WOWFRD – Ch 314

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Chapter 314

Xiao Yu returned back to the Lion city and went to sleep. He told to the servants that no one should disturb him unless the Kennedy family attacks the city. He slept quietly as the harvest of the night attack was quite good. The enemy shouldn’t have energy left to go for siege attack. Xiao Yu planned to attack after a few nights so that the enemy soldiers were mentally tired.

Once again, the Kennedy family didn’t attack the city. They were too focused on confrontation with the undead. Moreover, if the soldiers were tired in marching towards the Lion city then who was going to fight the undead? In addition, the rumors about the undead had affected the morale and mentality of soldiers. No one wanted to stay in this damned place and wanted to go back as soon as possible.

The Kennedy family didn’t attack but Lion city wasn’t sitting idle either. The goblins began to repair the damaged walls and make the fortifications much more perfect. Catapults and heavy ballistas were brought up to supplement the gaps that they couldn’t make up for on time. The Lion city would actually face great losses if the enemy attacked as all of them were extremely tired because of manual labor. However, the Kennedy family still didn’t attack. The priests began to heal and treat many wounded soldiers who were already ready to fight in the front.

Zane was aware about situation in the Lion city too but he couln’t attack them as he knew that he had to deal with the undeads first.

“Where the fuck are those undeads?” Zane was almost going crazy as it had been few days but there was no news of undeads. He had strong warriors and mages by his side so he wasn’t afraid of fighting undeads. However, he had to finish that business so that he could turn to fight the Lion city.

The Kennedy family’s camp was at full alert during the night because of possible undead attack. However, there was not siege. Instead, the undeads had attacked several villages belonging to the Lion territory. There were amulets that protected those villages but the undead still tried to rush in and kill peasants.

The information about the amulets and the attack of the undeads spread into Kennedy family’s and Nicholas’s ears. Both parties had strong interest towards the amulets. Kennedy family actually sent few people to steal those amulets and bring back to the camp. They hoped that these amulets will help them withstand the undead attacks.

Xiao Yu was laughing hard when he heard the action taken by the Kennedy family. He produced more amulets and sent it to the villages. However, he told that the amulets couldn’t be moved to another place after they were affixed to its current location. It’s affect would be lost if its done so.

In the evening, Xiao Yu led the undead army to attack the Kennedy family once again.

This time he chose to attack from another side. The undead army had adapted to Xiao Yu’s style after the first time. They all knew that they had to be quite and make sure that the enemy couldn’t find their location. Xiao Yu understood that the wisdom of the undeads wasn’t worse in comparison to orcs or elves. The ghouls were quite smart. Those small creatures were good at hiding and launching surprise attacks. They would sneak to the enemy’s behind and attack at the soldier’s neck to bite. The enemy wouldn’t even have chance to turn around.


Meat Wagons smashed through the wooden fences. Xiao Yu wasn’t stupid to get into the camp through the gates the second time. The fences were made out of logs but the Meat Wagons were more than enough to smash through them. Of course, the Meat Wagons would be powerless against city walls but the wooden fences weren’t a problem. The patrols began to ring the bells to alert the rest of the camp. The camp was huge and made out of many barracks which made it a hard feat for them to accomplish their task.

The Meat Wagons had already broken through the wooden fences by the time the soldiers were assambled. The patrols close to the fences were already dead.

“Get into formations! Wait for reinforcements!” The commanders were much more experienced after being attacked by undead. The soldiers had been trained in the last few days to withstand the attacks of undead troops. These ordinary soldiers couldn’t afford to fight undeads so they had to wait for the elite warriors and mages to come to face the undeads. But, was Xiao Yu a fool to wait for them?

The Crypt Fiends drilled into the ground and dug out from inside the formations. The phalanx formations that the soldiers had formed turned chaotic in moments.

“How the fuck do they dug out from ground?”

The ghouls took advantage of this opportunity and plunged into those formations. It took moments for them to kill the soldiers. The reinforcements came over but they faced the skeleton soldiers that were animated by the necromancer. The soldiers that were killed stood up one by one. Dim yellow light was exuding from their eyes as they raised their shields and swords and marched towards the reinforcements.

Xiao Yu was more experienced in battling with undeads too. He had understood that the Necromancers played a great role during the battle. The ghouls would kill the ordinary soldiers as fast as possible and the necromancers would animate them. This way the number of undead soldiers would rise in minutes.

“KILL~~~” The reinforcements weren’t panicking the least when they heard the news of undead invasion. However, all of them were depressed. Their combat effectiveness was greatly reduced when they faced their former comrades. It wasn’t that they were afraid of corpses it was that they didn’t want to turn up like the others after their death. It was a psychological attack.

The blood was spilled around as both forces clashed together. Nevertheless, the Kennedy family was suffering heavy losses. The humans didn’t know how to fight the undeads. They would attack the undeads as if they were attacking an ordinary enemy. They would stab or hack their swords but the undead wouldn’t dodge. The undeads weren’t afraid of pain or death. They would get hack or stabbed but would attack even in that position. In that case, there is no need to be smart to know who was going to die first. Moreover, those soldiers that fell down would be animated by the necromancers to form new units of undead skeletons.

The battle continued for another 10 minutes. Xiao Yu ordered the undeads to retreat when he saw that the strong warriors and mages were joining the battle. Nevertheless, he didn’t care much. He would just summon more undeads if they died in the battlefield. However, the Kennedy family couldn’t act so.

It seemed like Xiao Yu would have to spend gold to win the Kennedy family’s army this time.

Xiao Yu faced lots of trouble when he retreated with the undead troops. This time the Kennedy family’s powerful warriors and mages were chasing them. He had to leave a group of ghouls and crypt fiends so that he could withdrew the other troops. Xiao Yu used fog to cover their tracks after they entered the Ankagen Mountains. It was another perfect ambush!

“They chased this time.. It seems they are trying to kill all the undeads…” Xiao Yu began to ponder about the next strategy that he was going to use…

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