WOWFRD – Ch 312

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Chapter 312

“It’s so freaking disgusting…” “Xiao Yu was prepared for the sight but couldn’t help but vomit again and again. He had been into many wars and seen so many people die in different gore ways. However, the Meat Wagons were too fucking bloody.

“MAGES! MAGES blow the heck out of these things!” Soldiers were terrified too. They saw their companions be cut into pieces. This kind of shock was comletely different when an enemy soldier cut off a companion’s head in the battlefield. As Xiao Yu had expected the emergence of the undead troops had put an enermous shock into the minds of enemy soldiers.

Boom~ Boom~

Few mages used fireballs to attack the Meat Wagons. About four Meat Wagons were damaged after continous attacks from several mages. High rank mages could do a lot of damage to the Meat Wagons. After all, the Meat Wagons weren’t made out of steel. There were parts which were produced from wood. Nevertheless, this attack from the mages couldn’t stop the advance of the Meat Wagons. At the end of the day, the mana reserve of the mages wasn’t unlimited! Moreover, Gargoyles rushed towards those mages. Xiao Yu commanded the Obsidian Statues to turn into Destroyers and join the Gargoyles while attacking the mages. It was quite hard to fight against air units at dark nights. It didn’t matter whether the enemy hand crossbow or not.

In addition, Xiao Yu wasn’t concerned about the loss of Gargoyles or Destroyers. It was absolutely worth the death of a gargoyle as they were taking the lives of mages which were the major backbone of enemy’s army. Xiao Yu dreaded them in the battlefield and the more mages gargoyles eliminated the easier the defensive battle would be with ordinary soldiers. The walls of the Lion city had huge gaps because of these mages. If such attacks continued in the next days then there would be no walls. Xiao Yu had ordered Foror to send a group of goblins to repair the walls but the building of the walls was limited.

The Meat Wagons divided into several groups as they continued to roll and mince anyone and everyone on their ways. They even went over tents. There was nothing that could stop them.

“Use axes! Use axes to immobilize them!” Powerful warriors from the Kennedy family appeared in the battlefield. They let go of their swords and light weapons and turned to grab giant axes and other heavy weapons to attack the Meat Wagons. All colors of battle energy were emitted from their bodies. Actually, this method was quite useful. Most of these warriors had reached fourth-rank and they could even smash down stone walls let alone machines made out of mixture of steel and wood.

Xiao Yu knew that the time for the Meat Wagons was almost finished so he snapped his fingers and the Abominations entered the battlefield. They were the reserve troops that Xiao Yu hadn’t used in the battlefield.

Each Abomination was counted as two units at the time of the summoning. They were comparable to a peak second-rank warrior in strength. Moreover, their skills were quite terrifying. A cloudy aura full of disease was covering their bodies. As a result, anyone that was close to them would be affected by it.


Xiao Yu didn’t care about the lives of Abominations too. As a result, he was using them for kamikaze attacks. They were three meters tall and held large cleavers, axes, chains or hooks. The enemy had never seen such an attacker. Warriors were powerful but it was quite hard for them to cope with several Abominations at a given time. Moreover, the attacks of the Abominations were very different from normal people. Sometimes they would shove an axe or cleaver against the opponent and at the same time another scythe like hook would be used by their disproportionate limbs.

“Kill … KILL…” The soldiers began to shout. They were in the camp so it was full of enemy soldiers.

Xiao Yu smiled: “They are trying to use numbers to get rid of us… You guys don’t know the way of undeads!”

Xiao Yu waved his hand an group of Necromancers and Banshees joined the battle. The Necromancers began to chant spells and enemy soldiers who had died began to slowly stand up. These newly ‘recruited’ undead troops had yellow lights emitted from their eyes. They picked up weapons from the ground and joined the battle.

The enemy soldiers were shocked as the undead that were attacking them were their former comrades. It caused huge panic in the battlefield. The enemy soldiers were terrified. There was grief and hesitation in their hearts as they used their weapons to kill their former comrades even though they knew that these people had turned into undeads. It was part of human nature. As a result, countless dead soldiers were turned into undeads and joined Xiao Yu’s undead army.

The entire rear part of the camp was in a mess. Countless enemy soldiers were killed. The undeads were killed too but in comparison the loss of Kennedy family was much greater. Xiao Yu had used the undead troops to attack them camp out of sudden. Moreover, the enemy didn’t know how to deal with the undead. In addition, Xiao Yu had chosen the rear of the camp as there were no mechanical puppets in this part of the camp. Xiao Yu would certainly face heavy casualties if there were mechanical puppets in here.

Xiao Yu ordered the undead troops to advance for another hour and half. They went through two large barracks and killed at leasts thousands of enemy soldiers. They killed many mages and warriors too.

There was a smile on Xiao Yu’s face as he ordered the retreat of undead troops. It was enough for tonight!


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