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Chapter 3

Xiao Yu couldn’t wait to try Wind Walk.

He thought about the skill and his body began to become illusory. His body was transparent and could blend with the scenery in the surrounding.

Although he wasn’t completely invisible it would be very hard to detect him as long as no one was close to him.

“Awesome! Haha! I can peep at my beautiful sisters-in-law. I’m too happy to express myself with words!” Xiao Yu thought about the ‘happy’ life that was awaiting him.

“It is a pity that time of stealth at level 1 is only 1 minute. Fortunately, the cooling time is only 5 seconds. There shouldn’t be any problems as long as I’m careful enough.” Xiao Yu wanted to use the other point to increase Wind Walk to level 2. However, he gave up as he needed to learn more practical attack skills.

At the same time, the voice of the system echoed and interrupted Xiao Yu.

“The barracks are built. Do you want to purchase warriors?”

“Great, it’s finally built. I want to buy one hundred orc warriors!” Xiao Yu said in a lofty manner.

“I’m sorry but you don’t have enough resources.” The response of the system was as if a pot of cold water was poured down Xiao Yu’s head.

“I have forgotten that resources are needed for everything because of excitement.” Xiao Yu checked the resources displayed by the system.

Resource list: Food 100, Stone 0, Wood 0, Metal 0, Money 1000.

“I have to mine stone, wood, and metal. It reality after all and totally different from the game.” Xiao Yu realized that the system couldn’t completely follow the game rules in the real life.

“How many orc warriors can I buy with 1000 gold coins?” Xiao Yu asked. The Warriors were the key as there was going to be a war in the near future.

“An orc warrior costs 100 gold coins.” The system replied.

“Huh. I need 100 gold coins for an orc warrior.” Xiao Yu was depressed as he could only produce 10 warriors at first.

“How can I get gold?” Xiao Yu asked. He wasn’t in a game and there were no gold mines like in the game. The problem of gold was a big problem.

“The currency of the world can be used as equity and capital.” The system replied.

“It is reasonable. After all, we are in a real world. So the game and real world are interlinked. What about stone, metal, and wood? Do I have to mine them?” Xiao Yu asked once more.

“You can either mine them by using peons or take over from real life.” System replied.

“Do warriors need food?” Xiao Yu saw that there was only 100 food. It should be enough for the orc warriors for few days.

“Yes! You will need to provide shelter to orcs. If you don’t provide the resources for a long time, the peons and warriors will die because of energy depletion.” The system explained.

“So many restrictions.” Xiao Yu thought that he wouldn’t need to support the warriors but it seems he had to take care of each of them.

The problem was that Xiao Yu didn’t have any resources at hand right now. Moreover, there had been a gold mine from which he could directly mine from in the game. But now he faced the problem of gold.

“There is a way to get gold… I have to build burrows and blacksmith shop.” Xiao Yu wanted to cry. He was thinking about ways to develop his base. In the game, he was an elite but in real life, he was nothing but a rookie. He had to slowly grasp the development in the real world.

After thinking for a while he decided that it would be very difficult to develop buildings and prepare for a battle in a month’s time. The time frame was very limited.

“I can check the town’s inventory of gold. Materials can be mined from the surroundings. The peons can take wood from the forest and stone from the ground. I have to produce orc warriors and see their combat effectiveness.” Xiao Yu decided.

“Produce 10 orc warriors.” Xiao Yu ordered.

He had to focus on warriors. Without warriors, he couldn’t resist Carrie’s troops.

Barracks immediately began the production of orc warriors. However, Xiao Yu was depressed. It would take half an hour to produce an orc warrior. It meant that only 48 orc warriors could be produced in 24 hours.

“It’s alright. I don’t have money to buy so many orc warriors, to begin with.” Xiao Yu ordered the peons to begin logging the forest. He was now ready to stroll in the vicinity with the blademaster.

He had his first hero and Xiao Yu was planning to see its strength.

Xiao Yu walked towards the depth of mountains with Grom. He had to take Grom to practice in the wilderness. Since Grom was a character from the game it meant that Xiao Yu could upgrade him. The Blademaster’s strength would be manifested in battles much better if it had reached a high level.

They went in dozens of miles to the depth of the mountains. Xiao Yu was tired. He couldn’t ride on the mountain roads so he was affected.

