WOWFRD – Ch 305

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Chapter 305

Xiao Yu didn’t chase after Kennedy family’s troops when he saw them retreat from the battlefield. There was quite a many high-rank mages within those troops. The defense towers had already put a lot of pressure upon the Kennedy family and killed quite a few high-rank magicians. It was more than enough for the moment. However, it would be another matter if Xiao Yu choose to follow after them. He knew that he would face heavy casualties…

In addition, there were the mechanical puppets that were almost invincible in the battlefield. Those puppets were quite useless at the battle because of the fear of Grypon Riders. However, the situation would be totally different if those 200 mechanical puppets were directly involved and active in the battlefield.

Xiao Yu’s face was ugly. There was a depressed expression on Robert’s face too. Originally, he planned to use mechanical puppets, Blackrock clan orcs, powerful mages and warriors to get the bases. But the dense arrow attacks from the defense towers had put him into a helpless situation. He had use the scrolls made by powerful mages to flatten so many towers but at the same time he had lost several fourth-rank mages.

Any principality with a few fourth-rank mages could be called invincible at the moment so he knew that he had a big loss. Moreover, there were several times more high-rank warriors that were lost in the battlefield. The peak fourth-rank and fifth-rank warriors weren’t cabbages or apples that could be picked up on the field… There were way too many strange units that made it impossible to guard his troops. Robert could flatten a big Principality or Duchy with these forces but he was powerful as he faced Xiao Yu…

“Who is this Xiao Yu? How come he has so many bizarre troops?” Robert’s face was more darker than the skin of the orcs from the Blackrock clan. Nevertheless, there wasn’t even a single person that responded to his questions. The subordinates didn’t even dare to breathe heavily. They knew that someone had to die when the young master got angry.

“What are we going to do now? Zane, speak your mind!” Robert got more furious when he saw that no one dared to speak. He directly ordered the actual commander to speak.

“Master, there is no need for concern. We have the advantage of numbers so it’s alright if we weren’t successful in the sneak attack.. We will just use a blunt storm tactic to wear them out.” Zane stepped out to reply. In fact, Zane had different perspective on this particular war but he didn’t dare to speak out his mind in front of young master. He was aware more than anyone else that the intolerance was the greatest fault of his master.

“What’s going to be the next step?” Robert’s mind was a mess as he had faced a defeat. Actually, he had been into many wars before. But he had always used brute force to break through the defenses of enemies. He had won without using any tactics so he knew nothing about setbacks. His mind was in chaos as the ‘plan’ he believed to be foolproof had failed him. He was feeling overwhelmed as he had brought a lot of powerful units but still couldn’t achieve anything.

He hated Gryphon Riders more than anything as the mechanical puppets couldn’t move in because of them. Otherwise, he would have won the battle long time ago.

“Simple slaughter…” Zane’s eye lit up. He knew that the Lion city didn’t have many soldiers and most of them were new recruits. Their experience was lacking so they would be easily overwhelmed and exhausted if they continued to storm. The city would be captured sooner or later if they continued this way.

Robert was silent for a minute: “We will start tomorrow… ” Afterwards, Robert went to his own tent. There were beauties waiting him there and he was going to vent his anger on them. Zane began to assign the tasks to prepare for the offense.

Xiao Yu ordered the peasants and peons to repair the towers. He made sure that the Kennedy family wouldn’t dare to attack the bases once again. After that he returned back to the Lion city. He was aware that the Kennedy family would chose to use brute force to exhaust his troops… Kennedy family’s forces were totally different from Solomon’s or Subaru’s troops. Xiao Yu checked his merit service points on his way back.

“Not much left to reach the next rank.. I’ll upgrade the undead base and use thousands of undeads to make suicide attacks… I’ll make sure that no one gets to sleep during the nights…” A cold trace flashed past Xiao Yu’s eyes as he murmured.

There was a need of large investment to train a good soldier. Moreover, at least one or two years was needed for that. Xiao Yu summoned the warriors from the bases so he didn’t have to wait for that much of time. Moreover, now he wasn’t short of money either. The best group of warriors to be summoned in this case was undead troops. He felt close to the other troops as he looked at them like partners or friends. He felt bad when he lost an orc, human or elf but he didn’t felt so about the undeads…

Sounds echoed out as war drums were banged before the sunrise. The battle was about to kick off. Xiao Yu stood on the city wall and looked at heavy ballistas, blackrock orcs, siege equipments and so on. He knew that a bloody battle was bound to happen.

Xiao Yu turned to look at the new recruits whose face was full of stress and tension. He smiled and walked towards them to bless. The hearts of the soldiers turned warm when they saw their lord smile and bless (uther’s skill, not godfather style blessing 😀 ) them. Courage began to change the feeling of fear.

The enemy soldiers began to march towards the Lion city. The soldiers of the Wei principality didn’t even know why they participated in this war. All they knew was that they were fulfilling their duties as the soldiers of the Wei Principality. In fact, these soldiers were more pitiful than the new recruits of the Lion city. The soldiers of the Lion city were there to protect their territory. However, the soldiers of the Wei Principality were fighting for some mighty family.


Shu Chi shouted and the soldiers began to charge. This cry mean that there was no room to retreat. The only place to go was forward. In this world, this simple soldiers were equal to dust in the eyes of generals or high level officials… However, those simple soldiers were made out of flesh and blood too. They had feelings, loved ones and so on…


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  1. Too bad Xiao Yu doesn’t have necromancers along with his undead troops, otherwise the wave tactics would rear a terrible cost on Roberts forces. Especially if multiple skeleton warriors could appear from a body like in the game. even worse if there was the skeletal mage upgrade in place giving a warrior and a mage for every dead man.

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