WOWFRD – Ch 313

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Chapter 313

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but laugh for a long time on his way back. The strength of the undead troops was truly extraordinary. He had less than 5000 undeads but was able to kill at least 6 or 7000 elite enemy soldiers. It was a great victory.! Moreover, at the moment his undeads were the lowest level ones so what would happen after they leveled up?

It was true that he had lost almost 1000 units in the battle but Xiao Yu didn’t care. He would just summoned them once he returned back to the base. Along the way, he sent Crypt Fiends and Gargoyles to check if any scout or assassin was tracking them. They would immediately report if there was a spy behind them. If there was no one then the spider could drill under the ground and the gargoyle turn into a stone and wait for the next night.

Xiao Yu didn’t take the troops straight to the base but went around for a long time. It seemed that no one was chasing after them so afterwards he decided to get back to the base. Moreover, he still used the fog to hide the location of his troops before moving back.

Anub’arak had appeared out of nowhere when Xiao Yu had ordered the troops to retreat. Xiao Yu was shocked when he saw Anub’arak as the crypt lord’s level had increased to 14. One battle was enough for this guy to reach that level!

Arthas and Kel’Thuzad were always standing next to Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu was teaching Arthas to command the troops. After all, Xiao Yu couldn’t always be leading the undead troops and the time would come when Arthas himself would be in charge. Kel’Thuzad was a magician so Xiao Yu didn’t dare to let him roam to far. He ordered him to stay by his side and attack with magic. Nevertheless, Kel’Thuzad had reached level 11 and Arthas was already at level 21.

Arthas’s skills were quite terrifying at level 21. They weren’t high level skills but with each 10 levels of upgrade there was a qualitative change to his Animate the Dead skill. At the moment, Arthas could transform 100 dead soldiers into undeads and manipulate them. Moreover, it seemed that he could control powerful warriors and mages too! According to Xiao Yu, Arthas would be able to control at least 1000 undeads by the time he reached level 30. What did it mean to animate 1000 dead soldiers? It was no wonder that Arthas’s features were so similar to the Lich King’s! In addition, Arthas’s weapon, frostmourne was upgrading and becoming more powerful too. It was the ultimate artifact level weapon in the World of Warcraft and was the symbol of power and invincibility!

Xiao Yu had gone back and chaos was left in the rear of Kennedy family’s camp. The place was full of corroding odour and minced meat. It was not a scene that the world of living would have but belonged to the hell!

Robert vomitted the moment he came to see the sight. He had been to the Undercity and was familiar with undead creatures but there weren’t such a sight there! Undercity was the main city of the undeads and in a sense it was a clean and tidy place. It could be said that Undercity was a civilized place but the sight in front of him belonged to hell!

“What the fuck has happened in here?” Robert said and the smell of decaying corpses and flesh hit his nose once again. He continued to vomit. The others saw that Robert couldn’t handle the situation so they helped Robert to leave the place.

Actually, Xiao Yu had underestimated the affect the undead troops could bring upon others. The sight that was left was bringing down the nerves of everyone. At the moment, no one dared to chase after the undead troops even though they clearly saw that the undeads retreated.

Moreover, large number of magicians and mechanical puppets had arrived too. It meant that they could defeat the undeads but there was no one willing to fight the creatures of hell.

In addition, the feeling that each one of them could be brought back to fight their comrades after the death was making all the soldiers feel powerless. They were elite soldiers and weren’t afraid of death! But being manipulated to stand and fight their comrades?

The place was full of corrosive green liquid which made everyone puke without a stop. At the end, the magicians used the fire spells to burn everything and anything. No one dared to live in this part of the barracks anymore. All of the soldiers were relocated to other barracks.

In fact, they did the right thing by burning the dead. Xiao Yu’s necromancers could still control them if they decided to bury them underneath the ground. It was a wise choice.

