WOWFRD – ch 315

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Chapter 315


Kennedy family didn’t attack the Lio city for the next half a month as Xiao Yu was using undead troops to attack their camp once in every few days. They couldn’t concentrate on siege while being vulnerable to the attacks of the undead. Xiao Yu was aware that the enemies were on alert about undead attacks so he would normally make an attack and change the location to attack another part of the camp. Xiao Yu and his troops wouldn’t be there when the elite warriors of the Kennedy family appeared to defend the camp. Zane was having headaches because of the guerrilla tactics used by Xiao Yu.


Xiao Yu would sleep during the daytime in his mansion at the Lion city. The Kennedy family didn’t attack them but it didn’t mean that Xiao Yu had the strength to attack their camp during the daytime.


“Wow! So many Magical Explosive Arrows!” Xiao Yu was mesmerized when he saw the first batch of the arrows ready to use. Neither goblins nor Master Higgins turned to greet Xiao Yu when he saw the batch of arrows. Master Higgins didn’t even raised his head to look at him.


“Master Higgins is worthy to be called master as you were able to produce so many of these arrows in such a short time!” Xiao Yu did his best to flatter Master Higgins.

Master Higgins waved his hand: “Just take them! I don’t have time to chat with you.. By the way, send some more goblins.. They are very good assistants..”

Xiao Yu didn’t bother Master Higgins as he saw that Higgins was concentrated on the devices in front of him. He stored all the Magical Explosive Arrows inside his interspatial ring and exited the place. At the moment, he had almost 1000 Magical Explosive Arrows. Xiao Yu felt invincible as he could protect the city from any attack.

“Katyusha standing on the riverbank…singing… ” Xiao Yu’s mood was excellent as hummed the famous song. He knew that at the moment Magical Expllosive Arrows were comparable to Katyusha rockets. The enemies weren’t used trenches and didn’t know the concept of artillery attacks. He could kill them all if he had lots of Magical Explosive Arrows.

“It’s a pity that I don’t have much… 1000 is just a bit less.. I could blow the shit out of Kennedy family troops if I had tens of thousands of these arrows…” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but imagine a scene where he would use this arrows as rockets and attack the enemies. He wasn’t aware that people who had Magical Explosive Arrows would use them as strategic arrows but wouldn’t “throw them out” like Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment about mass production of the Magical Explosive Arrows but then changed his mind. He knew that it was going to be an impossible feat. First of all, he needed lots of bones from beasts and creatures. Although the Ankagen Mountains had no lack of beasts but it was a strenuous job to hunt them. Moreover, how many beasts they could hunt down during a day? Of course, he could send a large force to kill beasts in the mountains but it would mean that he was going to waste the troops.

Xiao Yu was pondering about the “coolness” of the Magical Explosive Arrows while Robert had a guest…

“Master Robert! Hayes from the Church of Light had come to visit you.” Zane entered the tent.

“Hayes? What’s he doing in here?” Robert was perplexed. Actually, he personally knew Hayes as Kennedy family and the Church of Holy Light had interacted a lot in recent times.

“I’m not clear about their intentions but we are in trouble and they are the right party to solve this problem…” Zane smiled.

Robert nodded: “Let him in.”

The Church of Holy Light was the biggest nemesis of undeads and there were people from the Church.. So Robert decided to use them against the undeads.

It didn’t take long before a man wearing a golden armor entered the tent. He didn’t bow but saluted Robert: “Master Robert, its been a long time.. You don’t look quite well thou..”

Robert coldly replied: “Why would you care?”

Hayes smiled: “I’ve heard that Master Robert has been facing some trouble and I want to know if you want the Church to lend a helping hand… ”

“Oh, hence when the Church has turned so kind?” Most of the humans living in the continent believed in God of Light and followed the Church but people like Robert knew about the true nature of the Church.

Hayes slowly walked to sit by the table. He picked a cup of wine and sipped from it. Afterwards he said: “The Churc of the Holy Light is the guardian of the continent! We are the voice of the justice! We must help anyone and everyone who faces the attacks of evil powers!”

Robert replied in disdain: “Voice of justice? Sir Hayes isn’t serious, are you? It’s not the ancient times and the light of the paladins have been long lost…”

Hayes narrowed his eyes: “Master Robert don’t think that Kennedy family can do whatever it wants in the continent! The Pope had already made a divination and the Uther the Lightbringer will return soon! The humanity will follow the Church and embrace the Holy Light once again! Don’t think that accumulated wealth and strength of Kennedy family and others would amount to anything at that time! The people would join the crusade against anyone if Church makes a call! The faith is a matter that everyone has to take into account. Do you think your wealth will help you?”

Robert frowned: “It seems the ambitions of the Church aint small either.. However, the Sky Lion Dynasty hasn’t fallen.. Are you trying to say that the Church will usurp the throne of the dynasty?”

Hayes retorted: “Kennedy family has been acting quite unscrupulous! You have attack Lion territory even though they haven’t provoked anyone. What does it mean? Are you trying to rebel against the Sky Lion Dynasty?”

Robert and Hayes stood silent. It seemed as if surge of electricity passed in between them for a moment. Afterwards, both of them laughed as if they weren’t trying to smear the notion of rebellion into each other. At the moment, there was no need to talk much as they wanted to know how much benefit they could get from the opponent….

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  1. well if the church want to join the fray, the MC need to join to, he and Maiev can assassinate the priest and escape easily 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^

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