WOWFRD – Ch 311

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Chapter 311

The chaos spread through the camp. Countless soldiers rushed over when they heard the news of an invasion. However, all of them were stunned when they saw that the invaders were undeads. Why would so many undeads appear at the same time?

The army was unstable for the first few minutes. However, the low-level commanders appeared and begun to control their troops. Moreover, magicians joined the defense too. The magical attacks were quite lethal towards the undead. A fireball could kill several ghouls in one go.

“Do you think mages are enough to protect yourselves? Gargoyles! Get ‘em!” Xiao Yu ordered the Gargoyles to attck the mages. In fact, gargoyles had resistance to the magic at a certain level so it was not so easy for a mage to kill them. Moreover, if many gargoyles attacked at the same time it was going to be very hard for the mage to protect himself.


Desnse group of gargoyles rushed towards the first mage. There were 500 of the gargoyles and it was quite easy for them to kill the mage. Afterwards, they rushed towards the other mage.

“This … What the hell are they?” The mages were overwhelmed when the gargoyles appeared. The magic of the mages wasn’t very effective against gargoyles. Moreover, the gargoyles would use their claws or sharp beaks to bite them. There were strong warriors guarding the mages but how could they protect a mage from 500 gargoyles? But it had to be noted that the bodyguards were very loyal. They even used their own bodies to protect the mages from gargoyles. Nevertheless, it took seconds for the gargoyles to tear apart the bodyguards. It was very hard for the mage to teleport away too as all sides were blocked by the gargoyles and it was very hard to chant the spell in that situation. Nevertheless, the gargoyles didn’t completely tear apart the bodies of the mages. They simply killed them. Xiao Yu was planning to bring them back and turn them into Skeleton Mages.

“SHIELDS! SHIELD WAR!” Some commanders reacted to the situation. They knew that they couldn’t allow the undeads to take advantage and get the positions. As a result, they ordered the soldiers to get into formations to defend from the undeads.

Woosh~ Woosh~

The infantrymen rapidly got into the formations. Xiao Yu was quite envious of the speed of action taken by these soldiers as his new recruits in the Lion city weren’t as fast as them.

The defensive formations made by the shields was more than enough to protect the soldiers from ghouls and Crypt Fiends. The attack of the crypt fiends were blocked by the shields while ghouls couldn’t crawl over the shields.

Xiao Yu shouted: “Meat Wagons!”

Xiao Yu was able to summon Meat Wagons after upgrading the undead base to level 2. The Meat Wagons, Demolishers, Glaive Throwers weren’t included within the quota limit. It meant that Xiao Yu could summon up to 100 Demolishers, Glaive Throwers and Meat Wagons at will without ‘wasting away’ his limit of troops. Xiao Yu was excited when he knew that he could summon Meat Wagons.

Hundreds of ghouls pushed the Meat Wagons and rumbling sounds echoed as they entered the battlefield.

“What the fuck is that?” Soldiers were panicking when they saw the Meat Wagons. They had never seen such equipment in their lives. It was a meter tall and had two huge wheels. They didn’t know what material was used to make those wheels but they seemed quite weighty. There was a huge wheel saw in between those two wheels which constantly rotated. It seemed like it would suck in everything that it would encounter and make a meat sauce out of it. There were sharp spikes in front of the Meat Wagon. Each spike was as thick as a child’s arm and a meter long. They would block anyone that tried to attack the Meat Wagon. There were few large scythe shaped things on top of the Meat Wagon which moved constantly and it seemed like they would cut off everything that wasn’t already minced by the grinder in front of the Meat Wagon. Normally, it looked like the Meat Wagon was invincible from all sides but the weakest place was to attack from the above. After all it was just one meter high and an average warrior could jump over. However, anyone who would try that would die miserable. There were mechanical razors that continuously moved and would shred anyone that tried to jump over. In addition, there was a giant crossbow on top of the Meat Wagon who would shoot anyone.

The Meat Wagon seemed to be an equipment made out of only weapons. The Meat Wagons were much powerful and overbearing that Glaive Throwers or Demolishers because of the psychological effect they put on enemies. Xiao Yu believed that only the Steam Engines were comparable to the Meat Wagons on the battlefield. Moreover, the minced enemies weren’t turned into a waste. They could be used as food by the ghouls to regenerate their vitality or the meat wagon would transform the minced meat into plague which would corrode the enemies close by to it.

Xiao Yu would have dominate the continent long ago if he had chosen to go with the undead base since the beginning. They had troops which didn’t feel pain or fear. However, in that case he would be no different than the Arthas from the game. He wasn’t going to be the great king of the kings but the emperor of the undead.

For a human it is better to be dead than be the emperor of the undead.

Kach~ Kach~

The Meat wagons collided with the shield formations of the enemies. The huge spikes would pierce through the shields and throw the soldiers into the meat wagon. The Meat Wagons rushed forward as they strangled, cut and hacked the soldiers while turning them into meat sauce.

Ah~ AH~

The tragic cries of the soldiers echoed throughout the battlefield as the Meat Wagons ravaged the place.

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