WOWFRD – Ch 308

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Chapter 308

Xiao Yu returned back to the Lion city with just Illidan. Maiev looked at him as if she was looking at an enemy. Both of them had been fighting each other for a long time so it was going to be quite hard to digest the hatred. Xiao Yu didn’t know the reason of this hatred but he didn’t mind speculating about the problem. At the end of the day, it was good to have one more hero by his side. Illidan’s appearance was far from similar to human so he explained to the rest of the people that he had summoned a devil servant that was under his complete control. No one rejected or objected this as there were people who had summoned otherworldly beings as servants and there was nothing wrong with that. Of course, having a demon or two wouldn’t make people panic. But the situation would be totally different if they knew that Xiao Yu had an army of undeads.

Illidan could learn four skill at this point. They were:

Mana Burn (up to level 3): Demon Hunter sends a bolt of negative energy that burns the enemy’s mana reserve.

Immolation (up to level 5): Demon Hunter wraps himself in flame to hurt the nearby enemies.

Evasion (up to level 3): Demon Hunter’s chance of avoiding the enemy attacks increases.

Successive cuts (up to level 3): Demon Hunter rapidly waves his double-edged blades to cut the enemies.

Kennedy family’s troops were once again at the doorsteps of the city to attack. Xiao Yu’s side had a lot of casualties yesterday but thanks to the 400 priests at hand the wounded soldiers had survived. The slightly injured ones could already participate in the up-coming battle. The priests were a rare and scarce people in this era. There were few priests in the temples that could heal the wounds but all of them were under the church. It meant that ordinary armies didn’t have such people. Ordinarily, the priests weren’t that much of a value as the base warriors but in this world their skills were unreplacable. The morale and mentality of the soldiers were stable and their actions were more daring because of the existence of priests. Moreover, the soldiers knew that their would be alright as long as there were no fatal wounds. It was a benefit that the Kennedy family didn’t have. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu had lost almost 10,000 ordinary soldiers yesterday which was a proof to the fierceness of yesterday’s battle.

It was mainly due to high rank mages that Lion city had so many casualties. They were like the cannons that released attacks one after another. If it wasn’t for Xiao Yu’s base warriors then the Kennedy family would have already breached through the defenses of Lion city long ago because of the high rank mages.

Xiao Yu’s grunts, elves and other warriors were extremely powerful but Kennedy family had provided good armor, strong crossbows, excellent shields to the trained Wei army. Xiao Yu’s ordinary soldiers were ‘poor’ in comparison to the well equipped Wei army. It wasn’t something that could be made up in a day or two either.


The battle broke out once again. The earth was bound to be colored in blood red. The soldiers of the Wei Principality were brave as their rushed towards the Lion city. Soldiers of the Lion city didn’t retreat a step back either. Xiao Yu had implemented tax breaks, good conditions for the families of the martyrs, incentives for the meritorious service and other policies which made them fight until the last drop of blood in their bodies. There was a firm determinatino expressed on the face of each soldier as they looked at countless fireballs that were thrown at Lion city.

Battle seemed like an gorgeous place where epic achievements could be made. However, it had to be noted that those achievements were made by real flesh and blood.

The ordinary soldiers of the Lion city were already veterans because of yesterday’s battle. Their battle style had matured.


The orcs of the Blackrock clan rushed towards the city. There were few warlocks among them who used evil magic to help their comrades. The Blackrock clan was quite different from the Warson or Frostwolf Clan because of their believes in superstitious forces and that only the strong could rule.

Xiao Yu saw that there were at least 5000 orcs from the blackrock clan that charged towards the city. It seems that Zane was sending all the orcs to the Lion city so that they could bruteforce and break in to the city. Zane had determined the strength of Lion city’s defense in yesterday’s battle and today was going for a breach.

Xiao Yu was aware that it was a serious test for the Lion city as so many orcs from the blackrock clan were attacking. They had to withstand or the war would be over before it had began. Xiao Yu had a lot of orcs under his rule too. Moreover, he had the advantage of having shamans, Kodo beasts, Thrall’s totems and so on. However, it was going to take a lot of time to bring them all from the base to fight the enemy. It was a weakness that Zane was using at the moment. Actually, Zane was able to see through the shortcomings of Xiao Yu’s plan very easily.

Xiao Yu could mobilize the air units but the enemy had been equipped with crossbows and shade arrows.

“Motherfuckers! Dragon! Get them!” Xiao Yu called out to dragon. He needed the dragon to put psychological pressure upon the enemies.


The red dragon flied to the sky as it roared up. It’s huge wings flapped up as it gracefully swam in the sky and rushed towards the Blackrock clan orcs. It took a deep breath and blew out fire…


The flames rumbled as they soared like thunder and engulfed the orcs. The orcs were stubborn and brave by nature but they couldn’t go head on against a dragon.

Xiao Yu hid in the corner when the dragon breathed fire. He jumped out and cussed afterwards: “Burn them! You are a red dragon! Burn the suckers to ashes!”

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