gone through the negotiations knew that it wasn’t good to show the trump cards at first. Therefore, Hayes firmly sat in the chair and looked at Xiao Yu with provocation.

Xiao Yu ignored the man. He looked up and down at Hayes and then at two guards behind him.

Xiao Yu gently sipped from the drink and looked at Hayes: “Are you.. a… moron?”

“Duke Xiao, is this how you treat your guests?” Hayes responded. The first question asked by Xiao Yu was actually questioning his sanity which was like smashing the dignity of a Paladin to the ground. Hayes was quite a smart man. Anyone else would have pulled out his weapon and asked Xiao Yu to a duel.

Xiao Yu replied: “It seems you aren’t a moron… So why aren’t you speaking? What’s the point of coming here then?”

“You …” Hayes knew that the situation was reversed at this moment. It seemed as if Hayes himself was the root of all problems. It was true that as the guest he didn’t even stand up to greet the master of the house. That’s why it was normal for Xiao Yu to be impolite. But that applied to ordinary guests. Was he an ordinary person? Heck no! Hayes was a fourth-rank paladin of the Church of the Holy Light. At the same time he was the knight captain! His appearance asked for respect and honor! Even a Grand Duke wasn’t qualified to speak to him in this matter.

But if he thought about the details Hayes wasn’t qualified to sit in front of Xiao Yu too. Nevertheless, Hayes never thought about stuff like that. He was the Paladin of the Church and everyone paid homage first to him!

However, he didn’t understand Xiao Yu’s temperament and character. Xiao Yu didn’t consider himself a duke but a hooligan. In the world of hooligans and rogues there was no fear. The one with a bigger fist and stronger wits was the king. Why would he be afraid of anyone? Who could stop him? He wasn’t just a hooligan but a hooligan with skills! Why should he be afraid? He didn’t give a fuck about Kennedy family so why he should care about mere Paladin? Xiao Yu didn’t treat Hayes as an equal since the start. Moreover, he was aware that Hayes’ purpose was no good. He knew that the Church would never recognize Uther’s identity. In that case, the power of the Church would be within his hands. No one in the higher ups would agree to that. They wouldn’t be that stupid.

They would deny Uther even if they knew that he was the real deal! Why would they do that? Interests…


Great NEWS: At the age of 31, Elder snail has retired after successful career in oil business!

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