WOWFRD – Ch 300

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Chapter 300

Robert was in a shock because of Xiao Yu’s cuss so he didn’t react for full three seconds. However, the next instant he shouted: “KILL HIM! KILL HIM!” There were two fifth-rank warriors who were by Robert’s side. They wanted to go after Xiao Yu but they were quite late. Both of them could kill Robert with a slight pinch but at the moment all they could do was to kneel down without the slightest idea of resistance.

“Piece of shit! You are all piece of shit! What the heck were you waiting for when he left?” Robert was loudly scolding the warriors when he saw the weird expression on the face of ordinary soldiers that looked at him. They didn’t dare to laugh but it seemed that they wanted to and were supressing themselves. Robert turned furious: “Kill everyone who heard the conversation!”

The ordinary soldiers were stunned when they heard Robert. Why would we be killed when someone else had scolded you? Ain’t that too outrageous?… There was no fear in the hearts of soldiers but they were quite perplexed as they didn’t take Robert’s words into their hearts. However, those two fifth-rank warriors rushed past like shadows and killed all of them one by one. The soldiers didn’t even have time to react.

Shu Chi was stunned too. He didn’t dare to breath at the moment.

Few of the soldiers shouted out: “General! Help! He-l…” But those fifth-rank warriors dug out their hearts. Those soldiers looked at Shu Chi for one last time as the life went out of their eyes. Shu Chi fell down from the horse as he looked at the scene in front of him. In fact, he was a general like his father. He had seen enough countless people die and wasn’t afraid of killing too. But what was the point of being a general if you couldn’t protect your own subordinates? He felt startled and oppressed.

“Hmpf!! Are you sympathizing with these plebs?” Robert asked.

Shu Chi waved his hand: “No! Of course, no! Anyone who dares to laugh at Master Robert must be killed!”

“Well… You are smart.” Robert’s face was ugly but he still held himself from ordering his warriors to kill Shu Chi. Actually, it was Shu Chi who had led him into this situation. Robert was an arrogant young master but he knew that he needed generals and commanders who would lead the army. At the moment, he was relying on this father and son duo to control the troops of the Wei Principality. The army wouldn’t listen to him if they weren’t present.

Robert turned his horse and left after all the ordinary soldiers were killed. Nevertheless, his chest was going up and down heavily as he couldn’t forget Xiao Yu’s curse words. It was like he was punched by Xiao Yu but couldn’t respond. How long had it been since anyone dared to disrespect him? It was Xiao Yu who had done so the last time in the Undercity. Although those cusses weren’t as bad as this time but it had made him hate Xiao Yu for eternity.

“Siege! Siege the freaking city! I will capture that prick and torture him for a few years before I let him die!” The blue veins had popped out Robert’s forehead as he shouted. It seemed that they would explode at any time. The warriors next to him stood silent as no one daed to speak. Normally, they would advise him to reconsider his decision but at the moment who would dare to say anything to Robert?

Xiao Yu found Mu Lee and Captain Hui as he returned back to Lion city: “Get ready for the war! This kiddo is going to siege the city any minute now…”

Mu Lee was a bit suspicious: “It’s impossible… They have just arrived and have yet to set their barracks and tents… Why would they attack so quickly?… No sane military strategist would do that… ”

Xiao Yu smiled: “I just saw that prodigal son.. and told him fuck his mother.. According to his temper, he would have attacked by now if he could…”

Cold sweat flew down Mu Lee’s and Captain Hui’s spines as they heard Xiao Yu’s words. They left to prepare for the attack.

In fact, the city was prepared to deal with the attack since few days ago. They were just waiting for the Magical Explosive Arrrows to be produced by Master Higgins. Otherwise, the preparations were sufficient to deal with the attack.

Xiao Yu believed that he would be able to retort few waves of attacks even if he didn’t have Magical Explosive Arrows. Actually, this move was preplanned by him. He wanted to turn the situation to his advantage. At the moment, a rapid attack by Kennedy family meant that his warriors would be able to kill lots of enemies that would result in accumulating more merit points. He was lacking merit service points to reach the next rank. However, he would be able to use undead troops if he upgraded the base. Xiao Yu was looking forward to summoning Crypt Spiders and other undead units to fight the enemy.

In addition, Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid of having the undead troops die in the battle. He felt distressed when he saw orcs or other races die. Therefore he never planned to use suicide tactics with these troops. But undeads were another matter. They were dead to begin with so it didn’t matter much. Moreover, he planning to unify the continent at one point. What would he do with so many undead troops at that moment? Wouldn’t he bringing another disaster to the continent in that case?

Xiao Yu was right on spot. The enemy’s army was getting into formations to start the offensive attack.

“Awesome… Come… Come at me… Give me those precious merit serive points…” Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at the enemy troops. There was an expression on his face which could be described as a greedy profiteer looking at rare treasures…


Less than 300 chapters to finish the novel.. and it gets more interesting 🙂

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    1. well he already has every base to lvl 2 only undead base is lvl 1 and he will get it to lvl 2 in no time… only 4 upgrades are missing 1 for each base and he will have top tier bases..

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