The dead bodies were burned down but the traume of the previous battle was engraved into the minds and hearts of these soldiers. The sight of ghouls that crawled to bite human flesh, the giant spiders (crypt fiends) that shoot poisonous webs, abominations that were made out of rotten flesh and the meat wagons that minced everything…

Robert’s tent was bright lit. Only the light could disperse the haze in his heart. The tent was in silence as no one dared to speak. Robert’s face was pale as he sat on the main chair. He was scared.. He was scared because of what he had seen…He wasn’t a real warrior or a general like Zane. Zane was able to settle down soon after seeing the scene but Robert was a just an arrogant young master. He relied on his family background to do whatever he wanted to do. He had never faced a setback in his life because of the smooth transition with the help of his family forces. However, he was getting frustrated every single day after facing Xiao Yu in the periphery of Lion city.

“What’s going on?” Robert threw down an expensive glass onto the ground. His hands were violently trembling. A long time passed but no one gave a reply. Who could think that an army of undead would suddenly attack them? They could fight against Xiao Yu’s troops as they were prepared for a such a situation but no one was expecting undeads!

“Zane, what’s happening?” Robert looked at Zane when he saw the lasting silence.

Zane responded: “Master, we weren’t prepared for such an attack.. We won’t have such big losses if those undead dare to attack us once again.”

Robert angrily shouted: “I don’t care about dead soldiers! I asked you, what is happening? Why are there so many undeads in here? ”

Zane helplessly replied: “Master, I have to send people to investigate the matter… After all, we have dealt with undeads only on few occassions… ”

“Go back and investigate! I want a full explanation by noon tomorrow!” Robert waved everyone to leave. He was holding his forehead because of headache. Nevertheless, Robert had a nightmare during the sleep and couldn’t relax during the night. He slowly felt asleep by sun rise. The attack to the Lion city was cancelled. Robert woke up by noon and Zane was already ready with a report.

“Did you find anything?” Robert asked Zane as he was eating from a porridge.

The chefs had made pastries for his morning meal but Robert remembered the scene last night because of those pastries and had killed all those chefs.

“Young master we have throughly investigated the matter. Recently, the villages belonging to Lion territory had been harassed by these undeads… There was a nearby territory which was taken over by Xiao Yu.. The undeads had appeared there about a year ago.. However, they disappeared after Xiao Yu took over that territory.. Xiao Yu had given number of amulets to be posted on the fences of those villages. It seems the undeads don’t dare to enter those villages after seeing those amulets… Yesterday, those undeads have tried to attack those villages but were unsuccessful.. As a result, they ended up here…”

Zane hadn’t slept last night. He had been investigating the issue.

“oh! So the Lion territory has been attacked by these undead too… Is there a possibility that Xiao Yu controls them?”

Robert wasn’t a fool either. He thought that there could be some kind of link between Xiao Yu and the undead.

Zane pondered for a moment: “I’m not sure of this yet… But how could Xiao Yu could control so many undeads? Moreover, if he could control them then he would have used the undeads in the Undercity to attack us…” They hadn’t seen it but knew from the books that even powerful necromancers couldn’t control more than four or five powerful undeads at a given time. Moreover, it was obvious that Xiao Yu wasn’t a necromancer.

Therefore they believed that Xiao Yu wasn’t controlling these undead. There was a slight doubt but it was very difficult to determine and prove such point.

“Does it mean that these undeads are from the Undercity?” Robert had been to the Undercity so he wasn’t a stranger to these creatures. They were close to the Ankagen Mountains and it was quite possible that these undeads had left the Undercity and roamed all the way to here.

Zane responded: “It is possible.. The only place where the undeads could hide and come from is Ankagen Mountains… So if they come from Ankagen Mountains then its possible that they originate from Undercity.”

“Fuck! Headache!” Robert held his forehead. He believed that he would capture Lion city in one go because he had brought so many powerful units… But Lion city was still standing tall….

Nicholas frowned as he looked at the Lion city from afar: “What’s happening? Why haven’t they attacked yet?”

Someone came in to report: “Patriarch, according to the reports of scouts the rear of the Kennedy family’s camp was attacked by undeads.. They have suffered heavy losses and won’t be able to attack today.”

“What? Undeads? Why is there undeads in here?” Nicholas was surprised.

“It is said that these undeads have come from the Undercity in the Annkagen Mountains… The Lion territory has suffered a lot recently too.” The man replied.

“Once again it’s the Ankagen Mountains… What is their secret?” Nicholas’s eyes lit up as he looked towards the depth of Ankagen Mountains.

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