“Fortunately, I can even upgrade my own strength. This body is much weaker than my original body.”

Xiao Yu was considering to take a break when a roar of a beast resounded in the forest.

Xiao Yu looked towards the direction of the roar. A huge brown bear was about 100 meters away from them and looking at Grom and Xiao Yu.

“Time to practice.” Xiao Yu said. However, his heart was shaking. It was his first time to encounter such a huge beast in real life.

The bear could slap Xiao Yu to death.

The bear was huge and looked clumsy. But it was running extremely fast. IN the blink of an eye it closed the distance.

Grom roared loudly and came forward. It used its sword as it slashed towards the brown bear.

The Orc was aggressive by nature and didn’t fear any beasts. Grom was born into a race of warmongers. The more dangerous the battle was the more its blood was stimulated.

Brown bear was only a level 1 beast. Grom slashed its sword and left several wounds on brown bears body. However, the bear wasn’t able to hurt Grom.

Schunk~ Schhluck~

Grom’s sword constantly hit the brown bear’s body and left scars. The brown bear’s thick skin was its best defense. As a result, it was still tenacious even though it had suffered dozens of sword attacks.

“If Grom had Omnislash then its attacks would have more damage.” Xiao Yu knew that he had to increase the attack stats of the orc.

“IT doesn’t matter now. You can learn new skills when you reach level 2.” Xiao Yu was looking forward to seeing Grom when it became powerful.

A wailing howl echoed after a minute. The brown bear’s body fell to the ground. Its body was covered in wounds and wrapped in blood.

The Grom was hit by the bear twice during the battle. However, its strong body suffered nothing serious.

“So Grom can easily kill a bear. I think that about four or five soldiers need to simultaneously fight the bear to contain it.” Xiao Yu was speculating about Grom’s combat effectiveness.

“The bear is killed. Blademaster will get 50 experience points. You will get 5 experience points and meritorious service value of 1.” The system said.

“50 experience points are a lot. I got experience points even though I didn’t even participate. It seems I can enjoy getting free experience points as the heroes fight! Haha! So cool, I will upgrade as they upgrade too! What is meritorious service value?” Xiao Yu didn’t understand what meritorious service was.

“The merit points are for the meritorious service that you show. You can use them to obtain a rank to upgrade your base, buy other buildings as well as the hero.” System responded.

“Wait! Can’t I just upgrade the base with money and gold? What meritorious value? What ranks?” Xiao Yu was perplexed.

“The meritorious service value is used to measure the level of your rule as a commander. If you can’t promote a rank then it means that you are an unworthy commander. And an unworthy commander doesn’t need powerful base or warriors.” System replied.

“There are even ranks with so many restrictions! What are the ranks and which rank I currently hold?” Xiao Yu asked.

“The ranks are Marshal, Major General, Major, Knight Captain, Knight Lieutenant, Knight Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Master Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal, and Private. Your rank is private.” The system replied in a mechanical voice.

“Only a private. I hold the most junior rank. So how are my meritorious service points are calculated?” Xiao Yu was concerned about this point.

“The system analyzes your battle performance and gives results.” The voice replied.

“It turned out the way I thought it would.” Xiao Yu wondered about the solution of meritorious service and rank to get more buildings and warriors.

It meant that he had to continue to fight to accumulate those points.

Xiao Yu moved with Blademaster as he understood the role of meritorious service. They continued to fight. Blademaster needed 500 experience points to level up so they needed to kill 9 more brown bears.

Moreover, Xiao Yu didn’t dare to go far into mountains. There must be high-level monsters which blademaster couldn’t compete with at the moment. That’s why they were strolling in the periphery. Finally, they killed a number of beasts needed to upgrade.

Twice they met first-level orcs that Grom killed. However, he had some minor injuries. Because of its strong will and body, Grom ignored those injuries.

After killing the other 9 beasts a golden light burst and wrapped the Blademaster’s body. It was able to upgrade to level 2.


The ranks of commander are less in comparison to the actual game. The author is aware of that and had mentioned it within the text. But I didn’t translate it. So just reminding you guys 😉

P.S: Just to let you guys know. The more upvoted the novel is in Novelupdates, the more releases!


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  1. Spoiler Alert!

    i thought the setting was that the orcs and the elves were very rare now (second time reading the translation), how did Grunt meet two level one orcs in one day

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