WOWFRD – Ch 31

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Chapter 31

Editor: ZeXu


Clip- clop…

The sounds of heavy cavalry echoed as if they were moving tanks. The atmosphere condensed as they entered the battlefield.

It would take the heavy cavalry roughly 10 seconds to pass through the 300 meter distance, so even the powerful grunts would be unable to stop their charge. At the end of the day, orcs were powerful creatures of flesh and blood while heavy cavalry could even kill armored infantrymen.

At the same time as the charge, the grunts suddenly moved aside as two strange shaped machines were pushed out.

Each machine seemed to have two giant wings. However, these weren’t wings of feathers but of iron. The wings were fully spread; there was a cold crescent shaped blade in the middle of each of them.

Marcus felt an abnormal feeling the moment he saw the bird-like machines.

The moment the heavy cavalry were about 150 steps away from the orcs, two blades flew out from the Glaive Throwers. They were like huge silver plates, and each had the diameter of two meters. They whistled as they flew towards the cavalry.

They were extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, both blades reach the heavy cavalry. Puchi~ Puchi~ Sounds echoed.

The horses moved forward but their legs were left on the ground where they had stood. The blades were extremely sharp and was able to slash off legs of dozens of horses. It was the power of Glaive Throwers.

It was an extremely shocking situation because not only did the armor protect the knights, the horses wore armor too. The horses had hard armor cover even the legs so they wouldn’t be easily wounded by enemies on the battlefield.

Only the calves of the horses hadn’t covered with armor, but because of the high-speed movement of the cavalry arrows and other long-range weapons would find a hard time hitting their calves; doing so was very unlikely. The upper body of the horses was covered in heavy armor, making it very difficult to be penetrated by long-range attacks of this world’s current era.

This was also the reason why heavy cavalry could run amok, rampaging through battlefields. However, the Glaive Thrower displayed its prowess on this battlefield.

“What is that thing?” Even a blind man would be able to see the impact of the machines, let alone Marcus and the rest of the bandits— whose eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.

All of a sudden several rows of horses hit the ground.

The bandits were in shock. If a weapon could slice through several rows of heavy armored cavalry then what would have been the result if ordinary soldiers and bandits had faced it? Wouldn’t they be easily cut into two halves?

Imagine a situation in the battlefield where the soldiers in front were sliced into two halves all of a sudden! What kind of visual would that be? What kind of shock would it instill?

The Knights were still charging forward, but a contradictory fear was bursting in their hearts; the speeds of the mounts slowed down when they saw the scene in front of their eyes.

Xiao Yu was standing on top of the walls: “First group! Shoot!”

Bang~~ bang~~

A series of gunfire echoed and a few more knights fell down from their horses. The horses coming behind them jumped over their bodies for the most part but some of them didn’t, then tripped over and fell to the ground.

“Second group! Shoot!” Xiao Yu shouted once more and the same scene played once more.

By this time, the Glaive Throwers were filled with a new set of blades. The faces of the knights were filled with despair as they saw the strange machines ready once more.

Puchi~ Puchi~

Again more than a dozen horses were cut off two from their thighs. The Knights and their mounts fell to the ground; the painful neighs of horses echoed loudly.

“First Group! Shoot!” Xiao Yu shouted once more. Each bang echoed as it brought despair into the hearts of the enemy.

The cavalry needed only ten seconds to reach the grunts. According to Marcus’s plan, the cavalry would then smash through the orcs as bandits followed to clean up the rest. But in this ten seconds, less than 200 cavalries were able to reach the gate. Moreover, their charge didn’t have a strong impact. They were waving their spears to no effect.

Long spears were the nightmare of all soldiers in the battlefield. Even heavily armored infantry would be poked through and killed by them. However, those long spears weren’t too useful in this terrain.

The grunts were in the gate, so the cavalry had only 1 opportunity to strike. If they couldn’t wound the grunts then they couldn’t follow up with another strike. In battles that occur mainly in plains or wilderness, the cavalry would turn around after the first charge to make a second strike from a different angle. The charge would continue as they would approached different angles— but this terrain didn’t give them chance for a second strike; they were facing walls!

As a result, there was no significant difference between cavalry and grunts.

The guns were still shooting from the walls as the 300 grunts densely blocked their advance.

Xiao Yu knew what role rifles could play on the battlefield. As a result, he didn’t let the riflemen shoot on will but divided them into two groups that fired one after the other.

Moreover, he wasn’t planning on using them to kill many knights on each strike as he knew that with the low accuracy of the rifles, merely 25 couldn’t do much against 300 cavalry— but they would play an important psychological role in the battle.

The Knights wore heavy armor that normal swords or spears couldn’t pierce through. Theoretically, their weak points were their joints and other soft spots.

The bullets couldn’t pierce the armors of the knights on the hardest parts, but they would inevitably hit the neck, eyes, knees or some other part of the horses or knights. Moreover, they could still pierce through relatively thin parts of armor.

Xiao Yu was satisfied as bullets knocked over few horses. His goal wasn’t only killing the enemy but creating obstacles that slowed the momentum of the heavy cavalry’s charge. In addition, the two Glaive Throwers committed both very strong physical and mental damages to enemies. As a result, the combination of two weapons completely decimated the heavy cavalry’s charge.

Argh~ Argh~

Normal soldiers wouldn’t be much of a use against mounted Knights.

Their bodies were wrapped in armors and were invulnerable to spears and swords; they could kill many ordinary soldiers even if they didn’t succeed in their charge. However, the grunts were a different matter. Xiao Yu had taught them a very simple way to deal with the heavy cavalry. The grunts would use their strength to grab the horses, then use brute force to knock them to the ground. While grunts couldn’t stop the fast charge of the cavalry, they could overturn the horses!

Grom was standing still as he looked at Marcus. The grunts weren’t Marcus’s opponents as his strength was too strong. Only Grom would be able to deal with Marcus.

At the same time, grunts flanked around to attack the horses and used their axes to slash the thighs of the horses to wound and overturn them. The Knights had problems standing up as their armor was too heavy. The grunts then used their giant axes to directly smash the heads of the knights covered by helmets.

“Ah … My cavalry…” Marcus saw that his cavalry was almost completely decimated. He ordered his bandits to rush out.

However, two blades flew over and slashed through the bodies of the bandits. The bottom halves of the sliced bodies would make a few more steps before falling down while the upper body would stay in air for a moment before dropping. The bandits were shocked! If ordinary soldiers had tried to use the Glaive Throwers then they wouldn’t be able to manage changing the machine’s trajectory. However, two grunts were strong enough to flexibly change the direction of Glaive Thrower and shoot it.

The riflemen were now shooting at will as bandits tried to rush the walls. Archers supported the grunts by killing bandits who tried to attack them.

The riflemen were ordered to not try help or support the orcs because their shooting accuracy was so low. There was no guarantee that they wouldn’t hit a grunt instead of a bandit. As a result, Xiao Yu relied on the accurate elven archers.

Marcus saw that he had no other way out. He was in despair, and hoped to rely on the number of his bandits to kill the enemy.

Some of the bandits tried to get onto the walls but the footmen were successful in knocking them down. The footmen employed a shield formation and didn’t let anyone through to the stone stairs.

25 footmen were standing in rows shoulder-to-shoulder. One’s shield covered the body of another. This was the shield formation of Alexander the Great.

The footmen didn’t need to attack. They just had to stay in a defensive formation and the archers would kill the bandits that tried to attack.

A golden light burst out. Xiao Yu was surprised to find that the Archmage had reached level 6.

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  1. ”It would take the heavy cavalry roughly 10 seconds to pass through the 300 meter distance”

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