WOWFRD – Ch 310

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Chapter 310

The sky was mostly covered by clouds. The stars could be visible from time to time. This kind of night was most perfect for the assault of the undeads. Xiao Yu himself was wearing a large black cloak to cover his body. It seemed that he was integrated into the darkness of the night. However, he felt quite uncomfortable while walking together with so many undeads. He had vomited for a long time until he got used to the rotten smell that exuded from an army of thousands of undeads. Xiao Yu had calculated the timing of the attack in advance. He was planning to enter the Kennedy family camp around 1a.m and kill as many soldiers as he can for the next 3 hours and be back by 4a.m. He could use the undead troops during the day time too but their combat effectiveness would be affected by the appearance of the sun. Moreover, at the nighttime it was quite easy to move so many troops without being detected. The escape would be that easier too.

It didn’t take long for them to reach the camp. Actually, the camp was quite bright and could be found from far away as it was lit by torches all around. Zane had put a lot of scouts to work during the night time so that he could prevent anyone attacking the camp and barracks during the night. As a result, the scouts had already detected the appearance of undead troops about 2 kilometers away from the camp. However, most of them were shocked when they saw these strange troops.

What the hell are these?

These scouts wouldn’t be surprised even an army made out of tens of thousands of orcs appeared. But undead weren’t something that could be seen on daily basis. It was true that many have heard about the existence of undeads in the continent. There were an occasion or two where few undeads were spotted in the continent. But no one had seen a might army made out of undeads for the past many milleniums. It was a thrilling and terrifying scene.

“Report! … Report! … The enemies are attacking! …” The first scout that came back shouted out but couldn’t complete his sentence because of the shock that he had observed.

“What ya panicking fo?” The commander of the scouts kicked the scout in fury. The scout fell down but dismissed the commander’s kick.

“Sire! … Commander! An army…of…undeads….” The scout finished his words as he mumlbed.

“Undeads? Have you lost you mind?” The commander thought that the scout had seen something and was scared of it. Actually, the commander thought that the scout was useless and began to ponder about a way to dispose the man from the duty.

“No … Commander! I’ve seen it with my own eyes! Thousands of them! There is this unworldly stench exuding from them that made me almost vomit.” The scout rapidly continued to explain as he was aware that his commander didn’t believe him.

“Alright! Go on.. Take a rest.” Commander believed that the man was blabbering so he got impatient and sent away the scout. He began to think about a way to punish this useless scout.

However, at the same time another scout rushed in: “Commander! Undeads! An army of undeads! They are almost at the gates of the camp!”

“Say what?” Commander’s eyebrows were raised up. He would have believed that the first scout had gone made but when two scouts reported the same thing it meant something weird was going on.

“I’ll check myself.” The commander of scouts as a warrior had been to many battles. He wasn’t afraid of undeads. However, he was mistaken too. He wasn’t afraid because he hadn’t met any undeads yet.. He hadn’t met an army of undeads…


There was delay of few minutes because of the commander’s doubts but this time frame was enough for Xiao Yu’s undead troops to reach the camp. The patrols began to ring the bells to issue the warnings. At the same time, the archers using bows and crossbows began to shoot at the undeads.

Puff~ Puff~~

The arrows penetrated the bodies of the undead soldiers. They caused some damage but undeads weren’t effected by the physical attacks unless the key parts of their bodies were shot. They just continued to march. It was one of the greatest advantages of undead troops. How could you kill that is already dead? They didn’t feel pain, fear or anything. Only the blood-lust.

Ah~ Ah~

Screams of soldiers echoed out as two thousand ghouls climbed over the wooden fences and entered the defense towers. They began to chew the patrols in them. These humans didn’t have any battle experience against the ghouls. They didn’t know how to deal with the ghouls. The soldiers just bluntly waved their swords but ghouls dodged them and jumped over to bite and chew their bodies. The attack of the ghouls was similar to the attack of the beasts. However, there was an extra feat that the beasts didn’t have. The stenchy smell exuding from their bodies which morally and psychologically pressured down the minds of human soldiers.

Chaos began when the screams of bitten soldiers echoed out. The ghouls were normally short but they were flexible and fast. Moreover, when few ghouls bit a human there was no room to fight back.

There weren’t many patrolling soldiers so the fight was over before it began as two thousand ghouls swiftly entered the camp.

“What’s happening? What’s going on? Enemies?” The other soldiers woke up from deep sleep because of the alarms. They rushed out to join the battle but they were shocked when they saw the identity of the enemies.

“This … What the fuck is going on?” The soldiers were stupefied. Actually, any normal person would have such an expression when they would see so many undeads.

Whoosh~ Whoosh~ Whoosh~….


The soldiers heard weird sounds. Suddenly they felt their bodies itch and feel dizzy. They looked to the fences and saw lots of spiders as big as tigers crawl over. The Crypt Fiends were shooting at them. These soldiers began to fall to the ground one by one… The Crypt Fiends shot darts that had strong toxins. They didn’t kill but paralyzed the nerves of living beings. The enemy would feel numbness and dizziness for a short period of time. It was a short period of time but that time frame was more than enough for the ghouls to rush to eat those soldiers. Their vitality would be restored and their wounds cured as they ate the human flesh.


TL Note: Who is bad now?

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