WOWFRD – Ch 309

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Chapter 309

“Dragon? Is that a Dragon?” An uproar arose in the enemy side when they saw a dragon appear. However, the soldiers of the Lion city roared in excitement. It was the shock that was brought by the appearance of a dragon in the battlefield. The dragons were the top existences sitting on the peak of the pyramid of life. Any person would look at them with admiration, veneration and fear. The dragons had strong bodies since birth and had natural talent for magic. Their combat strength was the best out of all races and they were the most likely ones to reach the apex.

Xiao Yu’s dragon was just a third-rank but it was in no way inferior to a fifth-rank human magician. There were few like Theodore who dared to fight a dragon on their own. After all, a sixth-rank mage was at least dozens of times stronger than a fifth-rank magician.

In short, the dragons were the most terrifying existences. A simply fire breath was enough to kill quite a few Blackrock clan orcs in one go. The Druids of the Talon didn’t lose this opportunity too. They transformed into storm crows and flied. They used the Hurricane skill to blow out the other orcs.


Dragon was satisfied by the shock that its appearance had caused. It dived once again and used its claws to grab soldiers and throw them around.

“How the fuck does he have a dragon?” Zane’s face was already ugly because they couldn’t make a foothold on the city wall. At the moment, the appearance of the dragon had shocked him. It had been thousands of years since anyone had met a Dragon Rider. No one was able to tame one in milleniums. Kennedy family had tried to tame dragons over many years. They were even able to kill a few of them but never were successful in taming one. Why would the proudest race in the continent willing to submit to Xiao Yu? What would happen when the dragon agrees to make a contract with Xiao Yu? It had been milleniums since the dragons had refused to be mounts…

At the same time, Nicholas jumped up from his chair as he looked at the scene from distance. He murmured to himself: “He has a dragon… He has a red fire dragon… Dragon Riders had disappeared long ago… If this information is known in the continent then his reputatino will continue to grow… This information must be restricted! It can’t spread…”

The situation stablized after the dragon. The dragon was able to freely roam in the battlefield but the Kennedy family couldn’t block its attacks. They had no battle experience against a dragon so they couldn’t organize their attacks against the dragon. The enemy formations were messed up because of the dragon. Zane saw that continuing the battle as is was going to make them lose more manpower so he ordered the retreat of the troops. He had to reorganize the battle plan.

Xiao Yu summoned the dragon back when he saw that the enemies were retreating. He commanded the people to clean the battlefield. Moreover, appearance of orcs from the Blackrock clan had put heavy casualties upon the Lion city. In addition, the enemies had excellent equipment and powerful mages by their side. They were using Shade Arrows which had wind element arrays engraved on them. Those Shade Arrows were deathly when used against the air units of Xiao Yu. As a result, Xiao Yu wasn’t willing to use air units on large scale.

“Motherfuckers! This is what means to be rich and powerful… They use Shade Arrows on regular basis.. However, there is no need to worry as master Higgins will give me Magical Explosive Arrows soon…” Xiao Yu knew that his warriors were strong. However, they were weak in face of absolte power. He had lost even 4 Mountain Giants. He could summon more from the base but he was feeling bad because he had lost his beloved soldiers…

The production of iron ware was limited because of the war so Xiao Yu wasn’t able to give iron armor to all the mountain giants. The Mountain Giants were tall and powerful but they were the first target of enemy’s attacks. The Mountain Giants weren’t afraid of any warrior but attacks from the several high-rank mages could kill them and turn them into pile of rocks. In addition, they moved very slowly which was their shortcoming. As a result, Xiao yu didn’t send them to the front.

“Daytime was yours but you will see what happens when the night comes… “Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up as he looked at the enemy camp. He knew that all the undead units were summoned after one day so tonight he was planning to attack.

Xiao Yu sneaked out from the Lion city and went to undead base at night. He was excited when he saw the dark aura pouring out from the undead troops.

“It’s time for you to get out and show the world what you are capable of.. I’m taking you guys to eat some human flesh…” Xiao Yu shouted as he looked at the undead troops.


The undead units roared in response to Xiao Yu’s words. He didn’t immediately take them to Kennedy family’s camp but to the villages in his own territory. Xiao Yu wanted to make sure that this attack wouldn’t come back to hit him in the future. He had to calculate ahead as people took the undeads very seriously and he couldn’t leave a trail.

Xiao Yu didn’t let the undeads kill the ordinary people but made them roar in front of the villages. The people woke up to see the undeads and were quite frightened. However, the amulets given by Xiao Yu began to burst in golden light. The undead troops pretended that they were frightened and left the villages.

Xiao Yu was quite satisfied with the acting skills of these undead warriors. He took thousands of them as he went towards the rear of the Kennedy family’s camp.

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    1. Nah, he’ll teach them how to dance to “Thriller” and use troupes of wandering undead dancers to win the hearts of the people 🙂

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