WOWFRD – Ch 316

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Chapter 316

“Sir Hayes must have heard about the undeads… ” Robert directly went to the topic.

Hayes replied: “I’ve heard about few incidents.. It is said that a troop of undeads have emerged and been attacking your camp. Pople had made a divination not so long ago and told us that there will be a huge change in the continent.. It’s not surprising that undeads have appeared.. Don’t forget, the catastrophe that changed the world ten thousand years ago happened because of undeads too.. It’s likely that the same scenario will happen once again.. I’m here for investigation.”

Robert frowned: “Do you want to say that scourges of undeads will be rampaging across the continent once again?”

Hayes nodded: “There is a huge disaster upon us according to Pope’s divination which could lead to the destruction of everything we know.. We aren’t sure what exactly will happen but its better safe to be than sorry…”

Robert felt uneasy as he listened to Hayes’s words. His troops had been attacked by only few thousand undeads. There had to be tens of thousands of undeads to sweep through the continent. He couldn’t deal with only few thousand let alone when the undeads amassed to hundreds of thousands… Robert’s face had turned pale as he listened to Hayes. The appearance of the undeads was lingering in his mind since ever. He has been sleepless for the last month. Actually, Robert wouldn’t care if the enemy had powerful forces. He would just mobilize much powerful team from the family. Howver, the undead force couldn’t be dealt with common sense.

Hayes’s eyebrows wrinkled up as he listened to Robert’s narration of undead attacks. At first, Hayes believed that there would be just a bunch of skeletons and ghosts but he didn’t expect to see ghouls, abominations, gargoyles and crypt fiends. This was completely different situation. There were detailed records of undeads in the Church’s archives. Naturally, Hayes knew about the characteristics of undead troops and their capabilities. He knew that the situation would be terrifying and even catastrophic once the undead troops began to evolve. However, they didn’t know that Xiao Yu had only quote of 5000 units. In Hayes’s perspective the undeads evolved very fast by swallowing the flesh. Nevertheless, Hayes was quite terrified. He knew that the undeads were able to sweep through the entire continent in time of just few months.

“It is a very serious incident! I must return and inform the Pope!” Hayes knew that things were beyond his expectations and power.

“What? Sire Hayes? Why are you leaving?” Robert turn anxious. Finally, a savior had come to save him and his forces from the hands of evil undeads but this man was going to leave! In addition, Hayes’s attitude told Robert about the severity of undead attacks. He thought that if the Chruch didn’t deal with the undeads right now then these undeads would begin to evolve and literally eat up his troops…

Hayes smiled: “Master Robert, rest assured. I won’t leave today… I have to check these undeads for myself.. I’ll go back to report afterwards.. Maybe at the same time I can help you get the Lion territory… ”

Robert turned to look at him: “Does it mean that Sire is willing to help me get the Lion territory? What’s the catch?”

Robert was a prodigal son but not a fool. He knew that Hayes wouldn’t lend a hand just like that.

Hayes smiled: “It’s refreshing to talk to Master Robert. I won’t beat around the bush. We know that Lion territory has orcs and elves..It’s way too sinful for the Lion territory to have those things.. We will divide them 50/50 after you get the Lion city.”

Robert laughed: “Your appetite is quite big.. Do you know that I have lost lots of people? And.. You want half!”

Hayes smiled: “Master Robert, don’t forget HALF is better than NONE! The walls of the Lion city are solid and your troops are being harassed by the undeads… Do you really think that you can capture the Lion city?”

Robert grunted: “Do you think the crusaders of the Church will be able to win? I am willing to step away if church wants to face the troops of Lion city and the dragon on your own..”

Hayes responded without slightest anger: “Master Robert, I’m talking about cooperation.. Paladins and crusaders will fight the undead while you will focus on attacking the Lino city.. It’s called division of duties between the cooperatives.”

Robert gently tapped his fingers on the table: “Sire Hayes just told that the Church was the voice of justice! There are undeads and it seems that your responsibility lies in fighting them! Are you trying to say me that all you have told me initially was just a hypocrisy?”

Hayes leaned back against the chair: “Master Robert, neither crusaders nor paladins can continue to fight without resources.. Do you think the Church would be able to survive until now if we just blindly fought every battle?”

Robert looked at Hayes: “No problem! I’ll give you as much money as you want after I capture the Lion city.. However, those orcs and elves will be mine!”

Hayes shook his head: “I’m disappointed, Master Robert… I’m disappointed.. I’ll stay over to see the undeads tonight and then I’ll visit the Lion city to talk about cooperation with him.. I believe he is inclined to work with us..”

“Oh is that so? Sire Hayes, I have heard that there is a paladin in the Lion city called Uther.. Is he your god of light?” Robert was quite greedy and didn’t bring up the trade-off once again but changed the topic to Xiao Yu. He was willing to deal with undeads himself rather than sharing the loot…

“Hmpf! It’s simply outrageous that someone is using great Uther’s name! It’s one of my purposes too. I’ll investigate that matter.” Hayes’s eyes lit up.

In order to increase his “weight” Xiao Yu had spread information that he could summon ancient heroes. However, the powerful forces were too scornful of his actions. They believed that Xiao Yu was trying to fool the plebs. But Xiao Yu was quite happy with their response. This way he didn’t have to explain anyone how he was able to summon all those ancient heroes.. The more those big shots thought that he was a charlatan the better it was…


Sorry for the late release! Few news… I’ve been hooked on this MANHWA and clicking refresh button almost every hour. And I’ll tell the second new by tomorrow 🙂 Recommend me manhwa related to Murim..

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  1. The fact that Uther’s healing power is already superior to any of the churches paladins, along with the priests that Xiao Yu has, and Xiao Yu’s own light powers would likely swing the church to support him.

  2. Haha i been clicking the refresh button every hour too but in this novel …..ty for the chp. . . . i really curious as to how strong the church really is , i don’t think they can deal with the undead

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