WOWFRD – Ch 306

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Chapter 306

The bloody battle continued on. It was the fiercest battle Lion city had faced until now. Everyone’s eyes were red and full of bloodthirst as the enemies rushed in and defenders killed them. Nevertheless, the city was standing still in a solid manner. It was true that there were huge gaps on the walls of the city because of the mages of the enemy. An enemy soldier would jump in through those holes. However, none of them would come back alive.

“Motherfucker! The fireballs of mages is no different from the hot weapon warfare of the modern Earth… It’s like cannon shells thrown at us…” Xiao Yu just avoided a fireball. But he was aware that it was hard to kill those mages who had numerous kinds of protection ready for them. There were at least few fourth-rank warriors by their side who would protect each mage. It was too difficult even for Tyrande to shoot the mages. At the moment, the only threat to those mages were Demolishers, Glaive Throwers and heavy ballistas. In the last few days, they were able to kill few mages but Lion city had faced a lot of casualties too. Xiao Yu was lucky that the walls of the Lion city were solid enough to protect them from such an attack.

In addition, the help of the air units was huge too. The enemies had heavy ballistas to shoot them but advantage the air units had over the enemies was high. Bat Riders had bombed the enemies several times while Gryphon Riders had used lightning attacks and Hippogryph Riders had used accurate shooting to kill the enemies. The enemy was troubled because of Batriders and Gryphon Riders. In this era, the lack of air units had put the enemy in difficult position as they didn’t know how to fight against them.

There were high casualties on Xiao Yu’s side but the death toll of summoned warriors was low. It was mainly ordinary soldiers that were killed or injured. At the same time, more than half of the Druids of the Talon, Druids of the Claw, Gryphon Riders and Sorceresses had reached level 10. The warriors who had reached level 10 were quite tough. The Sorceresses could use invisibility, polymorph and other skills that would put the enemies into life and death situations. Sorceresses would slow the movement of the enemies if too many of them rushed up. The high level warriors too would be affected if more than a dozen sorceresses acted together. At the time, a group of orcs would besiege the high rank warrior and kill him. Most of the time, fourth-rank or even fifth-rank warriors would be transformed into sheep by the sorceresses. These warriors would obediently wait for their death in sheep form.

It was quite easy for sorceresses to turn a fourth-rank warriors into a sheep but it was quite hard to transform a fifth-rank warrior. Nevertheless, when a dozens of them acted together the rate of failure would decrease by quite a bit. Kennedy family was proud of their fourth-rank and fifth-rank warriors. These warriors could cause confusion by rushing to the city walls. They couldn’t establish positions on the city walls or else they would seize the city long ago. Xiao Yu would be having headache if it wasn’t for the Sorceresses. In addition to the sorceresses the druids which had reached level 10 would use the Hurricane skill to sweep the battlefield. The moment when lots of enemies attacked the city walls the Druids would use the hurricane to throw these people off the walls.

Shu chi and Zane were quite troubled because of the hurricanes. The moment they would establish a foothold on the wall Xiao Yu’s side would use the hurricane skill. They were told that there were few mages in the Lion city. Who are these people then? It seems that these were not high rank mages but hurricane wasn’t something that any mage would summon. Moreover, even high rank warriors were affected when lots of druids used the hurricane skill.

“What a happy day!” Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at the defenders of the city. He wasn’t afraid of the fall of the city after observing the battle for quite a while. Nevertheless, there were lots of ordinary soldiers who had fallen during the battle. Their casualties was much lower in comparison to the enemy but it still didn’t make Xiao Yu feel good about it. The firepower of the enemy mages was too high. There were at least 10000 ordinary soldiers who had lost their lives from Lion city while at least 30,000 enemy soldiers died.


Xiao Yu heard a prompt from the game system. His rank had raised by one level (commander rank).

“Yea! Finally!” Xiao Yu almost cried out of happiness. Finally, he could upgrade the undead base and summon undead troops. Moreover, surprisingly he could summon 5000 more units. How much damage could he make by summing 5000 undead units?

The offense of the enemy had slowed down by the evening. They had attacked for a whole day and eaten much loss. In addition, the soldiers were physically and mentally exhausted. They withdrew by the sunset.

This battle was tragic but Xiao Yu had gained a lot. Most of his summoned warriors had upgrade. The levels of the heroes had increased too. Antonidas was the first to break through level 30 and at the moment he had reached level 34. It wasn’t difficult for Antonidas to upgrade because of unlimited mana potions that he had. Tyrande, Grom, Cairne Bloodhoof and Maeiv had reached level 32. Surprisingly, Uther had leveled up faster than everyone. He was at level 28. He was blessing all the human soldiers so he was gaining experience when each of these soldiers did damage upon enemies. Thrall was at level 29 and he had upgraded 7 levels in one go. In addition, Thrall wasn’t just only using totems and blessing the grunts and orcs but using the chain lightning to kill the enemies. Kael’thas shined in the battlefield too. He had reached level 28.

The heroes had levelled up, the warriors had upgraded and Xiao Yu had reached a new height too. He was looking at the retreat of the enemy troops. Afterwards, he went through the secret passage towards the undead base…

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  1. “What a happy day”

    *Proceeds to mention 10,000 soldiers dying on his side and how he’s saddened by the loss of life, even though he’s smiling*

    The author seems intent on making the MC look like a sociopath…

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