WOWFRD – Ch 304

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Chapter 304

Xiao Yu looked at the passage created by the scrolls: “Motherfucker! It’s great to have so many mages by your side.. Unfortunately, Kael’thas is just at level 21.. Otherwise, he would be rocking the battle with his fire magic…” Kael’thas had reached level 21 at the last offensive battle at the Dui Principality. However, he was quite shy in terms of power when it came to compare him with fourth-rank mages. Actually, Xiao Yu was quite jealous when he saw Kennedy family have so many high rank mages.

“Orcs? Orc warriors? They have orcs?” Xiao Yu couldn’t believe his eyes. He looked at the dark skinned orcs that were rushing towards the base. He checked the banners of those orcs and said: “Blackrock clan? Motherfucker, this prodigal son has Blackrock clan under his command? Isn’t he aware of the ambitions of the Blackrock clan? Isn’t he afraid that they would hurt him at the end?”

Orcs weren’t natives of Azeroth like the other races but had transmigrated from Draenor. They were divided into several tribes after long-term wars and tribulations. The main tribes were Warsong clan, Frostwolf clan and others while clans such as Blackrock and Shadowmoon were the representatives of evil deeds. Xiao Yu didn’t expect that the evil Blackrock clan would survive after so many thousands of years.

Did it mean that there were other orc clans which had survived?

Xiao Yu was thinking to use Thrall and Grom to assimiliate the orcs of Robert when he heard the news from Shu Chi. However, the Blackrock clan was a completely different matter. Their leader Blackhand was an enemy of Thrall.


The grunts roared with hatred and fury when they saw the orcs from the Blackrock clan. They charged to meet the offense of these enemy orcs. The bloodthirst and killing intent could be felt from far away when these two opposite sides clashed. It seemed like a meteor had crashed into earth. It was no wonder that the orcs were called the best warriors in the continent. The other units could be used as auxiliary help at the moment.

The advantages of Xiao Yu’s orcs slowly played out as minutes passed. Thrall and Grom were leading them and the summoned grunts were being supported by shamans, kodo beasts, totems and so on. The Blackrock clan hadn’t gone extinct but the survivors didn’t have their old chiefs or warlocks that could help them during the battle. Nevertheless, the mages, mechanical puppets and powerful warriors of the Kennedy family supported the orcs from the Blackrock clan.

The mages could use magic to kill several grunts in one go but they couldn’t roam freely as there were hundreds of towers on each sides which could kill them at any given moment. Xiao Yu knew that he couldn’t withstand the offense of the Kennedy family if it wasn’t for these defense towers. He had ordered the Gryphon Riders to stay away as the mages would attack them the instant they appeared.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~…

The arrows were thrown from the dense forests which claimed the lives of Kennedy family troops. The forests were covered in darkness and the elves were the naturals of this type of environment. The enemy had mages but they couldn’t detect the positions of the elves in the darkness. In addition, it wasn’t logical to waste mana to kill just one single elf.

Xiao Yu was relying on the advantage of various types of troops and the home location to fight the Kennedy family while the enemy relied on mages, powerful warriors and orcs to continue the battle.

“Motherfuckers! Want to bully me? PEASANTS! FIGHT!” Xiao Yu saw that the battle was in a deadlock and both sides were having heavy casualties. It was true that he couldn’t amass new power at the moment but he could use the peasants and peons in this situation. Xiao Yu had summoned lots of peasants and peons in advance to prevent the attacks to the base. Originally, they were hard-working units with little offensive power. However, in times of attacks to the base they could arm themselves and fight the attacks.

In an instant, thousands of peasants rushed from the human base waving their shields and swords. Their combat effectiveness was low but it had to be known that enough ants could kill an elephant.

The situation in the battlefield changed when the peasants joined the battle. The Kennedy family’s troops were supporting the orcs but peasants would neatly surround the enemy orcs and kill them. Few peasants would die in the process but they would successfully killl an enemy orc.

“The peasants are quite useful.. Summon peasants!” Xiao Yu decided to summon more when he saw their effectiveness in the battlefield. Originally, both sides were matched in the battlefield but the introduction of the peasants ot the battlefield changed the deadlock.

“Master, we won’t be able to get anywhere like this.. It’s better to withdraw.” Zane carefully said to Robert.

Robert’s face was ugly at the moment. He saw that they were in a disadvantage and he would face huge casualties if he continued with the march. He ordered the troops to retreat. At the beginning he had come to attack because there were no walls but who knew that there would be so many strong defense towers?


Sorry for the late release.. I had translated it hours ago but by mistake deleted the chapter and re-translated from zero. SAD! 🙁

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    1. well they do but as battle rages on unites die so that free space created are used for peasants!

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