WOWFRD – Ch 303

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Chapter 303

Xiao Yu wasn’t very worried about the bases. He had already done enough preparation for such an attack. It was impossible for Kennedy family or any other force to break through the defense lines made by Xiao Yu in such a short time. In addition, some warriors were back to the bases to sleep for the night. So there was additional support in the bases too.

Xiao Yu had put the peasants and peons in the defense towers close to the base so that they patrolled the areas during the night time. He had built few thousand defense towers around the periphery of the bases. Moreover, these defense towers had upgraded to level 2 with the upgrade of orc and human bases. All of them were neatly arranged and weren’t inferior to a wall.

The battle had already started when Xiao Yu arrived at the base. As Xiao Yu had expected the Kennedy family weren’t able to break through the outermost layer of the defensive line. The level 2 defense towers of orc and human bases were strong. All of them had heavy crossbows and when thousands of them shoot at the same time the sky would be covered in rains of large arrows.

The assassins from the Kennedy family had come over for investigations in advance. However, the elves had camouflaged most of the towers so even those fifth-rank assassins weren’t able to detect all of them. In addition, even the fifth-rank assassins were at best able to investigate and explore the periphery of the bases but couldn’t enter any of them. The towers weren’t used during their explorations so they had made serious mistakes regarding the firepower of these towers.

The Kennedy family had mainly used mechanical puppets to pass through the towers. The puppets used their huge swords to slice through the towers but the towers weren’t easily cut off. It was very difficult for the puppets to pass through from one tower let alone thousands of them. The puppets used their strong swords to cut off the towers but it took few hours to accomplish this task.

“Hmpf! Did he think that I am a fool? Did he really think that I would attack so casually? It was just a confusion.. It was all played so that he thinks I wouldn’t attack at night.. The base for the races that made allegiance to him is here… I will capture this place and pull off the roots that help him.. Capturing the city will be just the desert to the main meal… ” Robert’s face was full of pride as he looked towards the direction of the summoned bases.

Zane who was by his side added: “Young master is wise.. I’m far to shallow when it comes to strategies but young master have thought about everything.. We will dominate the continent with the leadership of the young master and I’ll see the day when the young master becomes the greatest king of kings!”

Robert smiled as Zane’s boast was pushing up his ego.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~….

Gryphon Riders rushed to the scene and attacked the mechanical puppets with lightning.

“Gryphons… Kill them!” Robert roared when he saw the Gryhpon Riders appear on the scene. He was informed about the death of hundred mechanical puppets at the hands of Gryphon Riders. But he still couldn’t understand why the Gryphon Riders posed such a huge threat to mechanical puppets.

The mages began to chant spells as soon as they heard Robert’s order. The Gryphon Riders began to disperse in the air and leave the place when they saw the mages getting ready to attack. They were aware that the high-level mages were a great threat to them.

The last time the Gryphon Riders were able to kill high level warrior and mages because of cluster of chain lightning. However, they had chased after the high level mages that escaped from the Lecce city. The reason was that those high level mages would desperately try to protect themselves and attack the Gryphon Riders.


Boom Boom~~

The mages were able to kill almost a dozen Gryphon Riders before they could escape. Fourth-rank and fifth-rank mages were terrifying existence. Nevertheless, by the time the Gryphon Riders left a group of Bat Riders flew over the Kennedy family troops. Lots of Liquid Fire were thrown down and the Bat Riders left without staying. These attacks were made so that the Kennedy family’s advance would be stopped for a while as the reinforcements came to the base.

“Why haven’t we been able to pass through these defenses for so long?” Robert picked up his eyebrows. The air units from the Lion city had arrived but they still weren’t able to reach the bases.

Zane heplessly replied: “Master, those towers use heavy crossbow.. The mages don’t dare to approach as they would lose their lives if they are careless.”

Zane’s remarks had truth to them. The mages could use mana shields or magical items to protect themselves from ordinary crossbow attack. But the heavy crossbows were another matter. Moreover, if dozens of heavy crossbows shot at a single magician then it meant a certain death. The mages had powerful offensive power but very poor defenses.

Additionally, there were thousands of towers in sight. No one wanted to act careless at the moment.

“How did he build so many towers? Why are they so strong?” Robert wasn’t angry but surprised as he looked at the scene. He couldn’t understand the reason why Xiao Yu hadn’t built a wall but so many towers. He wouldn’t have dared to bring his troops if there was a wall. He dared to attack because of lack of the wall. Nevertheless, the destructive power of these towers was much greater than he had expected.

“Master, we will use scrolls to make a passage but infantry has to go in quickly so that we can capture the base in one move… We will be successful once the infantry gets into the base.” A mage came over to report.

Robert nodded in approval: “Go! We must kill all of them this time.”

It didn’t take long before sounds of powerful explosions echoed out. The towers were decimated in large numbers. Actually, the scrolls used by the mages were extremely powerful but it was very hard to make those. So it was their last trump card.

“Get them!” Robert shouted when he saw that the mages were able to make a route to the base.

He was quite proud at the moment: “Idiot dares to fight with me.. I’ll bury you with magicians…”


A group of orcs rushed out after Robert shouted out. They charged towards the base.

“Do you think its only you who has the orcs?” Robert was full of pride as he looked at the powerful orc warriors who charged towards Xiao Yu’s base.


Prodigal son wasn’t that stupid after all.. I would like to thank Skyranopt who pledged in patreon.. 😉

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  2. maybe the mind controled / brainwashed Orc will regain their mind when they see that things Inside 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^

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